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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dancemusicremix.com Is Offering Free Memberships To Alpha Testers Untill Dec 31 2012

Dance Music Remix is the first social network dedicated for DJs, producers, artists, and anyone who loves electronic music (House, Techno, Electro, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trance, etc.). The best part of this website is that you can participate in forums and groups, and meet new people with your same interests.

The design of Dance Music Remix website looks fresh and modern. What I really like besides the forum and group's section is that it offers a marketplace, where electronic music fans can sell and buy tracks. You can also find a DJ to play at your party or get booked, and also you can get hired to remix a song!

Dance Music Remix it's like a dream come true for many DJs and electronic music enthusiasts. Dance Music Remix is offering free memberships now to alpha testers untill December 31st, 2012. What are you waiting for? Check it out



Kraftwerk's Karl Bartos New Album To Be Released Worldwide In March 2013

The album is called 'Off The Record', and according to the press release, that title comes from the record drawing on off the record ideas Bartos had while he was still a member of Kraftwerk.

The explanation continues to reveal that the album will offer up "iron crystal music, vocoder newspeak, robot sounds, digital glitch, Techno, catchy melodies, electronic avant-garde, roaring silence, futurism, and, of course, those rhythms!"

'Off the Record' will arrive on March 18, 2013.

1. Atomium
2. Nachtfahrt
3. International Velvet
4. Without A Trace Of Emotion
5. The Binary Code
6. Musica Ex Machina
7. The Tuning Of The World
8. Instant Bayreuth
9. Vox Humana
10. Rhythmus
11. Silence
12. Hausmusik

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Uncategorized Teaser [Video]

Here comes something slightly weird but fresh, original and definitely uncategorized. This slidefilm-ish grayscale video was made by 56 Stuff, known as “a music label for non-boring, adventurous, cheerful and whatsoever electronic music” in order to present its forthcoming compilation. The title of it is “Uncategorized”.
“Uncategorized”, which will be released this December, consists of 15 tracks by various artists from all over the world who produce music of wide range. The compilation was prepared with utter contempt for all the kinds of categorization. Its video teaser follows the idea and denies conventionalities and rules of presentation, advertising and even orthography.
It's recommended to use headphones while watching this in order to experience the full effect. There are lots of off-screen happenings! It is also possible—if to listen really carefully—to hear fragments of all the tracks of the forthcoming “Uncategorized” compilation.
More information↓

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dog Blood - Next Order [Video]

Boys Noize & Skrillex new project is called Dog Blood, and both produce Acid Techno music exclusively for your ears! Watch the video premiere of "Next Order" till the end! Directed by Sil van der Woerd, and produced by NFI Producties. The story behind the video is about the worst nightmare of a mother fucking raver!    

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Klaxons Working With The Chemical Brothers On New Album

Klaxons have revealed they are enlisting the help of a number of different producers as they continue work on a new album, one of which is The Chemical Brothers‘ Ed Simons. In telling BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe that the recording process for their third studio album has proved to be a ‘learning curve’ for the band.
Klaxons' bassist Jamie Reynolds
“We’ve worked with loads of different people, but it’s been a learning process I think. We have learned to make electronic music with computers, that’s been our mission over the last however long.” “It’s been about a year’s worth of learning electronics and computers, which is something that we didn’t know anything about. I wouldn’t know how to have made an electronic drumbeat until this time last year.”

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Attaque - Blinded By The Moonlight [Video]

Attaque’s Techno music has massive coverage across the blogs and a stunning response on Soundcloud. Word spread quickly about his awesome video for his latest single "Blinded By The Moonlight". Attaque's biggest influence on music is Laurent Garnier, one of the greatest Techno producers of all time, and it's good to know he's following his steps!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Burns - Lies (Tiga Remix)

Here's the Burns single "Lies" remixed by Tiga. Burns is a rising star in the UK electronic music scene, he has not won a Grammy yet, but he could be a winner pretty soon, trust me I have an ability to recognize talented people!

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Boston Bun - Housecall [Video]

Housecall Video
I'm loving the new direction and sound Ed Banger Records has been creating. And now that the Chicago House sound is coming back, it's really awesome! Watch one of the coolest videos of 2012, "Housecall" produced by Boston Bun is without doubt a club hit for a special night!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Antoine Le Funk DJ Mix no. 3

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally everything gets cheap, so I decided to make a cheap low-quality video of myself mixing the greatest Techno tracks of the last months. Enjoy it!


1) Logo - Fabrice
2) Modek - Donny
3) Proxy - Junk (Harvard Bass Remix)
4) Trve - K.T.S.
5) Turbo Turbo - The Jam
6) Mason - Bass Friend (For Him)
7) Invader - WTF! (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
8) Agoria feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars - Speechless (Gessafelstein Remix)


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Emerging Artist Elgin Zerick Sits "On Top of the World"

Best known for mixing and producing songs for Madonna, 2Pac, Boyz II Men, Famed Producer, Elgin Zerick is stepping out center stage in 2012 with the release of his new hot single, Top of the World.
EZ’s “Top of the World” combines a fusion blend of urban, house, trance and hip-hop. The single has been coined by fans as sure fire club hit and is receiving global likes with over 300,000 online listens and views within the first phase of its global premiere.
Grammy Nominated Music Video Director, KC Amos, co-produced the impressively unique video for the project. “Working with Elgin Zerick on “Eyes of the World” has been incredibly gratifying as a filmmaker because he encourages pushing the creative envelope. I’m super excited to be on board for this cinematic exploration, because with EZ, you’re always in for the adventure that is beyond your wildest imagination.” says KC Amos.
The single’s launch to radio is creating buzz with current airplay underway in Europe and South America The single is set to be promoted in the USA to radio stations including College Radio and Clear channel FM stations.
In conjunction with the Top of the World single and Video Release, EZ just wrapped the first shoot of his new project, Eyes of the World. The project is best described as a modern day twilight zone with an urban twist. In it, EZ takes on UGLY head on and redefines it through the Eyes of the World.
“Top of the World” is now available on ITunes, Amazon and other major outlets.
More Information ↓



BM & J Mac - MIML (Deaf Before Dishonor Mixes)

Deaf Before Dishonor are gaining a lot of ground in the Nu-Disco/Indie-Dance & Deep House circles at the moment with a 10/10 from Luciano with this track the first on Madhatter sub label Madhatter White. Exclusive on Beatport!

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Proxy - Red Juke [Video]

red juke music video proxy
Watch the exclusive premiere of the video for "Red Juke", taken from Proxy's debut album 'Music From The Eastblock Jungles Part 1'  out now on Turbo Recordings. The video shows some historical events of the former U.S.S.R., which includes the presence of some famous politicians such as Mikhail Gorbachev and other communist bastards. Are you ready for a new era of communist Techno?

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Download For Free Mr. Oizo's 'Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant' Album

The title of the album speaks for itself, 'Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant' is a collection of materials from 2004 to 2012 that never went public or he just didn’t feel they should do so.
But the man behind Mr. Oizo a.k.a Quentin Dupieux, obviously decided it’s time to give away 12 of these tracks for like… free. You’ll find titles such as “Kylie”, “Mositif”, “Flip Bat” and “Duck Guts”. Download this album  now →  oizo3000.com

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Beatmode feat. Jay McKray - Music Is My Life [Video]

The debut single from Jay McKray "Music Is My Life" was produced by the talented Beatmode. This track was dropped on Space Terrace almost everyday during the summer and now it gets an official release on Looking Glass Recordings. Watch the music video below and get ready to dance all night long with this Electro House bomb!



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Todd Terry - Music Is My Life [Video]

Supa from Aly-Us and Todd Terry team up to drop a sing along club anthem. The vocal hook to this House Music track says it all "Music Is My Life"! Produced & written by the legend of House music, Todd Terry.  The song has a contagious beat, that'll make you dance! Watch the music video below, it's pretty funny and cool.

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Todd Terry & D. Ramirez - Love Is Alive (D. Ramirez Old Skool Mix)

I don't need to introduce Todd Terry, he's a real House music legend, who has conquered the dance floors in many clubs with his unique productions. His latest single is a rework of the classic  "Love Is Alive", which has been covered in the past by popular singers such as Chaka Khan, Joe Cocker, Anastacia, and Joan Osborne.
Personally, I'm loving the D. Ramirez Old School mix, which is a tribute to Acid House music and the 303 drum machine, enjoy it!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Doctor Dru - Foolish [Video]

The unexpected success of his Deep House productions resulted in a huge tour schedule, a bunch of new remixes and masses of press attention for Doctor Dru. Aside from his hectic worldwide touring schedule, Doctor Dru were recently being hosted on Pete Tong’s Radio One and today he has premiered his new music video for "Foolish", a track you'll love forever. 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DJ Annie Mac Is Expecting Baby With Toddla T

Radio 1 Dj Annie Mac
Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac has confirmed on Twitter that she is expecting her first child in May. The 34-year-old is going out with Toddla T, 27, who was given his own show on the station last year.
In a statement Radio 1 said  ↓
"We are all delighted for Annie and Toddla following their lovely news."
In case you don´t know her, Annie Mac's dance show airs on Fridays at 7pm and includes five-minute mini-mixes with top DJs and producers on BBC Radio 1, a British national radio station operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation which also broadcasts internationally!
Watch below Toddla T's classic video for his single "Sound Tape Killin´".


Proxy - Junk (Harvard Bass Remix)

Russian Techno? "Junk" has plenty of Raves overtones but there's a a brittle damaged feel, which marks the producer out. Not exactly a mainstream single made by Proxy, but then we never expected it to be.


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Nina Kraviz To Headline New Year's Day Parties In London

Nina Kraviz will play for New Year's Eve at The Shoreditch Warehouse in London. The sexy Russian DJ & producer has stepped up her game this year, releasing her lush debut LP on Rekids and building a broader audience for her thick, scented electronic music productions. Her DJ sets are deliberately freewheeling, focusing on building a rapport with the crowd rather than showcasing immaculate technical skill; as result, her sets are warm, collective, fun affairs!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top 5 Books For DJs

DJ books
DJs are everywhere bands used to be: school dances, wedding receptions, birthday parties, bars, clubs, and lately in championships where turntablists battle each other with their beat-juggling and mixing skills which often encompass acrobatics, lol. In 2004, for the first time, a DJ even played the opening ceremony of the Olympics held in Athens. As sales of DJ equipment (turntables, CDJs, mixers, midi controllers) have grown to rival those of guitars and drum sets, books now talk about the emergence of the DJ as full-fledged musicians have emerged, too.
Here are the Top 5 Books For DJs
1 - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Author: Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton
The title says it all; inspired by the name of a 1982 r&b song by Indeep, no doubt millions of dance floor habitues have woken up after a magical night of dancing and thought just that thought. "A truly great DJ, just for a moment, can make a whole room fall in love," say the authors in this entertaining biography of the DJ, with club charts from the mid-50s through the end of the '90s. Their How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records, is even more fun.
2 - DJ Skills: The Essential Guide to Mixing & Scratching
Author: Stephen Webber
DJ Skills: The Essential Guide to Mixing & Scratching is the most comprehensive, up to date approach to DJing ever produced. With insights from top club, mobile, and scratch DJs, the book includes many teaching strategies developed in the Berklee College of Music prototype DJ lab. This book is perfect for intermediate and advanced DJs looking to improve their skills in both the analogue and digital domain.

3 - Looking for the Perfect Beat: The Art and Culture of the DJ
Author: Kurt B. Reighley.
An enjoyable read with lots of quotes by popular DJ's. Says the author, "If [my book] spares one neophyte DJ a little frustration, prompts a single pro to examine his or her art from a new angle, or just makes the reader think differently about how [musical] ideas can be presented and combined, then I won't feel like such a jackass when I tell people I'm a DJ."

4 - Love Saves the Day
Author: Kurt B. Reighley
A valuable historical record of the Disco phenomenon describing, from over 300 interviews with influential scene players including legendary DJ's, its transformation from gay and urban subculture to mainstream popular culture, including a fascinating selected discography of the music of the era.

5 -The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash 
The inspiration for countless DJ dreams, the legendary Bronx native (aka Joseph Saddler) sets the record straight in his new autobiography, including how he originated techniques that revolutionized DJ'ing from just playing records to reinventing the turntable as a musical instrument.



Beatport Staff Pick Nicologik & Zephyr feat. Solncé "Silhouette"

The instrumental composition of Nicologik and Zephyr's "Silhouette" is full of modern trance vibes so they involved a fresh and poetic singer to come on board: Solncé alias Vera Ostrova.
"Silhouette" bolts off with a powerful groove accompanied by metallic percs and roaring synths, a huge start softened only by Solncè who's time to shine comes as her breathy vocals captivate from the first word. The breakdown displays all of the power of the Nicologik & Zephyr imprints with a wickedly impressive synth, it is timeless!
You love this but don't like vocal tracks?.. just pick up the Instrumental Mix!
JOOP's Remix has already been marked a masterpiece with all the energy of his latest productions this is perfect sound for club gigs!
"Silhouette" is released by Graygoo Purple, home of Trance-Progressive vibes on the Graygoo imprint.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Para One feat. Jaw - When The Night [Video]

Para One's new video "When the Night" pays homage to late night 'chat lines' and features motorbikes, whips, and bananas. And if that doesn't get your engine purring, also featured are sex icons of yesteryear Amy Lynn Baxter, Brandy Ledford, and Janine Lindemulder, of Blink-182 album art fame. Directed by Ill Studio.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 10 Best Acid House Tracks According To DJ Pierre

Best Acid House Tracks
Chicago producer DJ Pierre is credited as one of the founders of Acid House. He was one third of production trio Phuture, whose seminal 1987 EP ‘Acid Tracks’ inspired a generation. With Acid currently riding high in the charts as DJ Pierre sagely points out below, here’s a timely look back at its roots with his ten favourites Acid moments!
1) Phuture - Acid Tracks
Why? The intensity, the energy, and the veracity of the track. And… it’s the one that started it all.
This was the first time I heard an Acid track that was funky. Bootsy Collins would love this track. House heads who didn’t get into Acid, even loved this track.
Piano on Acid is what Tyree Cooper did on this one. This track was smooth, soulful, and jazzy. No one has done anything close to that since. (Oh yeah…it’s banging too!)
I love this because it was the first Acid song and the first acid track with singing on it. In Chicago this track is stilled played straight (not in a DJ mix) but on mainstream FM radio. Chicago still shows this much love.
Amazing Acid bass line. So catchy that it never gets old. Best vocal hook on Acid!
Wow, this Acid is so sexy, sensual and erotic. It just builds and builds to a massive climax.
The first time I heard this my stomach dropped! The Acid was so simple but at the same time deep, driving and menacing.
Hardfloor took Acid into a new more Techno/Trancy direction. They made Acid as though they heard it in the womb as a fetus. They made Acid as though they were born to make Acid.
This is a great track. One that I’m really proud of as it clearly states that Acid is the “Phuture” and look at it now, 26 years later and acid is still going strong. 
Adonis had a way of making great Acid lines without even tweaking the 303. Actually, his Acid lines are so hot that they don’t even need tweaking…

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The Associates Release "Pieces" Music Video & "D.E.V.Y.N" EP

Check out Devyn Rose's new EP "D.E.V.Y.N", which is available for free download via soundcloud.com! In addition, check out her music video for the lead single "Pieces" via VEVO! Fans that would like to preview the EP can hear it here.
Here is the track list for "D.E.V.Y.N":

1) Intro
2) Heartbeat
3) Pieces
4) Dream
5) Pay Me
6) Whipped

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hercules & Love Affair - Release Me [Video]

A love for Classic House music pervades Hercules & Love Affair's party-starting DJ-Kicks mix, which includes both vintage and modern productions. Few contemporary tracks capture the essence of what made the classics so essential as well as the Love Affair's own exclusive contribution to the mix, "Release Me." The music video takes it one step further, giving an explicit nod to visual aesthetic associated with late night television and steamy nightclub projections.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Modeselektor 80 Min. Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Modeselektor are an electronic band from Berlin. The duo originally met in 1992, but it wasn't until 1996 that they began performing under the guise of 'Modeselektor'. They signed to BPitch Control in 2000, having met and befriended Ellen Allien.
A series of singles, EPs and remixes ensued, along with exciting collaboration with Parisian rap group TTC as well as Berlin wunderkind Apparat under the name Moderat. Modeselektor began to draw international attention and soon snagged the ears of one Thom Yorke, who declared his love for their music on television. Now immersed in the European artistic community, the producers did an exclusive performance at the Boiler Room Berlin.

01. Modeselektor - German Clap
02. TWR72 - Impulse
03. Bambounou - Pixel
04. Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Harvard Bass - Extreme Compote
05. L-Vis 1990 - Video Drone
06. Planetary Assault Systems - Rip The Cut
07. Modeselektor feat. Otto von Schirach - Evil Twin
08. Siriusmo - Simple
09. Siriusmo - Feromonikon
10. Idiotproof - Gorilla (Siriusmo's Ass Of The Baboon Remix)
11. ID

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kraftwerk Doing Eight New Concerts In Germany

Kraftwerk, the fathers of electronic music have booked up for eight concerts at Düsseldorf in January (2013). The idea is to play every one of their albums entirely! Kraftwerk will now repeat the performance from last spring when they played eight concerts at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This time, however, will take place at their homeland, Germany.
Kraftwerk will play at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen museum in Düsseldorf. The concert goers will enjoy the performance of all their albums, from 1974 'Autobahn' to the 2003 'Tour de France'.  The dates of the concert has been confirmed as January 11 to 13 and 16 to 20 next year.

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35,000 Ravers Attended The Electronic Music Festival ⇒ I Love Techno 2012

The electronic music festival I Love Techno was held Saturday night in Ghent, Belgium. The last edition of I Love Techno proceeded smoothly and without problems. Despite the presence of 350 police officers and 300 security guards, nobody was arrested, that concludes the spokesman of the Ghent police, Manuel Mugica Gonzalez.
35,000 lovers of Techno music were reunited for the first time at the largest hall in Flanders Expo for approximately 6 long hours. On the 17th edition of the festival,  people enjoyed the live sets from the likes of Netsky, Boys Noize, Nero, Dave Clarke, Major Lazer, Vitalic, Jamie XX, A-Trak, Chris Liebing and DJ Fresh. Watch the live performance of Boys Noize below!

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An Etiquette Guide for Party Animals

An etiquette guide is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities or proper practices for an individual. This time, I have researched the code of conducts that all clubbers should have in clubs, parties or festivals. Read them below and behave yourself!
  • If in a moment of transcendent musical ecstasy, somebody smiles at you, smile back. Clubbing is communal. Embrace that. If that same person then offers you a swig of their water and/or a sniff of their poppers, don't look at them as if they're handing you a fresh, steaming turd.
  •  If you need to validate your evening's experience not by dancing but by constantly updating your Facebook page or uploading footage to YouTube, then get yourself off the dancefloor.
  •  Your behaviour should not aggressively invade anyone's space.
  • Do you or your mates find it funny or unnerving that "it's full of right weirdos in here"? Then stop laughing and get your coat. The freaks own the night, and you're just a guest.
  • If you're 18, it might seem extraordinary that somebody over 40 would still be out clubbing. But they are. Sometimes for perfectly legitimate reasons. So stop asking stupid questions.
  • Don't harass the DJ. This isn't a 21st birthday. They don't take requests. There's a reason they are being paid to play music and you are paying to see them. You don't like their choice of tunes? Tough. Bad clubbing experiences are as formative as great ones.
  •  Girls. Young girls. You're in a good club; stop acting so petrified. You don't need to trail around holding hands and sneering at anybody who crosses your path. Men are not the enemy. Nor are other women.
  • There is a way of working your way through a packed crowd: slowly, saying "excuse me", a gentle hand in the small of someone's back to indicate you're coming through.
  •  In clubs, do you impose yourself on groups of girls on the dancefloor, joining in other people's mock "sexy dancing", getting a bit too close to the more enthusiastic female dancers? Then you're not a clubber. You're a sex pest.
  • Be nice to flyerers. There is nothing more dispiriting than standing outside a club at 4am being ignored, abused or handing people flyers that are thrown on the ground three feet later.
Finally, How to order drinks at the club?


Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Lego DJ Is The Newest Toy Figure For Kids

Lego has just introduced its newest toy figure: the Lego DJ. He is part of a collectible series of eight figures that include more common characters in children’s media (pirate, alien, football player). The DJ is wearing jeans and a T-shirt with an electronic-looking pattern on it, and holding a thick vinyl record and a sleeve with black logos on it. The Techno club culture has finally become fully cute, LOL.


Proxy Interview 2012

Dim Mak Records' label owner Steve Aoki made an interview via Skype with the best Techno DJ from Russia! This talented DJ is named Proxy, and he's an expert in creating dark and bouncy sounds. The debut album 'Music From The Eastblock Jungles, PT 1' is now available on iTunes, click here.   

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Proxy Presents His Debut Album 'Music From The Eastblock Jungles, PT. 1'

After years of anticipation, Proxy at last presents his debut album. Beloved by top DJs and stadium crowds, the undisputed master of the Turn It Up to 11 movement has created an album that harnesses the pure spirit of legit rave and Techno culture, with 11 tracks that span and elevate countless genres – notably inflected by classic bass and DnB – without regard for trends or ephemeral influences. The album is the product of an artist who forged a sound in complete isolation, with visa problems leading him to entrench himself in the middle of nowhere in his native Russia, continuing in the UK rave tradition of his Essex-spawned idols, The Prodigy. Listen and preview "Raven" below.


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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strip Steve - Mega [Video]

Here's the video for "Mega" off Strip Steve's debut 'Micro Mega.' In this video you'll see an exploration of the wider world, a visual cataloging of the human experience! Music video was directed by Theo Pozoga & Loan Calmon. Don't get confused, the video below was not taken from the Discovery Channel, lol.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boys Noize "What You Want" Remix Contest

At any given point in the long-standing career of Berlin's Alex Ridha (better known as Boys Noize), it has been hard to predict where exactly the adventurous producer would go next, and his latest single for his own Boysnoize Records is no different. Part funk-filled electro workout, part weirdo-house banger, "What You Want" has proven to be prime dancefloor fare, despite—or more likely, because of—its ability to evade exact classification. Now, Ridha has offered up the pieces of his latest tune for your remixing pleasure, giving away a Korg Kaossilator Pro and release on Boysnoize Records to the best rework submitted. So whether you think the tune could use some more grime and grit, or an infusion of soaring melodies and even more funkified basslines, make sure to submit your take on "What You Want" by November 5.
More information ↓

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Adidas Underground + The Chemical Brothers "Don't Think" (Recap)

In August, Village Underground played host to what at first sight could easily have been mistaken for a dark circus cult. It was in fact an immersive screening of The Chemical Brothers’ "Don’t Think" as part of the ongoing events put on by Adidas Underground. 
Upon entry, each guest was given a white Adidas tracksuit top and was painted as one of the clowns featured in the ‘Don’t Think’ film. The result? A surreal night of strobes, loud music and menacing faces. However, during the event The Chemical Brothers weren’t there themselves, the atmosphere created by their live movie was electric!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Kim Ann Foxman - Return It [Video]

The former member of Hercules & Love Affair is now focussing on her Deep House solo career, she describes "Return It" as a tune about the mutual love and respect that should be there in any relationship whether it may be with a friend or lover. The video is about the beauty of love, trust, & friendship. Directed by Jonathan Turner.

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Daft Punk Member Thomas Bangalter's 1995 EP Gets A Reissue

Trax On Da Rocks is a classic EP and the first first ever release from Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter. This material has been re-pressed, it includes five tracks of sublime dance floor concoctions from the Daft Punk auteur. From the syrupy electro-disco of the title track, to the jump-up Techno of "Roulé Boulé" to the filter fest that is "Ventura".

Stream the uplifting Techno track of "Roulé Boulé" below, check out the tracklist, and cop this essential re-release at fine retailers like our friends at Phonica.

On the other hand, Bangalter recently composed an ominous score for Lindsay Lohan’s short film called First Point, which is a bit less notable than his score for Irreversible or Daft Punk’s effort for Tron: Legacy.

'Trax On Da Rocks' tracklist:  On Da Rocks - Roulé Boulé - What To Do - Outrun - Ventura

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Viral Video Of Techno Party From 1997 Surfaces On Internet

Have you ever think how Techno parties look in 1997? The funny video below recently surfaced on the net last week, and it has a total of 1 million views! If you are one of those nostalgic ravers from the 90s era who wanna bring back good memories to your life, then I will suggest you to check out the video and laugh a little bit about those times. . . After watching the video analyze, what things have changed in the Techno world of today?


Tiga's Favorite Tracks

The Canadian electronic music producer and Turbo Recordings boss empties the contents of his psychic record bag!
The track I'll be opening my next DJ set with
Zombie Nation - Attic Sundays
I love to start with a song that makes everyone feel comfortable. Zombie Nation still manages to find some funk in a funkless sea of  Techno.

The track that currently gets the most rewinds
Proxy - Junk
He is the Russian Liam Howlett: a true genius who knows how to make proper 21st-century rave music.

The track I wish I'd signed to my label
Scissor Sisters - Laura
I suppose had I tricked them into it and offered up cash at the right moment, I might have been able to sign Scissor Sisters. But I would never deliberately ruin a friend's career/life.

The ideal festival track
MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)
While it might not have the same edge as a few years ago, in its prime this was an absolute festival destroyer/uniter.

The track that should have been a crossover hit
Tiga - You Gonna Want Me
I have to go with my own track, featuring Jake Shears, from a few years back. It had all the elements, I thought. But alas, the marketplace spoke, and in the end that's the beauty of Electroclash: only a hit is a hit.

The track that's been unfairly slept on this year
Duke Dumont - The Giver
This really has all the ingredients to be a big radio tune. We will see what happens.

The track I'd play at sunset in Ibiza
Mission Control - Outta Limits
Max Berlin's Elle Et Moi is a good one too. Invisible Conga People's Cable Dazed. My own remix of Alter Ego's Gary. I have massive playlists for that Ibiza sunset show that never quite happens.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dr Lektroluv Full Unmasked Photo + Real Identity Revealed

Dr Lektroluv real name is Stefaan Vandenberghe, he is a Belgian DJ known in Europe as The Man With The Green Mask. During his live sets he wears an elegant tuxedo jacket.  He also runs the Lektroluv label, with releases from Mumbai Science, Modek, Sound Of Stereo, etc. Initially, when he started as a DJ he wore a white doctor's uniform, and used to be known under the alias of T-Quest.

In the late 80s and early 90s Dr Lektroluv used to have a great radio show named 'Behind The Beat' on Radio S.I.S in Ghent, Belgium.  During those times he was simply known as Stefaan Vandenberghe, his radio show focused on underground electronic music and Acid House. He also used to be a resident DJ at the 'Kaos' parties held at Cherrymoon during  the '90s, and today he is one of the most popular Techno DJs of Europe, that has never shown his face in public. This case is similar to other masked DJs who dominate the electronic music scene, such as Daft Punk and The Bloody Beetroots.
Check out the video below, Dr Lektroluv invitation to party hard at I LOVE TECHNO 2012 taking place in Belgium, on November 10th.

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Simon De Pury The Art Auctioneer Who Became A DJ

Hilarious news here! Simon De Pury is much more than the art world’s most controversial auctioneer, he is also a DJ! Watch his debut music video here. De Pury, dubbed as the “man with the golden gavel” is such a very unique character.
Simon De Pury ↓
“Ever since I was a teenager, I have been just as interested in music as I have in art. It’s actually very similar to auctioneering: as an auctioneer, you want everybody to bid energetically, and as a D.J. you want them to dance energetically.”
De Pury's favorite music genres are House music and classic groovy  hits from the late 70´s era. This prestigious man has a fanbase made mostly of the jaded jetset of the art world! Rumours are circulating that he's planning to launch an album in collaboration with Giorgio Moroder. 

Watch Mr. Simon De Pury mixing Old School music . . . LOL


Destructo feat. Oliver - L.A. Funky [Video]

"L.A. Funky" is probably the the most smoothest summer banger this year and it will instantly catch your ear…no doubt! Watch Gary and his mate Oliver cruising through L.A. with his bad ass Chevrolet while showcasing the towns most lovely sides. Video was directed by Kevin Kerslake.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Craig Williams - Let Go (Hoshina Anniversary Remix) [Video]

"Let Go" is the first release from Craig Williams on CFR but it won't be his last. An amazing 303 infused Techno blaster! The music video below features a remix from Japan's own Hoshina Anniversary, I hope you like it, and do not forget to always dance like a party animal!


Trve & Four Quarters Boyz - K.T.S.

Trve & 4/4 Boyz create some of Italy's best club Techno and have been generous to share a few tunes with Silver Wave. The team brings the collaboration "K.T.S". to destroy the dance floor!