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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dada Life - So Young So High [Video]

Dada Life - So Young So High [Video]
The new music video for Dada Life's "So Young So High" shows, that even old people can have fun too! Why cant people understand this? . . .Well  I think any senior/elder should be motivated by this amazing Electro song, which maintains the going bananas crazy vibe!

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Calabria vs. Rob Estell - Space (Club Mix)

A perfect way to end up a successful year with "Space (Club Mix)" the latest single by the talented Electro & House producer Calabria, in collaboration with Rob Estell. This is pure electronic energy for your ears, I hope you like it!

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GORULA releases "Hypnotize Me" New Video/Song

Canadian electronica musician GORULA is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
Gorula is releasing "Hypnotize Me" to the social media two weeks before it is sent to the radio stations. It is a free download at his Soundcloud site: https://soundcloud.com/gorula/hypnotize-me.
The Gorula video for "Hypnotize Me" (featuring 1950s scenes of hypnosis!) has just been loaded today. Check it out below.

For more on Gorula and his previous releases go to

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AUBRN + JAFAR - Moment Ft. TC Spitfire

AUBRN + JAFAR "Moment" is the debut single from Detroit Electro House duo, AUBRN + JAFAR. While the two began producing on completely different ends of the spectrum, both have worked for years and paid their dues. AUBRN spent the last decade producing Hip Hop, working with artists like Waka Flocka, Kalyko and Dorrough, while Jafar focused on creating Deep and Tech House. When the two came together they crafted their own Detroit-influenced, energetic Electro House sound that helped them gain instant attention worldwide.

Don't forget to visit AUBRN + JAFAR on Facebook and also you can listen more great tunes on their Soundcloud page! 


Sunday, December 30, 2012

YouTube Cancels Fake Music Video Views

YouTube Cancels Fake Music Video Views
An alleged crackdown by YouTube on faked video views on their site has led to billions of views being wiped from music videos. Some of the world's biggest recording companies have had their content stripped of views as a result, with Sony and Universal Media Group losing nearly 2 billion views in a single day.
The decision to wipe the views reportedly came after YouTube conducted an audit of its viewers in an attempt to combat black hat view-count building techniques, when hackers artificially increase the number of views or likes on a YouTube video.
Finally, justice has come to Earth! The mainstream Pop music scene has its days counted, bad news for David Guetta and Justin Bieber, whose videos got a lot of fake views.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gooseflesh - Bronz [Video]

Take a look at this dirty music video that should be called 2Girls1Octopus (WARNING: YOU MUST BE +18, LOL). Gooseflesh are the most exciting DJs from the Turkish scene, first rocking the east-european dancefloors and now playing worldwide their powerful live performance of a perfectly stylized Electro. The video for "Bronz" was directed by Can Evrenol, enjoy!

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Richard Vission vs. Luciana - When It Feels This Good [Video]

Do you remember Luciana Caporaso? The girl who made her debut in the mid 2000s with Bodyrox and the single "Yeah Yeah" is back! She has teamed up with Richard Vission in a cool Vocal Electro track named "When It Feels This Good", a catchy tune to celebrate the end of 2012. Video directed by Justin Purser.

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I Need? - Yellow Bird

I Need? are back! Their last single "Jupiter" got major support from big names such as Crookers, Sharooz, Mustard Pimp, and BeatauCue. Now the boys from Belgium are back with their 3rd release on GND Records. "Yellow Bird"  a cool Acid track that will hypnotize the crowd!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Boys Noize Talks For The First Time About His Project With Skrillex 'Dog Blood'

According to Boys Noize, it was the city of Berlin that brought him and Skrillex together this past summer. Just hanging out and listening to music in a recording studio evolved into a creative collaboration.
Despite both DJ/producers having great success and popularity in the EDM world, the two have fundamental differences in their artistic process and method when creating music. Check out the video below, for more details about this great Acid Techno project called Dog Blood

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A New Invention! Wireless MP3 Doorbells

The days of the boring "ding-dong" doorbell are gone. People can now listen to their favorite music in MP3 or polyphonic formats as their visitors arrive. Today the market offers us different customizables wireless music doorbells that will have guests dancing at your door!

The wireless MP3 doorbells are super-easy to install. Many of them have two main components: a doorbell unit, backed with double sided tape for easy mounting in your doorway and a speaker unit for mounting inside in your living area, kitchen, hallway etc with screws in the pack. With it you can store your favorite songs by adding an SD card from 2GB (that can hold approximately 600 songs). A fantastic invention for the house! 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Alvaro - Make The Crowd Go [Video]

Beefed up Electro production by Alvaro titled "Make The Crowd Go"! The build promises big things and when it drops make sure you hang on to your neighbor, cause this baby brings the house down with that incredibly deep kick!

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Harvard Bass - Plex (Dubfire Rework)

With Keeler and Harvard Bass fully onboard a plan was hatched to release the new Dubfire version and extend both artists reach to a wider audience. So here we go, get ready, it’s time to Plex!


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Will Sparks - Ah Yeah!

Has anyone else noticed how hard Will Sparks is hitting the scene right now? It seems everything he touches is climbing up the Dance/Club charts and his tunes are pretty insane. "Ah Yeah" is the next hit for sure!


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Robbie Rivera & Tocadisco - My Techno

Robbie Rivera and Tocadisco are long time friends and production partners. They remixed each others tracks and  now finally they had the time to come up with their very own collaboration project: "My Techno". Dark, raw and groovy enjoy!


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Monday, December 24, 2012

Electro Xmas Mix 2012 By Antoine Le Funk

Antoine Le Funk goes back to his roots, and decided to create this fun Electro mix with some wild songs that you'll love to dance all night long. This FREE MP3 is my XMAS  present to everybody who is a fan of my music blog Electro WOW (blogging since 2007). So, enjoy this mix and finally, I wish you a very happy new year too, full of money $$$, sex and love, LOL :)

* In order to see the tracklist, you must watch the videos below.




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Sunday, December 23, 2012

British Residents Can Now Make Digital Copies Of Music For Personal Use

The UK government has amended the law so people can legally back up copyrighted content they have purchased. British residents can now make digital copies of music, movies and ebooks for their own personal usage without risk of reprimand.

However, it remains illegal to remove the technical protection method (TPM) from any copyrighted content, so a barrier remains in place where a wealth of content is concerned. The coalition also declared that storing purchased material on cloud storage services is also legal, rejecting claims from some licence holders that this could be considered a form of piracy.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Electro WOW Music Awards 2012

Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams 
Wicked Acid Techno song that samples the ominous keyboard sound from Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax"!

TJR - Ode To Oi
"Ode To Oi" is a big Electro track, bouncy and simply fun on the dance floor. Once that lead kicks in among the chorus of 'OI's!' it's all worries forgotten and life taken that little bit less serious. Surely the pinnacle of any DJ set...


Boston Bun - Housecall
"Housecall" treats us to a pure House beat, as classic as it gets. Playful vocal samples firmly take root in your auditory canals, leading you to hear "Call Me, Call My House" as a tongue-in-cheek parody of House music.

Hot Natured feat. Ali Love - Benediction
"Benediction" is an irresistible and infectious crossover hit. It demonstrates exactly why Hot Natured and their Hot Creations label have become the go-to names for unrivalled disco-tinged, addictive Deep House music with ‘quality’ stamped all over it.

Tiga - Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
“Plush,” with an industrial driven bass line and squeaky clean synthesis. Dark and ominous, Jacques Lu Cont throws away the original’s off tempo malaise and replaces it with a shuffling bass line, incessant percussion and heavy heaping of raucous energy.

Boys Noize - Out Of The Black
'Out of the Black' is the third studio album by the electronic dance music artist Boys Noize. It was released in October 16, 2012 under INgrooves Records. This album is a reliable journey into thrashing, powerful and Industrial Electro and Techno.


Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex - Set It Off
Video directed by Ryan Staake  


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ostblockschlampen & Stereofunk - Pop That Shit [Video]

Ostblockschlampen and Stereofunk teamed up to create "Pop That Shit".  This duo consist of Vanilla and Markus Lange, which are touring Europe for a while and already rocked the boat to many offices of the nation. The two Electro professionals convince with their music and by bold departures on the dance floor and not by sexist shows, in whatever form. Their new music video is very funny, you must watch it!

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Russians Pay $ 1,000 For Doomsday Party In Soviet Bunker

A Cold War-era bunker designed to save Soviet leaders from a nuclear attack will host a 24-hour party for Russians willing to pay $1,000 for a ticket to escape the apocalypse, which, according to New Age prophesies, could come on Friday.
Upon entering the bunker, built in 1956, visitors will be whisked 18 floors down in an elevator to a warren of rooms where loudspeakers will blast out the Techno music!  The bunker is rather big, but everything is arranged in a way that makes people feel safe. It's a comfortable, cosy place to spend not just a day, but a whole war and even the end of the world.


GTA - People Boots

GTA - People Boots
With TJR "Ode To Oi" still riding high in the charts, Rising Music and Chris Lake build upon the label's momentum and return with a debut EP from A-Trak collaborators GTA. "People Boots" is a track blending elements of  Electro.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Facebook Covers For DJs And Musicians

Facebook covers for DJs and Musicians

If you think highly of your music skills, then you better have a Facebook cover that does them justice. The good news is that a professional, custom-made Timeline cover will not cost you a thing if you use a website called www.foobcovers.com
Using Foob’s service you can quickly create unique covers for musicians that will hint to your visitors that you are serious about your music. After all, the first impression one gets when he visits your Facebook profile is your cover, not your music. Don’t leave it to chance!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brodinski - Dance Like Machines [Video]

Straight men would love to watch this music video, specially if it includes sexy femme fatale strippers! Brodinski has released a new single entitled "Dance Like Machines", a contemporary Techno song that will give some kind of pleasure to your ears. Video was directed by Nicolas Davenel.

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The Funniest Tiga Auto-Interview Ever

At the office, Tiga revealed his worst vice and biggest phobia, also you can watch him doing an imitation of Mick Jagger, lol. 

The artist finally decided, this time in a much quieter place to learn more about himself. Tiga currently prepares a third album and has recently issued two new promising titles, "Plush" and "The Picture" through a compilation published this month.

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'Out Of The Black' Track-By-Track Album Review With Boys Noize

Alexander Ridha of Germany's Boys Noize sat down to discuss inspiration and the genesis of three of his bangers off his new record, 'Out of the Black'. An extraordinary material, that could win a Grammy next year!
I have heard the whole album, and my favorite tracks are "XTC", "What You Want" and "Missile", let's hope the last one I mention gets an official release with remixes and a music video, as well!

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Preview LOGO New Single "Give Mo Luv"

This new year marks the highly anticipated come back of LOGO "Give Mo Luv" out January 14th on Kitsuné! A few months after their clubby and powerful "Fabrice" single, LOGO are back with a stunning new single made in collaboration with eLBee BaD, pioneer and self-proclaimed prince of Dance Music who adds a sensual hint to an EP built for the dancefloors. Listen to a preview of this new track below.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Clockwork - Titan [Video]

"Titan" is Clockwork's second single, and his debut release on Mad Decent. The release incorporates his powerful and unmistakable build-ups with bouncing tribal bass rhythms that together represent a uniquely futuristic approach to big room dance. Watch the official music video now!

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Tiga - Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

Finely different yet brilliant as always! That's how we can describe the latest remix from Jacques Lu Cont on "Plush" the new single from Tiga, which is getting a lot of attention in music blogs, and it's fantastic!


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

“Make Music, Make Money” With The World’s First PROFIT ONLY Merchandise Scheme!

Root1 have developed a space for all artists to make money from their music. A revolutionary platform which offers artists of any genre and fan base size, a selection of tools to develop themselves as artists. The content they create will then sit in a unique widget” that can be embedded into any social network page, preventing the artist from having to create yet another band page. Instead, they can capitalise on existing fans and monetise their current social network pages.
“Get Seen, Get Heard”…
…is what Root1 promise all their users. They understand that most artists are looking for that record deal that will propel them to stardom. However, there is a lot of work involved in getting artists to that stage when labels will consider them. During that period Root1 will work with artists to help them raise money for essentials such as studio time and production costs.
“World First”
Root1 allows artists to create full ranges of customised merchandise with limitless stock which exists in the virtual world ready to be created as soon as a fan hits buy. The full range of merchandise is “On-Demand” so artists never have to buy bulk amounts of stock upfront. Instead, all products are created on-demand resulting in aProfit-Only” system. Root1 also allows artists to sell their music and gig tickets via their widget and also enables them to view their fan demographics, fan statistics and how all of their products are selling.

Not only does Root1.com empower unsigned artists but it also works with established artists and record labels as a solution to bulk merchandising problems that exist in these modern times. Giving them the opportunity to manage multiple artists from one Root1 account, they can create bespoke and extensive ranges which can be personalised by the fan, providing the fan something unique from their favourite artists.

“Working With the Industry”
Unlike so many other digital platforms, Root1 doesn’t require a subscription fee or upfront costs; it is done on aProfit-Only” basis whereby Root1 only make money if the artist makes money. Beating all their competitors on the percentage they take, Root1 always gives a healthy cut to the artists ensuring that it is a lucrative system for them. Wanting the artist to feel as in control as possible, Root1 has also disregarded any sort of contract which ties the artist to Root1. In doing so Root1’s ethos is to work with the industry rather than compete with or challenge them.
SIGN UP TODAY VIA http://www.root1.com/Music_Crowns_r1

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Fuzzy Hair - Pa Pa

Fuzzy Hair - Pa Pa
Andrea Cerutti already well known within the worldwide Electro House music scene, as Fuzzy Hair released his new single "Pa Pa" last month, obtaining great feedbacks from several international artists & DJs.


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Police Were Forced To Destroy DJ Equipment By A Court Order

Police Were Forced To Destroy DJ Equipment By A Court Order
WTF the police gone crazy! Following an unlicensed music event in the United Kingdom, a DJ equipment was destroyed by the Norfolk Police at King's Lynn police station due to a request of the Justice Court from that location.
The DJ equipment (an amp and speaker boxes can be seen in the video below) was taken from a rave party in the West Norfolk region. Local police are currently trying to cut down on raves in the area and they are being too strict in my personal opinion.


Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex - Set It Off [Video]

"Set It Off" by Diplo features Lazerdisk Party Sex and it's part of his 'Express Yourself' EP which gets an official music video that includes an infinite stripper pole to the stars. Video director Ryan Staake may know the answer to how many strippers it takes to get to outerspace, lol.

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Frank Ocean - Thinking About You REMIX [Video]

High Standards Music presents the music video for the "Thinking About You" remix, produced and recorded by Life White & BiiG. If you are a big fan of RNB and Hip Hop music, then you must watch this cool video, and visit this website http://www.highstandardsmusic.com/ for more news about Frank Ocean and his friends!



Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tezuma & Kint - Meet Yourself [Video]

tezuma kint meet yourself
Tezuma & Kint, also known as Luca Mauceri and Carmelo Caramagno, are two DJs/producers from Italy. They first approached music production experimenting with Electro sounds. Since their youth, both Tezuma and Kint have been attracted by the “raw” sounds of electronic music and drum ‘n’ bass and of course the Techno scene. Below you can watch their bizarre music video for the single "Meet Yourself".


Apology Over Kraftwerk Ticket Chaos

kraftwerk tickets
The Tate has apologised for difficulties people faced trying to secure tickets for an upcoming Kraftwerk retrospective at its Tate Modern art gallery.

Earlier this week, the Tate website crashed due to high demand for the performances of the electronic pioneers' back catalogue, which take place in the Tate Modern Turbine over eight nights in February.

A message has been posted on the website for the event, in which the gallery management apologise unreservedly for the situation.

"We had anticipated a significant volume of interest but our website was overwhelmed by the phenomenal number of people attempting to access it simultaneously. This meant the majority of tickets had to be sold over the phone and we apologise for the long wait and frustration this has caused. We believed that our system could cope with the volume so did not appoint a third party ticketing site."

The message also said that it had anticipated tickets would sell out online before the galleries opened but, due to the technical problems, some people were able to obtain tickets in person from the venue. All six shows have now sold out. The gallery has warned against buying tickets through secondary sale as they cannot guarantee their authenticity and entry will only be granted with the card used for payment.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dubshit Christmas Light Show Has Gone Viral On The Internet

YouTube user yz85zak stated in the YouTube video description: "We have around 35,000 lights and 80 light-o-rama channels, and it's all done by me - a 17-year-old - and my dad."
Taking place in Meridian, Idaho, the lights display is in sync with "Bangarang"  and "Cinema'" two popular Dubshit songs made by Skrillex. Definitely, this is not my type of music, but I hope you enjoy the light show, Happy Xmas!


DJs Dream Or Techno Nightmare?

Novation Launchpad Midi
The video below shows an original composition performed live on two Novation Launchpads in User 1 mode. The two MIDI controllers are playing original samples in a sequence to create the sound. The right hand controls most of the tuneful sounds whilst the left hand is responsible for keeping in time, playing a custom drum kit and various FX and vocal loops.
Let me know what do you think. Is this a DJs dream or a Techno nightmare?


Michael Lloyd Pinq Stands Out Making RNB & Soul Music

Michael Lloyd Pinq is a born performer who's biggest ambition has been to touch the world with his music not only with his voice but with the words he sings. Michael writes from a personal deep prospective, his songs are derived from life's experiences, things he has undergone & witnessed. His songs are not only pleasant to the ear but also very warming to the heart, where his fans can relate to what message Michael is portraying. He is a singer of Soul & RNB and a lover of music and will carry on until nature prevents him. Check out some of his music videos below, and don't forget to visit his Soundcloud page.


John Dahlback - Panic [Video]

John Dahlback has created "Panic" an aggressive synth starts it off, synth stabs and rolling drums rise it to exhilarating crescendo before that vocal sample lets the bass heavy drop go that will rattle your eardrums! The icing on the cake is the breakdown, an intertwining of various synth lines that suggests a moments calm before you're thrown into it again by that haunting lead. Watch the music video below.

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Fashion Guide For Men ► Chukka Boots

chukka boots men asos
Chukka Boots were footwear that was originally worn for polo matches and hence the name “Chukka”. They are normally around ankle length boots and were typically made in suede or calfskin until the fashion world picked them up and started creating a massive variety of forms.
Chukka Boots have become so popular due to the fact that men are wanting something a little bit extra than just the classic hi-top now to mix into their casual outfits and the Chukka ticks all the boxes. They still have the girth and cut of a hi-top, but they usually look more like a relaxed boot/shoe and so gives off a slightly more smarter vibe. This is perfect if you are rocking out a relaxed formal look.
The other great thing about Chukka boots are their versatility. They can work in casual outfits really easily by pairing them with jeans like you would a hi-top or regular boot. The jeans can be slightly tucked in or resting on top of the ankle section of the boot, or you can simply cover them up completely. They also work in more relaxed formal outfits using fashion skinny trousers or chinos.



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

John Dahlback - Get Wild

John Dahlback's newest musical outburst is called "Get Wild". A combination of crazy samples, a filthy bass line and a big build-up that makes crowds get wild for sure. With this release, John once again proves that he has a unique style!


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TJR - Ode To Oi

"Ode To Oi" is a big, bouncy and simply fun Electro music for the right party. Once that lead kicks in among the chorus of 'OI's!' it's all worries forgotten and life taken that little bit less serious. Shake your ass and dance!



Jacques Lu Cont Remixes Boys Noize's "Ich R U"

Electronic producer Jacques Lu Cont has remixed Boys Noize (pictured above), and it got played on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show last week. Lu Cont's remix comes as part of the 'Ich R U' / 'What You Want' remix EP, which is set for release on Boysnoize Records on January 14, and is available for pre-order on iTunes from December 17. Jacques Lu Cont, aka Stuart Price, was the man who produced Madonna's 'Confessions On A Dancefloor' in 2005, but today he is more focused on underground Techno music.

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Daft Punk Appear In The Simpsons

Daft Punk have appeared in The Simpsons. An episode entitled The Day The Earth Stood Cool features the character Disco Stu roaming the streets of Springfield in a trademark Daft Punk helmet. It aired on December 9 and looks to be taking a swipe at a hipsterdom and the cult of retromania. Check the clip below!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kavinsky - Protovision [Video]

Born out of the imagination of electronica composer Vincent Belorgay aka Kavinsky is the fictional character who graces the covers of both Teddy Boy and 1986. This new music video was directed by Marcus Herring, who is an expert in making vintage/modern-inspired videos. "Protovision" is more than a regular electronica song, it's FANTASTIC!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Free Chris Arnott Remix

Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, DJ, wine connoisseur, Chris Arnott has all the important boxes checked. A hard artist to pin down to one genre Chris writes and produces music on a prolific scale.

In 2011 Chris Placed #2 in the ARIA Club Chart with 'We Feel Love' & #7 with 'This New Style'. Now he's back with a cool remix of "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Listen to it above, and don't forget to visit his Soundcloud page.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tomcraft feat. Sister Bliss - Supersonic [Video]

Tomcraft always did have a knack for great collaborations, and he's hit the ball out of the park again this time, getting founding member of Faithless, Sister Bliss, in front of the microphone for an epic, dark, club Techno monster that has been a highlight of his DJ set for months. The music video was shot in Munich, Tomcraft's homebase, on the most famous location the city has to to offer.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Eelke Kleijn - Rauwdouwer (Christian Smith Remix)

"Rauwdouwer" is a serious slab of percussive tinged hypnotic Techno that builds and growls along with its serious hook that will knock seven spots off any underground dance floor worth its salt. We don't need to say much more, we'll let the track speak for itself.



Pleasurekraft feat. Green Velvet - Skeleton Key [Video]

Pleasurekraft team up with the legendary Green Velvet to twist, warp, chop and pitch shift their way into clubs the world over with "Skeleton Key". Renowned for one of last year's biggest tracks with 'Tarantula', Pleasurekraft's trademark shifting basslines and evolving vocals ensure their latest single does not disappoint.

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