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Friday, June 29, 2012

Boys Noize New Techno Beer

Techno producer Alexander Ridha has put his name to a limited edition “Boys Noize Techno Beer” for German brewery Becks, posting a photo of the creation to his Facebook. According to the Becks website, the beer’s label designed by Ridha reflects the comeback of Acid/Techno music and the smiley as the symbol of the movement that can definitely be called a primordial soup of dancing the night. A very creative concept! Take a look at the TV ad below.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Presets - Youth In Trouble

Music video directed by Yoshi Sodeoka. The Presets return with their new track "Youth In Trouble". Taken from the new album 'Pacifica' which will be released on September 14 via Modular Recordings. Get ready for a very interesting Techno track!


DJ Robot Destined To Liven Up Parties By 2013

Alert! this inoffensive robot represents a serious thread for human DJs . . . The world's first robot disc jockey has been invented! Shimi picks tunes, dances in time to the music and even reacts to the mood of the crowd to keep the dancefloor pumping. Unlike many human DJs, he also does requests, WTF!

The robot's eyes can also follow people round a room and ensure that speakers are aimed at them. Shimi, a musical companion was developed by Georgia Tech's Center for Music Technology. This robot is essentially a docking station with a ‘brain’ powered by an Android phone. Once docked, the robot gains the sensing and musical generation capabilities of the user's mobile device. Below, you can watch a robotic DJ performance by Shimi. This new invention is a little bit scary in my opinion.



Berlin Club Scene Could Change Dramatically Under New Fees

The world’s most vital destination for electronic music is facing its own fight. As reported by Billboard, a fleet of German club owners are protesting a planned tariff structure from the German collections society GEMA, which could see tariffs rise up to 1,000 percent. The changes are due to be implemented in 2013. They will be charged as a percentage of the ticket price and size of the venue.

Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele, directors of hallowed Techno temple Berghain
“The new tariffs mean that we discotheques would have to pay more than 1,400 percent to GEMA, which would put the very existence of many clubs at risk. If this change in the tariff actually becomes reality in 2013, the club landscape will change dramatically. There will be a huge increase in admission charges with an end result that many guests will no longer be able to afford to go clubbing.”

An online petition against the tariffs is climbing towards 200,000 signees.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raves & Drugs Are Not Linked!

The word rave is often misconstrued as a drug party. Frequent rave-goers say the word rave has nothing to do with drugs and instead, rave parties are all about music and dance. It is a misconception that rave is about drugs. This association is media-created. So anyone hearing about a rave party instantly imagines boys and girls sniffing some kind of powder, and we all know this is completely untrue!

So what differentiates a rave from a regular party? The music at rave parties is what differentiates it from the rest. At a good rave party, there are well-known DJs coming in from all over the world. For some, de-stressing is about loud music and it does not mean drugs! A rave party is meant to begin at sundown. Usually, a rave party begins late in the evening and goes on until the early hours of the morning. That's the real definition of a rave party! So, how do you define the word "rave"? Make your comments below.


Voting Opens For 100 Top DJs Poll 2012

Voting has opened for DJ Mag's annual Top 100 DJs poll. David Guetta won the contest for the first time last year, beating four-time consecutive winner Armin Van Buuren into second place. Music tastes change over the months and we are 100% sure David Guetta won't win again he he he . . . .

Powered by Trackitdown, voting opens via Facebook today June 27 and will run until August 29. Voters are asked to name their top five DJs in order of preference before the results are collected for the final list. All voters will receive a free Top 100 DJs album from Trackitdown featuring exclusive content from artists including Roger Sanchez, Judge Jules, UMEK and more. The charity partner for this year's poll is Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, which aims to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian and environmental causes.

This year's top ten by Antoine Le Funk 

1. The Chemical Brothers
2.  Boys Noize
3. Mumbai Science
4. DJ Pierre
5. Green Velvet
6. Harvard Bass
7. Audionite
8. NT89
9. Electric Rescue
10. GunRose


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Horrorist - Take This Step

Absolute hammer! The 1st single from The Horrorist's next album 'Fire Funmania' that comes out later in 2012. "Take This Step" is a wild slick Techno blood war song. Super crazy! Easy hit! Now add diverse remixes by Pet Duo, Lenny Dee, Mark Hawkins and Brian Burger. Watch the militaristic music video below. Make love, not war!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Technician Helps Paris Hilton As She Makes Her DJ Debut In Brazil

A funny picture for the weekend! Paris Hilton flaunts her decks appeal with a helping hand from a pro, during her first live DJ set.  The socialite, 31, donned sequin headphones and a satin basque to play tunes to a packed crowd in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But she needed help with her knob-twiddling so a technician moved in to work the Pioneer decks for the novice Paris, who was playing at the city's annual Pop Musical Festival. That's right! She was playing shitty Pop music = Avicii, Afrojack, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and all that boring commercial stuff you can only listen on the radio lol.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pleasurekraft Interview 2012

Pleasurekraft Interview 2012 (9:52 minutes)
Pleasurekraft's Kaveh answers questions about his music career after the Space Ibiza Festival Toronto 2012. The DJ was gracious and charming during the whole interview. He believes nobody knows him, and also described his sound genre as Tech House & Techno. 


Desktop Wallpapers For DJs (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Former Kraftwerk Member To Release New Solo Album

Former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos is apparently working on his next full-length solo album since he released 'Communication' in 2003. Bartos was credited with writing Kraftwerk classics like “Computer World,” “Man-Machine” and “Trans-Europe Express.” He performed with the electronic music innovators from 1975 to 1990.

The German record label Bureau B confirmed Bartos’ plans to release the currently untitled album in spring of 2013 followed by a worldwide tour. The label said that Bartos is “In the studio working in high speed on the very last tracks for the album.”

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Simian Mobile Disco - Your Love Ain't Fair

New music video premiere! The Electronica duo have quit monkeying around to flaunt blissful, hypnotic depths we never knew they had! "Your Love Ain't Fair" combines soulful vocals with an electronica soft melody. On the other hand don't get confused with the video below, it may look like Nelly Furtado's "Turn On The Lights", however, it's something totally diferent lol.


Audionite - Feel

Audionite has unveiled the music video for his new single "Feel" which is part of the new  'Adjustment Path' album. In the clip below, you'll see a a charming elderly couple dancing to the downtempo Techno song "Feel". A very relaxing tune for my music taste!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boys Noize Announces His Upcoming Third Album

This fall Boys Noize will present his first ever live show. Introducing his new album to be released worldwide through Boysnoize Records in October 2012. The third album will follow his debut release 'Oi Oi Oi' (2007) and the more recent record 'Power' (2009) that both set the benchmark for accessible Techno music.

On top of this highly extraordinary musical experience there will be an outstanding production which is going to melt brains. After years of touring, it will be the first time that Boys Noize will be staged into the limelight, presenting him perfectly framed in a terminatoresque stage featuring the skull, accompanied by brute visuals and storming lights. An unparalleled show which will top anything you´ve seen from him in the past! Boys Noize will announce further details regarding his next album in the near future.

Watch the video for Boys Noize & Erol Alkan's "Lemonade" below.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

DJ Pierre, Tommie Sunshine & Joost Van Bellen Perform New Acid Tracks In Amsterdam Club Rauw

DJ Pierre, Tommie Sunshine & Joost Van Bellen perform at Rauw Future Acid Weekender 2012. The club's crowd was entertained with good Acid/Techno music! In the video below you can watch the complete live performances of these three fantastic DJs. Get ready to learn what's the real meaning of Techno music! Click here to see the tracklist of the Acid party.

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Strip Steve - Mother Circuit (Original Mix)

While putting final touches on his debut album, Strip Steve is giving us a new track to start the summer right. Tech House "Mother Circuit" track will be a hit pretty soon... Strip Steve's debut album, expected in June 2012!



Friday, June 15, 2012

Nissan Creates The Loudest Mobile DJ Station

Ministry of Sound has teamed up with car maker Nissan to create the world's most powerful mobile sound system. With technical input from Martin Audio, the Juke Box can produce 150db of sound, which makes it louder than a jumbo jet during take-off.  The 18,900W sound system is self-sufficient in terms of power and production. Its integrated radio studio means that anything captured on the system can be later broadcast on the Ministry of Sound digital radio app. The Juke Box can be transformed into a fully-functioning PA system, complete with ambient lighting and a DJ booth.


Rebellious Woman Shows Others How To Dance at Fatboy Slim Gig

Do you recognise this Fatboy Slim fan showing her best dance moves? She was caught on camera busting some moves at the DJ’s Big Beach Bootique 5 event at the weekend. The unknown woman got into the spirit of the gig with some spectacular dancing which made the security guard mad, lol. She was trying to make her way into the Hospitality area and figured dancing might be the answer! Mystery surrounds the identity of the boogie raver, captured on another gig-goer’s phone.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Imaginary Underwater Nightclub In New York City

This is a promo for an underwater nightclub in NYC that doesn’t really exist although the technology is available so it could exist. It is part of an ad campaign created by Thinkmodo for TechnoMarine watches. Yeah! this is to promote an underwater watch. You’ll see the little TechnoMarine logo in various places in this video like on the cups they are drinking from and in the lights on the walls. The video below makes us think an underwater club would be an awesome place to hang out during the summer.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artist Invents An MP3 Player For Your Mouth

 Is this the next step in portable music technology? Or maybe the next big thing in fashion? Probably not. But it is incredibly impractical, and pretty funny. An artist at Parsons The New School for Design in New York has created Play-A-Grill, a jeweled frontpiece for your teeth that actually plays music inside your head. When the music starts, the vibration is strong enough that the music can be heard clearly without the need for headphones. If the sound being played is loud enough, others can even hear it apparently coming out of your teeth. INCREDIBLE!


Monday, June 11, 2012

The History Of The Acid Techno Smiley Face

The smiley face graphic was popularized in the early part of the 70s by two brothers, Bernard and Murray Spain. The Spain brothers seized upon the smiley face graphic in a general novelty selling campaign. Soon the brothers were producing smiley face t-shirts, coffee mugs and even smiley face bumper stickers.

Along with the smiley face image, many of these products carried the tagline ‘Have a happy day’. There were an estimated fifty million smiley face buttons spread throughout the United States by 1972, at which point the smiley face button fad began to fade.

It was in early 1988 that the smiley face exploded into popular culture, and became the primary symbol adopted by the subculture of Acid Techno music enjoyers in the UK. Within no time the smiley face had caught on sweeping the country as the logo of Acid Techno. As the music evolved it went from dream state symbol to a counter culture image for the underground scene and its associated drug ecstasy. Today the digital world uses the smiley extensively featuring many versions in email messages and forum bulletin boards, its use is unlikely to go away any time soon. . . .


Sunday, June 10, 2012

NIVEA FOR MEN TV Commercial Uses Acid House Remix Creatively

The new TV commercial features Acid House music and a cast of key sportsmen from the Euro ’96 England squadgroup of old soccer players who were representing the UK in 1996. Starring Terry Venables, Paul Ince, Les Ferdinand, and David Seaman. The three players are shown shaving in front of the bathroom mirror, while their screams from the discomfort of shaving with sensitive skin are turned into an Acid House remix. It's a hilarious and creative campaign to get Techno lovers to buy NIVEA FOR MEN products! I really like it, how about you?


SCNTST & Audionite Interview 2012

SCNTST & Audionite Interview 2012 (4:26 minutes)
SCNTST & Audionite are two young Techno producers & DJs who play in front of big crowds across all over the world! The video interview above, which is mixed with some live footages will let you know more about them; they talked about their careers & inspirations.  


Blatta & Inesha - Consign To Oblivion (The Sneekers Mix)

Italian stallions, Blatta & Inesha make a most welcome debut on U&A alongside Casino Gold on this insane Future Techno tagteam anthem, "Consign to Oblivion". Techno music for sweaty basements and underground clubbers!



Vampire Rave Club Scene From The 1998 Film Blade

In the video below you'll see one of the best scariest movie intros ever made! Actor Wesley Snipes who plays half human/ half vampire hero named Blade was an icon during the late 90's. The most memorable scene from the saga of the Blade movies, is the vampire rave club scene, which was filmed in an underground club in Europe. So, what's the Techno song that is being played in this scene?

Answer: New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)

Do you want to promote your TECHNO music?
* Here's the solution: http://goo.gl/gYZahg


GunRose - Acid Waves (Original Mix)

GunRose is one of the most innovative Techno projects of Nuno Rosa (from Dezperados, and also known as Pinkboy). Nuno's new project is a mixture of technical skill and experience with the sonic rebellion in electronic music of today.

Under this new name, he takes a visceral approach to both his productions as well as his sets. GunRose is fueled by the good bits of Techno in his latest EP 'Tears Of Pleasure'.


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Avatar Themed Nightclub In South Africa Has Opened Its Doors To The Public

Avatar movie freaks will love the new concept implemented on a nightclub in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. The brand new club, called 'Avastar' got all its design inspired by the Avatar film.   This club looks like a secret land where futuristic mid 22nd century meets state of the art technology. If you get inside the club, you may experience nothing short of an extraterrestrial awaking of the senses. 

Avastar boasts a cafe, two distinctive dance floors, a cigar lounge and a luxurious VIP lounge all set over 2 floors where every step lights your way. So if being treated like a celebrity is your style....A new world awaits.


Monday, June 4, 2012

DJ Power "Fly So High" Video With Machel Montano & Kardinal Offishall Shot In The Islands

Award winning DJ Power has released his official music video to the current dance smash single “Fly So High” with Soca superstar Machel Montano and Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall. The track stays true to Power’s mashup style fusing Dance/House, Soca, and Hip Hop with a pulsating beat, infectious chorus from Machel and fire spitting verse from Kardinal. The video was shot in the beautiful Dutch/French island of St. Maarten/St. Martin as well as Trinidad and Tobago’s amazing beaches and world renowned Carnival.

The video features cameos from Soccer superstar Dwight Yorke and famous cricketeer Brian Lara as well. “We wanted to pick the best locations to bring the feel good high energy vibe of the track to video, and it came out so crazy!”, states DJ Power.

The single has been steadily gaining momentum since being featured on audio company MaxSound’s promotional CD at the 2012 Grammy’s and has been charting on the Top DJ sites worldwide. The video was shot by film company The NE’s director Chris Strikes.  Check out this website for more information about DJ Power www.djpowermusic.com.



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mononoid - Protoplasm [Video]

Somewhere in an isolated cell, in an abandoned research centre lies the frozen mutant body of biological researcher Dr. Drexkiy. The eclectic soundscapes of Mononoid, released by the self-activated Machine, awake Drexskiy and free the ill-fated scientist from the comforts of its embryonic room. A trail of mysterious slimy green fluids on the floor guides it through the bowels of the centre to the heart of the Machine's control room and a luminous marine lab with facilities for experimental protoplasmic analysis.


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Friday, June 1, 2012

Nina Kraviz Is The New Face Of Hugo Boss 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

DJ/Producers make good models but only if they make good music! The gorgeous Russian House & Techno DJ Nina Kraviz has teamed up with Hugo Boss for a new music project entitled 'HUGO Tracks'. Nina will compile her personal playlist in the days to come at the Hugo Boss blog, where fans of the DJ can download her mixes for free. Additionally, she has also become the new face for the 2012 Fall/Winter collection, and she looks wonderful!

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Andrea Casula - Turula

Andrea Casula is an Italian electronic music producer. He started his career as DJ when he was 18, playing in the most important clubs of Torino like La Gare, Templares, Chalet, Millionaire, Patio Club and many others. His newest music video accompanies the underground Techno hit "Turula", which was released last month. After watching this video, I'm wondering if this guy will be the next Carl Cox of Techno music.