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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Practice Of Naked Yoga Is A New Trend In Ibiza

It is the trend that is encouraging New York yogis to bare it all, literally, and now it is making its way to Europe - in the form of a naked yoga retreat. The unusual concept of stripping off to indulge in some downward dog has taken the Big Apple by storm, with classes at the Bold & Naked studio in Manhattan selling out. Now luxury travel company Formentera Yoga has experienced similar success with its first all-naked holidays on the Balearic island of Ibiza.

The retreat is open to both men and women and is on sale from $1,546 USD. It will combine mixed yoga classes for the de-robed at a luxury finca (country house) set in 20 acres of fragrant pine forests on the north of the island overlooking the sea. The retreat has its own swimming pool and even a helipad for VIP guests. The first experience, due to start in mid-May, has already sold out, so the company is hurriedly adding extra dates to cater to upmarket holidaymakers looking to get back to nature!


Locomatica - Rootkit (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)

Maybe the best one-sentence description for this release should be "flawless journey from deep emotions to solid patterns". Well-mannered piece of Techno named "Rootkit" is an opener with noir atmosphere bricked deep into its structure and gloomy stabs on top after which the whole package slips into firmer interpretation of "Rootkit", directed by infamous Techno giant Hans Bouffmyhre who delivers well-crafted slice of driving Techno with precise stabs, gradually built flux which culminates every time high-octave arps drop. 


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Bassrock Delivers A Certified Banger With "Phalanx"

After two very successful releases on HAMMARICA, superstar of the big room BASSROCK is back with arguably his BIGGEST track to date. Already supported by none other than PAUL OAKENFOLD, Mike Saint Jules, DJ Marq, ARTENTO DIVINI, Kings Of Addiction, Donald Glaude and many more, the new banger 'PHALANX' raises the bar once again. 

A bad ass bass riff starts the commotion after which the perfectly crafted lead melody line makes its entry. It's so catchy, Foundation Nightclub resident DJ Marq said this about the track: "Certified banger, I have played this song at Foundation a few times & blackout Friday. Every time it slayed the floor."



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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Far From Holy - Never Enough

Far From Holy - Never Enough
Far From Holy is a coming together of 2 Manchester based producers/DJs to form this alliance. Pete Zorba and Nick Hussey.  Nick has had worldwide success as a DJ and producer playing at many of the world's top clubs including Bora Bora, Space (Ibiza), Alter ego, Imperale (Italy). Meanwhile Pete, has accumulated legendary DJ sets globally including Space Ibiza, Tenax, The Warehouse Project, Sankeys and Kaluki.

'Never Enough' is supported by Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Dave Seaman, Soloman, Marco Corola, Stacy Pullen, Sam Devine plus many more and is rocking dancefloors worldwide right now. 

Also included is a remix by Ashley Wild who is rapidly rising through the rank in the London House scene. 

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The World's First Weed Vending Machine

Marijuana at the push of a button? 

Colorado's marijuana enthusiasts are in for a treat. While similar consoles do already exist for registered dispensaries in states where the drug is approved for medical use, never before has a machine been aimed at the recreational user; enabling customers to purchase marijuana directly, rather than over the counter as it were. The appropriately emerald-hued ZaZZZ machine, manufactured by American Green, was unveiled on Saturday in Avon, Colorado, stocked with Herbal Elements marijuana. And while the console won't be available to the general public quite yet, its first outing certainly generated excitement. Check out the video below for more information.


Hussey & Van Goulden feat. Etheria - Need To Feel Loved (Remixes)

Looking Glass Recordings brings you a huge remake of the cult track 'Need To Feel Loved'. Sanctioned by the original writers to breathe life into this fantastic track once again. 

Deepmode and fash come up with a Deep House monster some tight 909 swung drums & percussion fat moog bassline & cool analog pads 

Next up is up & coming outfit D:Coda with their mix feeling closer to the original track with an up to date twist on it, breaking into a strong piano break half way through. Definitely worth keeping an eye open for D:Coda in the future! 

The Casa dj's is a deep chuging House track with a hint of tribal percussion at home on dancefloors around the world. 

The original mix an uplifting progressive monster big chords & Etheria's Angelic vocals followed by a solid chunky bassline & beat at home on any dancefloor.


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Online Music Recording Studio For An Excellent Production

Recording music in a professional studio or home-studio can be a great challenge, for composers, singer-songwriters and starting producers alike. In almost all cases, working with an online recording studio will significantly lower costs and guarantee professional quality both technically and artistically. 

If you have been looking for a great online music recording studio, look no further. Itai Simon and his team of highly talented musicians have exactly what it takes to bring real magic to your music and make your songs a success. Itai Simon himself offers custom bass track recording and single/album production while the rest of his team of online session musicians offers guitars, drums, percussion, keyboard and vocals. He can also professionally review your music and share with you contacts of music professionals that can help you promote your music far beyond the ordinary. His list contains contacts of over 1500 key music professionals and can be obtained in both PDF and Excel formats. 

With his original vintage 1966 Fender Precision bass (the famous and original sound that can be heard on ALL the best selling albums of all-time), Chandler TG-2 preamp (the same preamp used at Abbey Road studios), Moog's MoogerFooger Class A analog filters and recording on a Protools system, Simon’s online recording studio has produced, arranged and recorded bass for various artists across the globe in different genres and styles ranging from rock to pop and blues to electronic. 

As a music producer and someone who has been in online music production for a long time, Simon knows how to take your music to a higher level. That’s why he is always more than happy to give you tips and professional advice on how to make your music shine and irresistible. Simon’s versatility enables him to work on almost everything about your song including your production, sound, arrangement, presentation, form, lyrics, speed and length. You can send him a song, EP or even a full album for review. 

Simon is very passionate about music, and that explains why he has had an illustrious career in the music scene. Before he started his online music recording studio, he was a member of various vibrant rock bands including Relics (1998), Utopia (1998-2001), Missing points (2001-2004), The butterfly Effect (2004-2006), and Sugar Plum Baby (2005-2009), as well as working on the sides as a demanded online bass player. 

The album “Another Round Please” which he released with his band “Rendezvous” is to date his major album release. The album was a success in the UK and the rest of Europe with excellent reviews and numerous radio plays. The first two singles from the album “C sharp” and “The Murf” also experienced great chart success ranking favourably in the top 40 club charts for weeks. 

With a very affordable budget, Simon offers online studio services that will not only suit your needs, but also guarantee success. Simon and his team will work with you from the beginning to the end to ensure that you achieve your dreams. To him, a job is never complete before YOU say it’s finished. 

Visit his website at http://www.itaisimon.com and start making your songs sound like how you dream they can be…


Friday, April 11, 2014

Celebrate St. George’s Day With A Copy Of Paul Sparrow’s Debut Single, "This Is Just The Beginning"

To be launched into the British, Irish, American and Canadian charts on 23rd April 2014

The Russian Trance producer, Paul Sparrow, who lives and works out of St. Petersburg in Russia is the first single ToneTrance Records will be producing and it sounds great. Along with "This Is Just The Beginning", you will be able to hear, download and purchase another fantastic track, entitled, "Waiting".

From 11th April 2014, you will be able to pre-order this single on iTunes.

To tell you more about the man behind the music, Paul Sparrow was born in the Russian outback in 1990. 

At the age of 15, he graduated from music school, where he studied the piano for 8 years.

In 2011, Paul moved to St. Petersburg where he lives and works until the present day. He currently works on a small boat, as a Sailor, in the Baltic Sea near St. Petersburg. 

Paul first heard Trance music at the age of 10. At that time, Trance music was not very popular in Russia. In 2003-2004, Paul discovered a lot of the major Trance producers. He would listen to people like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Blank & Jones, Paul Oakenfold, Rank 1. His favourite producer was Tiësto. He also found time to listen to other genres such as classical and rock music.

Paul first started writing music in 2005 (at the age of 15). At first, he was not very serious about writing music. It was only in 2011 that he became really serious about his music. 

Although his main hobby is music, he also has a love of photography and he designed the artwork for his single, himself. 

Paul’s dream is to become a famous music producer everywhere on the planet. His mission is to travel everywhere in the world and delight people with great Trance music. 

Please download and purchase Paul Sparrow's debut album, 'This Is Just the Beginning', available from all major music download sites from 23rd April 2014. 


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La'Ralpheal Unveils New Single "Right Where I Wanna Be"

La’Ralpheal, singer, writer and producer unveils his current release “Right Where I Wanna Be”. A catchy dance tune that will make you sing and move your body!

The artist charted records independently in Japan and the UK with his different music styles such as EDM, House, Pop, and Dubstep.

Other singles he has made in the past are:  "Put Your Hands In The Air", "People Are People" a remake by Depeche Mode, and "Take Me Away" featuring Leilani and remixed by Ford Productions.

Below you can listen a remix version of "Right Where I Wanna Be".

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The All-In-One DJ Controllers Grow In Popularity!

As a DJ, you may have heard something like this leveled at you and your ilk at least once: “All you’re doing is pressing buttons!” As enlightened sympathizers, we know like you do that playing piano or drums really just boils down to pressing buttons, as well. 

So for better or for worse, and whether you’re an experienced DJ or not, with a good “all-in-one” DJ controller, you can pull off professional DJ sets by doing nothing more than—you guessed it—pressing buttons! 

Of course, there’s much more than just that to great DJing. More elaborate equipment can certainly help, but even a basic controller can get you started mastering the fundamentals, which is still your most direct avenue toward successful DJing. 

When we talk about an all-in-one DJ controller, we’re referring to a USB MIDI controller for DJ use that includes an audio interface and has enough controls to suffice as the only controller you’d need to perform; in most cases, that entails a controller that condenses the layout of two turntables and a DJ mixer into one box, and modern units generally include extras for effects, looping, sample and/or cue point triggering, transport, browsing and loading tracks, and more. 

Of course, depending on your ambition, you could always add supplemental controllers to the setup. Of concern when choosing a controller are, of course, price and then built-in software, and whether the unit has two or four mixer channels. 

Most DJ software these days supports 4-deck mixing, meaning you could have four tracks playing and being mixed at once!

The prices vary according to your needs as a DJ. There are three prices ranges for DJ Controllers: less than $500, $500-$999, and $1,000 and up. Some of them come with some form of software—either a limited version or the full professional program.

Remember, the best way to get DJ gigs is to produce your own music—something you already do! And a great way to get your music some exposure is to play it out; successful DJing and music production naturally feed off of each other.

My favorite all-in-one DJ Controller is the Pioneer DDJ T1.


Music Sounds Better When You Know The Artist Is "Eccentric"

Our brains associate eccentricity and creativity in musicians, painters, writers, and other artists.
A new research demonstrates that an artist’s eccentricity, even in realms irrelevant to the medium of expression, can enhance our perception of the artist’s work.

In our minds, eccentricity and creativity go together like, well, Bjork and swans. Just as generating a creative idea requires deviating from conventional modes of thought, quirkiness involves deviation from conventional social behavior. If you ignore the rules in one domain, you may also ignore them in another. Once we form a stereotype of the erratic artist, we may see those who fit the stereotype more snugly as being better artists.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Watch The Unexpected Techno Set In Dominican Republic By Irregular Synth

Gooooooood morning Techno Soldiers!!! below is the latest set of Irregular Synth at a nice club in Dominican Republic, called Guacara Taina. It seems that this club is the ideal place for Techno lovers like us... I didn't know Techno music was very popular over there, and that's the coolest part I discovered about the Caribbean nation.

Underground music fans don't need to go to Berlin to listen Techno music, now there's a club in these magical islands that will ensure you a fun experience! 

Other Techno DJs that have played in this club are: Jay Lumen, Spektre, Sian, Pleasurekraft, among others. 

Oh...and I forgot to mention that the club is actually a cave! 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

OMG! Deadmau5 Records Himself Playing A Techno Set

Deadmau5 raised eyebrows recently when his testpilot alias got a release via Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 imprint. 

The double A-side single is way more stripped back and functional than the Mau5's more recent big-room offerings and seemed to be a nod toward the darkened club music that he obviously digs. 

This weekend he laid down two hours of uncompromising four-to-the-floor live for fans on his VIP access website. 

The Techno set, which includes cuts from Carl Craig, Audion, Joris Voorn and the man himself, has found its way onto YouTube and shows Deadmau5 banging it out in the nerdy heaven of his studio. 

He looks like he's having a lot of fun and is slammin' it in true having-a-mix-at-the-weekend style. 

Check it below.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Ron Carroll Explores His Techno Side With His Own New Label & Song

We all know Ron Carroll as a talented House music DJ that has played this music genre for years... However, things have changed now and you should know that he is recently working as R.O.N.N. - his new alias as a Techno artist. 

The DJ/Singer/Producer has been making noise as of late with releases everywhere. Now he has embarked on his own label DIRTY DUB! 

With this first release R.O.N.N. explores his Techno side, "deep, dark and dirty". Get ready to rave! 

Here's a preview of his 1st release on his fresh label. The song is called "Enter", and I believe this is definitely a dancefloor bomb!

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New York's Charlie Scott

Queens native Charlie Scott is living a fervent life like Keith Urban and Neil Young... not just musically, but sober. 

“I developed a terrible addiction to drugs which lasted until I was twenty one, ultimately leading to my parents deeming me hopeless and putting me out onto the street. After sleeping in a local park for a couple of nights, I was humbled enough to give rehab a chance.” 

Charlie’s music tells the story about about the battle he had with drugs and his triumph recovery. His voice is not only a reminiscent of an early Slim Shady, he also has the same undefeated mindset and incidental parallel life as the the Grammy-winning rapper, Eminem, who detailed his struggles with addiction on his latest album, 'Recovery'.

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How to Hallucinate Without Drugs?

In just four easy steps...

1. Open the video below in full screen mode.
2. Play it and focus your eyes on the centre for the entire duration of the video which is around 30 seconds.
3. When the video stops, look around you and see how the world deforms in real-time.
4. The effect may last for some time and it will cause objects you look at to change shape.

WARNING: Do not watch if you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy or are sensitive to flashing lights


GloFX Glasses Giveaway ➨ Open Worldwide!

If you are a raver, clubber or festivalgoer, then you must wear GloFX glasses! The cool thing here is that they are NOT the typical glasses... 

The guys at GloFX have created something called Diffraction Glasses, meaning you get the light diffracting effects while still able to see around you. That's why it's the ideal accessory to wear for Techno & Trance festivals or rave parties. And believe me, you will have a great visual experience with them!   

Please watch this video so that you can understand me better 

So, I'm happy to announce an amazing surpirse for all the party animals, ravers and loyal readers of Electro WOW blog. 

GloFX is giving away two pairs of the coolest GloFX glasses. All you need to do is follow the steps below. 

Remember, EVERYBODY can participate, this is an international contest, OPEN WORLDWIDE! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The two winners will be announced on Electro WOW - April 18th, 2014. 

And contacted via e-mail.

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Tom Hades - Droids

Belgian waffles. Belgian chocolate. Tom Hades. Some things don't need much of an explanation. Such is the case with the Belgian Techno maestro, whose career is moving him towards legendary status. "Droids" is an uplifting futuristic dark track with some female vocals on it... I love it, and I'm sure this tune will be a number one hit soon + the album artwork rocks!


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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dirty Dutch Had Sex With Techno... New Spartaque Song

This unusual combination of Dirty Dutch music and Techno will make everybody dance at the club! Since I discovered Spartaque this year, we've been anxious to know what's his next dance hit. This time, the Ukranian DJ has collaborated with Konstantin Yoodza with a modern experimental tech sound on "Pills". 

This new song was described once by a Facebook follower of Spartaque as "Dirty Dutch Had Sex With Techno And Pills Is Their Child"... LOL 

And believe it or not, this is the best way to describe this AMAZING tune!

* Watch the funny short clip and preview "Pills".

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Brand New Signature Label Launched From Rennie Foster

The sound of RF, the label, is much like a Rennie Foster DJ set, a unique style that references several eras and genres, and yet remains completely distinct. RF pays homage to Detroit Techno, Chicago House music, B-boy culture and all other subculture that fuels Rennie's rebellious and infamous presence in the underground.

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/label/rf/38819
Bandcamp: http://renniefoster.bandcamp.com/ 
Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/labels/RF/releases/

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Original Light Diffraction Glasses Company Debuts Launch of Highly Anticipated New Website

Launched by GloFX LED & Glow Products, GloFXGlasses.com has been designed to become the largest online selection of diffraction glasses in the United States, including over 100 popular frames and styles and over 100,000 unique options of specialized eyewear. This introduction will mark the largest product line created by GloFX specific to the growing market of the electronic dance movement, or “EDM.”

GloFX LED & Glow Products is known nationwide as the original manufacturer of Light Diffraction Glasses. With entrepreneurial spirits and a passion for design, GloFX was founded in 2009 to build and expand on the future of products based on customer needs with niche-specific solutions in the EDM marketplace.

Since then, innovation and ingenuity have paved the way for the development and release of the new company branch, GloFX Glasses. Dozens of exclusive GloFX Glasses and other products have since been released, and in 2013, GloFX was awarded the ‘Best of Tallahassee Manufacturers’ for outstanding design and sales of the original Light Diffraction Glasses. GloFXGlasses.com marks the new era of development in epic light-altering eyeware from GloFX.

For those unfamiliar, diffraction glasses feature a special lens that diffracts light into a gradient spectrum of colors. There are different types of diffraction effects, such as spiral diffraction, heart diffraction, star diffraction, and cross-hatched line diffraction. These glasses are primarily used for looking at visual displays, 3D projections, moving light shows, fireworks, and lasers most commonly found at EDM shows, events, and music festivals.

GloFX is proud to introduce the first of its kind in the ultimate diffraction glasses shopping experience. The GloFXGlasses.com selection of glasses includes diffraction glasses, anaglyph glasses, 3Diffraction Glasses, and kaleidoscope glasses, to name just a few. Diffraction glasses are the featured product of the new launch. The new website allows for users to customize glasses based off of color, frame, lens-FX and lighting features before purchase. The new product selection will include a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which is unheard of in similar industry product websites.

“We have been awaiting the launch of this new site for nearly a year, and we are proud to offer more to our customers than ever before,” says Alex Erven, the Director of Marketing for GloFX. “We have specifically designed our new website to be able to offer the biggest selection, best prices, best customer service, fastest shipping, and the safest shopping environment to our enormous base of clientele.”

To order & learn more about GloFX Glasses please visit: GloFX Glasses | The Original Light Diffraction Glasses 
To learn more about other GloFX Products, please visit: GloFX LED & Glow Products

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Worst Drug Research Video Ever?

Two investigative journalists went undercover at a popular commercial dance music festival! Armed with a not so subtle camera, the two reporters Ross McLaughlin and Shawn Hoder of Atlanta, Georgia News Channel 11Alive interviewed a number of festival-goers about 'Molly', a drug many of whom assume it would be MDMA. 

This "investigative" work - if you like to call this so - only confirms the fact that there are drugs like Molly at festivals, as well as test kits for drugs and thus nothing really surprising promoted to days.... 

Nice try, guys. Better luck next time. Three minutes textbook-like detective work you can see here. LOL


20 Years of Time Warp Techno Festival

Time Warp, already a fixture on the calendar for all Techno fans, is celebrating its 20 years in style! 

Not only does Time Warp feature a formidable line up including Adam Beyer, Ben Klock, Björn Hummerich, Bunte Bummler, Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Chris Wood & MEAT, Daniel Schlender, David Nicolas & Sebastian Werle, Dubfire, Ernesto Ferreyra b2b Mirko Loko, Gregor Tresher, Ilario Alicante, Jamie Jones, John Digweed, Joseph Capriati, Josh Wink, Karotte, Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice, Luciano, Magda, Marco Carola, Marcel Dettmann, Monika Kruse, Moonbootica, Nick Curly, Oliver Koletzki, Pan-Pot, Recondite, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Dietz, Scan X, Seebase, Sasch BBC, Seth Troxler, Sonja Moonear, Steffen Baumann, Steffen Deux, Sven Väth, and Tale Of Us but boasts a visual spectacular like no other. 

Besides elaborate light shows this year’s Time Warp will feature some pretty impressive special effects. Having recruited some of the best and brightest innovative visual artists, expect some mind blowing 3D visuals!

Date: 5th April 2014 
Location: Maimarkthalle (Mannheim) 
Admission: 45 - 65, EUR

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Sin Sin - Tribe

Sin Sin can surely be considered one of the best discovery that the Techno scene had in the last year and he arrives at his debut on Audio Elite with all the best auspices for a successful career. With the single "Tribe" the German talent delivers a concentrate of powerful Techno, where dangerous low frequencies and disturbing atmospheres promise to put fire on any dance floor. Do not be deceived from the tight beat because it's only framing a deep work of sound design that will delight even the most severe listener. 



Sutter Cane - Omega (LowKey & Kardinal Remix)

LowKey & Kardinal are leaders of the dark techno world and have found fans in superstars like Umek for their recent work. Their remix sure is a gigantic thing that rolls on and on and on as echoing effects pan out wide, rubbery drums march relentlessly on and deft details steal your attention every now and again. Otherwise, though, the focus is firmly on marching to the beat. 



Ida Engberg - Devil Dance [Video]

DJ Ida Engberg was born in a suburb of Stockholm. She moved around a little, lived in Marbella and in Ibiza for quite a while. Her first gig was in a club that a friend of her was running. His ordinary resident was sick and Ida just happened to be there. 

“I said, ’I can play’, he just looked at me and said something like ’Yeah right’. I can’t believe I actually convinced him to let me play that night. It was great, I loved it!” 

A few weeks later Ida got asked to start playing in one of the biggest and most famous after-hours club in Stockholm called The Spy Bar. This was the beginning of her life as a DJ... "Devil Dance" is the title of her 2014 single-release, which combines Techno and tribal sounds.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meet Ricky Rebel, The Independent Pop-Artist/Producer That Is Taking Los Angeles By Storm

With a brand new EP fresh off the press (https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-blue-ep/id845303088?v0=9988&ign-mpt=uo%3D1) and a full-length album slated to come out this June, it's clear why so many people are talking about Los Angeles-based artist, Ricky Rebel. His business-savvy work ethic and hard-working team (JellyfishPR.com) seem to have proven themselves to be the bees-knees of a strategic force. After all, if you're drawing 1,000+ people to your shows in LA as an independent artist, and invited to red-carpet events on the weekly- one could rightfully expect some kind of ripple effect from such insane amount of rad-ness. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NEW! Sarantos Hot Dance Summer Hit "I Love To Love You Too" - 4th Single

With winter out the way, it's time for artists to put forward their submissions for this year's summer smash. Getting in there early is Sarantos new dance hit "I Love To Love You Too" which is also his 4th single of 2014. The talented singer is also donating a percentage of the proceeds from downloads to The American Heart Association.

As potential 2014 summer smashes go, this is the song to beat! If you are a fan of Daft Punk, then this tune is right for you!

The artist will release a music video soon on April 8th. 



Sarantos Facebook Artist Page:

Sarantos Twitter:

Sarantos Youtube:

Sarantos Soundcloud:

Sarantos Reverbnation: 

Wanna know more about Sarantos...

is finally releasing his long-awaited and eagerly anticipated 1st solo artist music album on November 18th 2014. 

Sarantos' music has received rave reviews so far and he relishes this chance to pursue his life long dream.

There will be plenty of continued buzz throughout the year. A new song will be released on the 1st Tuesday of every month, a new music video on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, a new "funny" video of the month on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and a new Whiteboard video on the 4th Tuesday of every month! 

Sarantos has been writing lyrics since 4th grade and is passionate about the words he puts to the music.

Music was always in his blood. Music was always a passion and much more than a hobby. Sarantos has written over 2,000 songs! 

Having undergone several personal challenges with Sarantos' father passing away two years ago after a long hard-fought battle with lung cancer, dealing with personal health issues like asthma and allergies which affected his singing style, going thru life's ups & downs, the timing is finally right. 

Sarantos main motivation, however, is to raise money for charity.

33% of any music related sales are going straight to charity!

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Dealazer 'A Trip to Wonder Trance' Album Review

Dealazer is an prominent music constructor in which he produces in the ways of constructing each sound on each element, and using old fashion plugins and designed presets for most of his tracks, he resently released an album called 'A Trip to Wonder Trance'.

This cool album features 16 cutting-edge Trance tracks. It starts off with "Jombala"  which serves as a good intro for the album, I can describe it as a stunning atmospheric tune. The second track is "Silver", and it sounds pretty similar like the first song. The guitar makes the difference here, and it's also dubbed as a freestyle version, which counts with the collaboration of Jamroy. Next in line is "Tell Me Test Me", you'll love the catchy hypnotic beats and synths.  My favorite tune so far is "Love For Away" it features a gorgeous big room sound and also an edgy Trance sound that I'm addicted to it.  The next tune is "Protonia" with beautiful dark synths and a melody that will impress all the listeners. The tone changes with "Sky Of Limit", an uplifting and bright Trance track, get ready to rave with it!

"Revenge Of Silver" is up next, featuring a combination of slow and fast synths that evolve into a wonderful melodic result. Following along, with oriental flavors is "Another Life" featuring the participation of The Fly Kingdom. I really think this tune is unique as it combines a sitar (hindu guitar) with the emotional rhythm of a piano. Then we have "Sound Of Illusion", a perfectly produced song, with cacthy hook melodies. The tenth track is "Cyperio", in which Dealazer delivers stomping percs and beautiful synth-work. The unexpected track of this album is "Another Trip", which could be described as 'different' as it sounds like a dirty Electro inspired song. On the other hand, "Back To The Time Of Silver" features a pretty cool and chill rhythm to relax! Another great tune is "Silver", which is a spacey and floating trancer track. While, "We Dig For Silver" features an intense deep and haunting sound. The preceding song is "Silver Wonderous" a danceable Trance tune with an electric bite."Screamer" is the last track with fun Electro beats and a superb enchantin melody. In conclusion, I believe this is a great production, very diverse and I'm sure many Trance fans will get satisfied with all these beautiful melodies.

Preview the first track "Jombala". 

Listen 'A Trip to Wonder Trance' album on Spotify


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Roger Shah & DJ Feel feat. Zara Taylor - One Life [Video]

Roger Shah and Zara Taylor do already share a common success story, as some of their previous collaborations are already established as classics! Zara is widely considered as one of the leading Trance voices, as many say she has the most emotional voice of all the great and talented vocalists. Now Roger and Zara for this brand new piece of work have teamed up with Russia's amazingly popular DJ Feel.  Roger and DJ Feel paths have crossed dozens of times over the last decade, and now finally they managed to work together on a track. The result of the trios work is "One Life", a song that displays great diversity with its emotional lyrics within a banging club production. Watch the videoclip below!

You're always chasing clouds in the sky
Wishing upon the stars as they pass you by
Your dreams always live on the other side
You never believe it when it's staring you straight in the eye

When will you decide
Start to live your life
Stop the time from passing by
Time to make a change
Stop from being afraid
All you have is now don't wait

You've got one life full of beauty
Just one life
Why don't you see
You've got one life
So much beauty in this one life
Why can't you see cause I see you

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