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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eytan - After The Rain [Video]

His music has been praised by the likes of rapper Nelly and producer Vince Herbert (Lady Gaga) who also offered to fly Eytan out to LA to work on music. Hailing from NYC, Eytan is one of those rare musicians who put their passion and vision first. This talented artist refuses to compromise his art, embracing an eclectic range of influences to create a tantalizing blend of Israeli Mizrahi and mainstream genres such as RnB and Pop, de facto earning his own unique spot within the American / Israeli music scene.
"After The Rain" is Eytan's first fully written and arranged song. The video portrays the singer fighting and overcoming all the pain. It's clear he has a natural aptitude or skill for art, and he looks stunning on the video clip below.



Harvard Bass & Pilo Made Techno Song About Twerking

Twerking, a portmanteau word of twist and jerk, has infiltrated nearly every aspect of music culture. But it's nothing new. Songs encouraging (or demanding) one to twerk have been around more than two decades. Now it's time for the Techno genre to infiltrate in the world of twerking!
Two greatest Techno DJs Harvard Bass and Pilo have made a track entitled "Twerk Talk", it is part of a 13-track compilation 'Dance Mania' which pays tribute to a Chicago record label of the same name.    
Click play below and listen it, then answer this question:
Would you twerk to a Techno track?

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Horrifying Moment! Women Risk Their Lives Twerking on Subway Tracks

Horrifying Moment Women Risk Their Lives Twerking on Subway Tracks
Two laughing women have been filmed twerking on the New York subway - in path of thundering trains and inches from a 600-volt rail.

Police are investigating the video, in which a male friend can be heard laughing as the tattooed pair in black sweatshirts plead: 'No face! No face!'.
The shocking clip has been viewed more than 50,000 times in the day since it was uploaded to YouTube, prompting outrage on the video sharing site.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Audion - Motormouth

As Audion, Matthew Dear made some of last decade's most enduring Techno tracks. But he's also made his share of clunkers. After all, when you go for broke, you usually end up in triumph or flat down on your face. Having spent a few years refining his Bowie-esque rock star persona, Dear is reviving his Techno alias, with "Motormouth" as the appetizer ahead of a retrospective compilation and a new album next year.



Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Straight Gatsby Remix)

Straight Gatsby, an electronic music duo made up of members Jack Henry and Gianluc have just released their second Jaw dropping remix. This time taking on Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble". The song packs their signature poppy EDM sound with a massive fun drop. Straight Gatsby's unique sound and massive drops are setting them up to be one of the rising EDM acts of 2014. You can download the track at their SoundCloud page.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Cihan Mareno Turns Misery Into Mastery With Amazing Tracks

After a rough year and dealing with unfortunate medical issues, talented underground artist CIHAN MARENO proudly presents a host of exciting new projects. Hospitalized twice for heart problems, Cihan made a remarkable recovery and is now fully focused on his career and music. The LOCAL 092 EP is out now on KAAPRO RECORDS and contains 3 original tracks and 2 additional remixes by the likes of Youri Donatz and Markomas. November 26th will see the release of BALANCE on Tulipe Records.
After a testing period in his life, Cihan was feeling overwhelmed with emotions and it was time to express himself through musical effort.
Cihan Mareno: “There's an interesting story to LOCAL 092. When I finally had time to get in studio this year, my Spanish neighbour came by to visit. He drops by sometimes in my home studio to hang out and talk about everyday things. So after some nice talk, I keep working as he is there. He was looking at my work flow and expressed how much he enjoyed the sound. I smiled and said "I am really just testing new stuff." The name 'Local 092' came from my Spanish neighbour. He reminded me of everything that happened with me this year, all of the troubling events -- especially the time at the hospital, and I wanted to express all that, so 'Local 092' was born. The name is known in Spain for emergency calls.”
Earlier, Cihan Mareno had a very successful release on Kaapro Records: ELLE. The remix by HOLLEN reached the top 10 on Traxsource.com and became a favorite with Richie Hawtin who played it consistently at his gigs on Ibiza. Kaapro, owned by Mareno's good friend Youri Donatz has seen much support in recent years from artists like Dubfire, Locodice, Marco Carola and Carlo Lio.
The forthcoming release BALANCE includes remixes by JUST2, Alessan Main and Adrian C. These young talents each are very successful with several charting releases in the Beatport Top 100. Balance got the attention of Daniele Kama, the owner of Tulipe Records and an artist at Inside Sense. So, they decided to release it. Tulipe means energy, and it is upon this idea that the label was born; a platform aimed to produce sound that gives a good feeling on and off the dance floor. Sensations focused on the same target: Positive Energy. If a flower has the power to bring love, then music can do the same.
2014 will see the launch of Mareno's new label ELLA UNIQUE, and secondly, he runs the agency INSIDE SENSE Furthermore, Mareno is looking forward to a highly anticipated gig at Istanbul's ON ISTANBUL nightclub. One of the best nightclubs Turkey has to offer.
Cihan Mareno started making music at a very young age. His dad had some records from Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, George Michael, and the young Mareno grew up with it. One day Mareno saw people dancing on TV in a place surrounded by some red, blue and green lights. He was amazed by what he saw. So he asked his mother to get him the same lights but she did not buy them. Yet, a friend from school who was also a 'MacGyver' said he had invented something… And indeed, he created a disco light system. The young Mareno was so happy! He took it home and began to play Disco music in his bedroom. In his high school years, Mareno became more fascinated by the DJ phenomenon and wanted to become a professional himself.
One day, a friend of Mareno said "Cihan, come and play at my uncle's club.” But Cihan was scared to play at only 17 years old. Normally you cannot enter a club legally until 18! After giving it a thought, Mareno said "Yes." And ever since his DJ career took off.
Then when Mareno went to the Love Parade in Berlin with his best friend, he started to create a deep passion for Techno. Mareno began to produce Tech House and Techno and when his first track was released, he got such good feedback and respect for his music, it led to many bookings worldwide.

Follow Cihan Mareno on Facebook & Twitter.

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DJ Ron Benjamin - Awesome (Sounds of Berlin)

DJ Ron Benjamin is back with a brand new tune. Ron has a long and illustrious career in NYC Techno. His years of experience not only shows in his sculptured releases, but also in the clubs he has worked with over these years.

"Awesome" is tough, main-room Techno. Pulsing sub-bass sits beneath circling synth stabs. It's an intense 7-minute workout.




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DJ Deka - Mind Expander [Remixes by Axel Karakasis, Andy Notalez]

Great DJ Deka has been in the Techno scene for so long that it was obvious for us to have him on the Electro WOW blog! Percussions and drums has always been his specialty. He is perhaps best known for his legendary label Coraza Recordings.

Yellow Recordings are very proud to release a strong original track from him!

First remix is from the label owner Andy Notalez. He continues with his dark tough power as he often does!

Last but not least, they've finally managed to get a really fancy visit!

Axel Karakasis need no closer presentation. He lines up with his remix of the highest quality, perfect sound for Yellow Recordings. They are very excited to have him on the label!

Here's a taste of the Axel Karakasis Remix.


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Greg Fenton 'Closer' EP Review

Mad Hatter White's forthcoming release sees Manchester DJ Greg Fenton deliver three equally vibrant productions for your listening pleasure. First up is the EP’s title track, "Closer" which we hope you will agree is all about peak-time play with its sassy basslines, uplifting piano and soulful vocal twist.

Next comes the stripped down version by Beatmode giving the track a tougher edge while highlighting the tribal drums and brooding bass for those that like it just like that.

Complimenting it all are the deep, pulsating rhythms plus haunting vocals of "FAST FWD" which are perfect for those late night moments.

And finally it’s down to, "Dot Dash" to return to moodier atmosphere’s as twisted voices collide with dark basslines to produce the desired effect.

Early support from Graeme Park,Nick Warren,Yousef,ATFC,Tensnake,Grant Nelson,Richy Amhed & More.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

GetPaid2Switch.com Song | Make Money Online

Below you can listen a Rap song about the New Energy Deregulation Revolution! And the message of the video is really a good news to people who are struggling for some extra cash. It works 100%!



Friday, November 22, 2013

Wedding Guests Shot Dead While Dancing To Gangnam Style

A wedding in Yemen became a scene of carnage when a reveller dancing to Gangnam Style shot dead at least three people after apparently losing control of his AK-47.

Horrific footage of the incident has emerged showing a group of guests performing the moves to the hit song by South Korean EDM star Psy. Among them is one man waving his assault rifle as he gyrates on the dancefloor while others look on.
Watch this terrible incident below! Weapons are so dangerous . . .


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Boys Noize & Housemeister - 1988

Boys Noize uploaded his new Techno track in collaboration with Housemeister, entitled "1988", to be released soon in the 'Dance Mania' compilation. This track is a tribute to those crazy times of the late 80s's where the world of music wasn't too dark like today!

Enjoy it and dance :) 

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Out Now! Oelki's 'Roadrunning' on Uncoiled Loops

Like smooth lava flow, Oelki's tracks are glowing and warm, the constant thump is like a heart beat of the earth. In the club, this will tickle your ears and the bass kick your chest while you move in the darkness until light.
Hailing from Germany, Oelki has been producing Techno/Microhouse for only 3 years and has created these 6 most remarkable tracks for this collection. You need to hear this to believe it.

Stream new album here ↓

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

David DavilA Rises EDM In San Antonio,TX With Electro EP

San Antonio, TX up and comer, David DavilA has been building a new name for himself within the Electronic Dance Music Scene. With his big room sounds and crazy melodic drops, you will definitely find yourself up on your feet and feeling the epic vibes throughout his music.

With his inspiring remixes for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Calvin Harris etc. He feels it’s the right time to release his first Electro EP album called 'Viable'.

With almost hitting 100k plays on Soundcloud, David DavilA is making his EP free for download as a “Thank You” for all the support that he has gotten throughout his journey.
Be sure check out his latest music on Soundcloud for new remixes, mashups, and originals.
'Viable' EP releases December 30, 2013 as a free download.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

World's Hottest Female DJ→DJ Rhiannon

DJ Rhiannon just release her newest video for a song called "Straight Jacket". Make sure you check out her upcoming tour dates for her DJ sets!

There's no doubt, she's an outstanding female DJ.
Subscribe for more crazy videos on DJ Rhiannon's YouTube channel ↓

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Felix Da Housecat Tries His Hands at Techno

Churning abrasive synth work against a collage of crash cymbals, head-knocking kicks and relentless snares make up the body of "Silence". The brand new single of Felix Da Housecat is a pretty interesting Techno song. We all know he is not used to play this genre, but it seems that he is a versatile producer. The new track is now available on Beatport, and it's clear he is not only the champion of House music! I hope you can preview this tune below.

On the other hand, Felix Da Housecat has recently announced a new radio show, 'Chicago Blakkout!' Representing the best in both upfront and classic EDM and accessible every Friday via iTunes.

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Another EDM Blog?

Well, not exactly. If you ask a lot of people, Deep House may not fall within the confines of the rising EDM craze. Make It Deep has stepped up to the challenge of informing deep house patrons about the newest music, mixes, events, festivals and gossip around the globe. There has most certainly been a rise in interest in what we now call Deep House. No longer are the days of Jackin' and Soulful Deep House music (although we still got love for it). The new wave of Deep House has given rise to Bristol bass and brought back to life many elements of long forgotten garage. It seems that Make It Deep has tapped into the heart of the Deep House resurgence and will continue to be a great sources for house heads who like it deep.

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Vin Deca Releases Brand New Single "Angel Talk"

Earning a living as a songwriter/composer, producer and mix engineer in Germany, since 2002, the luxury of confining only to one genre or style of music has not been a very affordable one for Mbachi Halle aka Vin Deca.
The magic of starting with a bass drum, a melody, or sometimes even just a hi-hat, and ending up with a massive, colorful and dynamic world, that energizes feet and bodies are the best words to decribe his new album 'Electro Positive'.
The promotional single "Angel Talk" is a vibrant song that might be one of his best productions yet. Watch the music video below, and enjoy a FREE MP3 of his ultimate dance anthem.


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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DJEDJOTRONIC Epic Boiler Room Set

Everyone knows that DJEDJOTRONIC is a fantastic and very creative DJ/Producer, in case you don’t, just check his epic Boiler Room set where he gets down while playing like nothing you’ve ever seen before. He has win many admirers within the Techno scene, and personally, I love his unique style!

Watch him DJing in Paris, below! The set includes exclusive tracks from Strip Steve / Maelstrom / Scntst and more ...
1. Audio Tech - Darkside (Vocal Remix)
2. Jon Convex - Losing Time
3. SCNTST - Change Dat Tape
4. Dopplereffekt - Superior Race
5. -
6. Boddika - Black
7. Djedjotronic - Abyssal Zone
8. Furfriend - Geck
9. -
10. Djedjotronic - Junkbox
11. ID (Classic)
12. Truncate - Modify
13. -
14. Matrixxman featuring Mykki Blanco - God Created The Beat (Apocalypse Now)
15. Tessela - Gateway
16. Shadow Dancer - Unspeakable Things (JoeFarr Remix)

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Azari & III To Split Up After 5 Years

Azari & III, one of my favorite music groups are splitting up after 5 years, it has been announced!
In a statement posted by Alphonse Alixander Lanza III to his Facebook account he said → "The art project known as AZARI & III has done its work, run its course and is, for all intents and purposes, a momentary blip in time."

Although no official post has been made to the band's Facebook it seems pretty concrete that the band are no longer working together.
These guys always got my full support on my blog and I loved their music! I just wish they can reconsider again this wrong decision.
Watch Azari & III's performance for "Hungry For The Power" below.

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A Funny, Upbeat Song We Can All Relate To Called “Texting, Talking, Checking Mail” – By The BrothersP

"Texting, Talking, Checking Mail" a new song and video release by the BrothersP.
The song turned out to be a fun story with a great country feel to it. As each track was completed they realized they were achieving what they set out to do, to create a song that could make people smile, laugh and move to a country beat.
I believe they've created a fun experience and I'm hoping everyone who listens to it has as much fun with it as I did. 
Check it out on YouTube or take a look below.

Get more updates about BrothersP on Facebook & Twitter.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Albzzy's Back With A Brand New Remix

AlbzzyAfter a short break, Albzzy is back with a brand new remix of Hook N Sling & Chris Willis'  "Magnet". With an atmospherical build up, the track drops into a quick lead-line with a rolling bassline that keeps you on your toes. The remix racked up 1,000 listens on its first week of release and is still gaining attention. The remix was been entered in the Spinnin' Records talent pool and managed to break the Top 100 in just a few hours, and has also been entered in the official remix competition hosted by Talenthouse. So make sure you get your vote in when voting becomes available.
Looks like Albzzy is back with a promising start!

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Sound Strider 'Intrepid Travels' EP Review

Sound Strider produces a unique melange of haute sonique from only the finest waveforms, hand picked from the data forests and lovingly blended with precision and flair. From organic analog body grinders to intricate digital brain busters his spectral alchemy conjures up outlandish aural landscapes laced with hypnotic polyrhythms.

'Intrepid Travels' is the name of his latest EP and this is a mere example of innovative sound design. Out-stand tracks and futuristic break-downs form a fusion of interesting sounds that seem to be from another planet.

Fans of IDM, Glitch Hop, Psybient and Techno music will love all these bass anthems. Each track from the EP will give you a tour through the to the depths of the cosmos. I'm happy to see this style of music gaining more popularity.

Read my track-by-track review below.
1. The Stakes The first track has a cool vintage NASA countdown which is creatively mixed with wobbly, breaks and more fun sound effects.

2. Menlo Park  This song will create a futuristic atmosphere in your room! It features a hypnotic downtempo vibe too.

3.  Childhood's End It's a little bit dark than the other songs and you'll noticed a repetitive synth-bell sound that will make you trascend your mind!

4. Limit? A very interesting track, I love when it reaches the climax, it will surely get your heart beating.

5. Betoniere The last track from the EP sounds more Industrial/Techno, and it's cool!

Finally, I am impressed to know different styles of music that we can discover today. Listening to Sound Strider's 'Intrepid Travels' EP made me feel like if I was in the future. He's such a talented and creative artist and of course making all these sounds is not an easy task. Much respect to him!

Check out Sound Strider's new video "Prometheus" a track he collaborated on with Miriam Waks.

Don't forget to follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

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Blured - Life And Bad Girls

Cardiff based producer, Bradley Albertides, releases music under the titles Blured and Bluredism, delivering forward-thinking Techno, full of grit and delicate intricacies. The new single "Life And Bad Girls", is a dance-floor orientated Techno track employing hooky organ stabs, cosseting pads and call and response vocal snippets. Blured plays on subtle nuances to these fundamental elements throughout the tracks seven-minute duration to create an hypnotic, peak-time record.




Sunday, November 17, 2013

DJEDJOTRONIC - Abyssal Zone [Video]

New music video by DJEDJOTRONIC, it was directed by Adrien Cothier. It looks like a short psychological thriller movie filmed in New York City at night. The magnificent track "Abyssal Zone" keeps the classic Techno sound of the drum machines, the same drum sounds that have been in electronic music since the beginning. This video was actually released a month ago. Anyways, I thought it would be cool to share it with you!

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Pilo - Ghettocoder

The young prodigy Pilo, has been hitting the music scene fast with releases on Turbo Recordings and Boysnoize Records. Praises from producers like Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Dave Clark, Tiga to Jackmaster, Pilo has been on everyone’s minds and mixers for the past few months. His way of underground Techno has pulsed through the Los Angeles music scene, he stands for an exciting and upcoming US Techno scene. 'FOR THE HOOD IN YOU'  is the name of his latest EP. The song I'm loving now is "Ghettocoder". 

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Flow Zen Unites EDM Fans With 'Together Again' EP

FLOW ZEN, by origins a Dubstep producer, surprises the industry with a new 5 tracker EP where he merges various styles of bass driven EDM. The title track – and first single – is TOGETHER AGAIN - an upbeat, high energy, and melodic Progressive House track that features Flow Zen's longtime friend, JENNY D, on vocals. The idea for the 'Together Again' EP came from experiences at various big timer EDM festivals.
Flow Zen: “I wanted the EP to express the feelings my friends and I felt at these shows. Not only were they amazing experiences to hear great music from our favorite artists, but my friends and I live all over the world now, so these kinds of events provide the chance to bring us all together. We simply can’t be the only people experiencing that. So the Together Again EP as a whole – and the first single, Together Again - represents that feeling of being reunited and sharing a special moment with the friends and people you truly care about.”
www.flowzen.netFLOW ZEN has a rich musical history. Together with his musical partner Aki Shimo (Kuga), they form the Hip Hop crew NjS. Both grew up together in San Francisco, and the bay area was – and still is – predominantly a Hip Hop scene. While on a high school graduation trip to Japan in July of 2007, Flow Zen and Aki decided to buy some cheap equipment and to try out rapping and recording. They started producing bilingual Japanese/English Hip Hop and were able to perform all over Tokyo, Japan for the next five years.
Flow Zen's introduction to EDM happened when he went down to the University of California, Irvine for college. He soon found out that he had left the Hip Hop dominant Northern California for the EDM minded Southern California. Still a Hip Hop guy at heart, he finally gave in when one of his friends came over one day in early 2009 and showed him a Dubstep track. From that point on, he knew it was something to explore further. After experiencing EDC 2009, he ultimately initiated the shift towards EDM production.
Flow Zen's previous solo release KILLER DJ on the Dirt, Lies and Audio Black label is an upbeat Glitch/Dubstep/ Electro-House banger which had a good amount of success. His track "Why" (Original Mix), as well as two songs by NjS were semifinalists (top 9% out of over 20,000 entries) at the International Songwriting Competition in 2012-2013. Also, the track '25th Century Funk' was a finalist (top 5 in Dance/Electronica category) in the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards in 2013.

Flow Zen: “Some people think it’s funny that I’m part of a Hip Hop duo that has a really Jazz influenced sound – think Nujabes – and that I also make electronic music since they appear to be polar opposites. One’s natural and one’s very artificial. But I don’t think I could ever choose one or the other. I’m a music artist, not a genre-specific artist. Genres are for the constrained. I do the types of music that I enjoy, even if they aren’t anything alike.”
The EP clearly shows his diversity. Next to TOGETHER AGAIN, we find three more original tracks. ROCK THE HOUSE is a funk-influenced Glitch-Hop/Dubstep track featuring Flow Zen as a rapper. FALLING DOWN is a melodic vocal Dubstep track with Flow Zen on vocals. BEAT ON YA is a heavy Drumstep/Drum & Bass track. It starts off kind of funky and then drops hard. The closing track of the EP is the radio edit of TOGETHER AGAIN.

Flow Zen free downloads - FREE MP3s ↓

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Abstract Soul Music from Siquoyia Blue

Check out Siquoyia Blue a new artist with soul!

Abstract Soul is a new genre of music with an eclectic feel!

Siquoyia's first album, entitled 'Limitless' is available on Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc ...

Get more updates about this wonderful singer. She has an outstanding vocal range!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Google Glass Specs To Feature Music Streaming

Google's new Glass eyewear will allow users to download and listen to music, the company has revealed! The augmented-reality gadget, which uses voice commands to flash up information on a tiny screen and take pictures and videos on a pin camera, has been reconfigured to recognise the words "listen to".
Users will be able to search for songs and scan through saved playlists. Tracks from Google Play, the online media and apps store, are then streamed through the newly-launched Glass Earbuds, which plug into the headset and feature interchangeable coloured caps.


Disco Legend Giorgio Moroder Planning Vegas Residency

Disco Legend Giorgio Moroder has revealed plans for his own residency in Las Vegas.
The show will be called as A Night With Giorgio Moroder, a recreation of Studio 54, a Disco-inspired theme party that will start in Las Vegas. It will feature famous DJs, and dancers in a cage!
Also he is hoping to expand the show into a franchise in the future to the UK & China.  
Moroder teamed up with Daft Punk earlier this year, producing 'Random Access Memories' track 'Giorgio By Moroder' and he recently hosted a talk and performed in London as part of LEAF Festival.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nico Blu Entertainment & Freeazy Free Presents Higher Heights Mixtape

Higher Heights mixtape is a promotional mixtape presented by Nico Blu Entertainment & Freeazy Free and hosted by Dominique Le Blu.

Mixtape will be available for download on MyMixtapez app 11.12.2013

website www.NicoBluMiami.com
 The single on the mixtape is Freeazy Free-60 Grand feat. Le Blu ↓


Monday, November 11, 2013

DJ Ron Benjamin Live at Club Opal 11/1/2013

Who wants to start the week with Techno? Everybody! Turn up the volume and feel the beat of this enjoyable mixtape by our friend DJ Ron Benjamin. It's a banging 35 minutes' Techno session with much liked tracks at the moment.

This time Ron has decided to use uplifting/happy tunes instead of the typical dark Techno songs. It's danceable and I love it!
In order to listen more from DJ Ron Benjamin, tagged as "The #1 DJ from New York" visit his SoundCloud page.
Send all your Techno promos to him at the following e-mail:

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Franky Demon 'Blood Diamond' Album Review

www.franky-demon.comFranky Demon is the music project by Frank K. It was founded in 2010. This year he signed a deal at Underground Label NRT-Records.

On September 2013 his EP 'Engel der Zeit' and Compilation Album 'Blood Diamonds' was released.

Franky is a talented musician. All the tracks were written and composed by himself. In some songs he provides his vocals and some other tunes got female vocals from a singer named Lillith.

This is the first time I will review a Gothic artist's album but the cool thing is that it is merged with Electro, Future-pop, and Darkwave music.
Read this track-by-track review of 'Blood Diamond' something different that you might love to know a little bit more.
1 . Blood Diamonds  A nice instrumental piano melody is combined with a traditional metal guitar solo. This is a slow tune that serves as an intro.
2. Engel der Zeit This sounds very similar to the first track but it includes the vocals of Franky. You'll noticed at the middle of the song that it turns into a a progressive/electronica song with fine female vocals by Lillith.  
3. Dunkle Pfade This is of course a German artist and most of his songs are sung in this language, but I'm surprised that on this track he creates a wonderful soft melody and he adds the "extra" part, which are his dark/gloomy vocals.
4. Meine Königin Somehow his music reminds me of the popular band Rammstein, however the difference is that Franky Demon doesn't create too loud music and makes the song enjoyable for our ears. This track is a good example of it.
5. Engel der Zeit (Extended) Nothing different just a little bit more longer than the original. I love Lillith's vocals!
6. Blut This track features symphonic synths, laughs and a dance/electronica beat. Tenebrous vocals by Franky is what gives this song an original touch of creativity.
7. Traene aus Blut Translated into English this means Tears Of Blood, It's an emotional song, I like how Franky sings differently on this track  and I would describe it with one word as "beautiful".
8 . Graveyard Tales (Demo-Nized Intro) Here's another instrumental metal guitar solo track from the 'Blood Diamond' album, however this sounds like Ludwig van Beethoven in a modern way!
9 . Demon's Dance This caught my attention from the start, especially the solid guitar lines!
10 . Tombstone This track is powerful and heavy, but I like its well composed melody.
11 . Demons Call A church organ is what you'll listen at the very beginning of the track but afterall its tempo changes 180 degrees into a bombastic power metal song.
12 . Half Moon Just relax, this song will cause the chills effect on you!
13 . Obscuria Nice classical music composition mixed with Darkwave elements. It's a like an action movie theme.
14. Tribute to the Troops I really liked the militaresque drums, as it makes justice to the name of the song. Again this is another song that I found very beautiful and it sounds totally different than the rest of the tunes from this album.
15. Memorian The last track and the perfect song to mark th end of a well produced album. Franky Demon is of course talented and versatile and I bet you'll be his new fan!


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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Soul Siren Teni Unveils Sultry New Video For “Your Love Is The Key”

Comparisons to the great Sade Adu aside, singer and composer TENI is an African star in her own right, with the likes of Afrobeat co-creator Tony Allen, the BBC and original Rock bible NME counted as huge fans of hers. Her latest single “Your Love Is The Key” is a stunning and sensual number which sees the eclectic musician match her sultry captivating vocals to a slow-burning Afrobeat-infused groove-filled dance milieu, to stunning effects.
Shot in Labadi Beach in Accra, Ghana, the visuals for “Your Love Is The Key” is a simple, natural and ethereal experience which not only accentuates the sultry uniqueness of the single but also pays homage to early 80’s photo-cinema and music. In full diva mode, Teni is glorious as she channels her sensuality and shows off her beautiful African silhouette - rendering her viewer in awe and fully spellbound.
Her debut album Afrodisiac has been described as a timeless, soulful jazz and afrobeat inspired classic and Teni is set to revolutionize music with a truly epic new sound.

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Daft Punk Ride Bicycle In Amsterdam Ahead Of MTV EMAs

Daft Punk have been photographed together in Amsterdam ahead of tonight's (November 10) MTV European Music Awards 2013. The "Get Lucky" duo are nominated for 'Best Electronic Act' and 'Best Song' at this year's EMAs ceremony, which is taking place at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome.

I wish them very good luck, and I hope they win cos they're today's best dance msuic commercial act.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Electronical Reeds, Three Years Of Quality Music!

Electronical Reeds, Three Years Of Quality Music!The Brussels-based label Electronical Reeds celebrates its 3 years. With a well-established and jam-packed background, the label aims to mark this occasion with a special release. Not just a simple compilation, this label album imprints the sincere vision of today's electronic music by Electronical Reeds and its artists. The open-minded and patient work of label management and passionate work of artists allowed Electronical Reeds to rise to a new level achieving current musical variety and quality of its catalogue. This latter is reflected by radio broadcasts in more than 65 countries around the world, and support by some of the world’s biggest DJs including Sasha, Sebastien Leger, Laurent Garnier, Stephan Bodzin, Derrick May, Agoria, Maceo Plex, Nic Fanciulli, Nick Warren, Dave Clarke, John Digweed,...
The album opens with the subtle and bewitched Catalunya composed by the two Hamburg-based producers, Pazul & Deepling. They immerse us in their universe of mild deep house where sensitivity meets a melancholic feel. The Brussels-based artist TMP brings us on a path of African sounds from Mali and Morocco. On those tribal sounds and synth tabs, a deep vocal sample completes the track.
As implied by the title, Meet You is the first collaboration between the well-known French producer Max Duke and the Belgian singer Mat Vega. Between Mat Vega’s high-pitched voice and the Max Duke’s piano melody, a Deep House anthem is draws itself with each note.
The following two tracks are produced by two newcomers on Electronical Reeds. O-Live, who released Past Futre last May, and O.D.Math’s, who did a remix on this mentioned EP, offer two energetic and powerful House tracks. Bring It Back presents a groovy and funky bassline while In My Head is a bit more melodic.
The sixth track was composed by one of the Electronical Reeds’ headliners, Felix Cage. After seven EPs, the success story between the artist and the label continues. With a track name like Visionnaire (visionary), there is something prescient about the upcoming projects. This production reflects the subtle musical richness and melancholic groove tat Felix Cage instills in his different works.
Going deeper in the release we discover U.S.E., a collaboration between a well-known artist and close friend of the label Pole Folder and the Icelandic singer Simon Latham. Oscillating between Deep and Progressive House, the track offers a dreamy and hypnotic 8- minutes journey filled with sparkles of emotions.
After the emotional build up with U.S.E. we are back on the dancefloor with a House track courtesy of Belgian Lex Newton. Camden reminds to every electronic music lovers the early days of House Music with a groovy bassline inspired by the classic anthems of the 90’s. This approach continues with Brussels-based Superdrums and his funky You Snooze You Looze. Both are clearly dancefloor killers.
The Parisian artist DJ Kaine held on to his Dub universe through his track What Do You Want Me To Say. This later is a perfect springboard to introduce Yann & Tristan’s title Barthroom Strangler a powerful techno detour of this release clearly aimed at those inspired by the atmosphere of Laurent Garnier’s set.
Before closing the release with another Parisian producer Ephti and his track P.A.M. that unites Electronica and Techno, the album welcomes the Berlin artist Marquez Ill, under his alias Arquette with his 7-minutes powerful Tech House bomb!
Those 13 tracks of the anniversary label album consolidate the foundation that Electronical Reeds has been patiently building over the past 3 years that will serve as a new standard for the upcoming projects and strengthens the will of having a real open-minded approach of the Electronic Music.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ultimate Music Downloader - Perfect Android App for Downloading Free Music!

Ultimate Music Downloader – Android App Review
UMD (Ultimate Music Downloader) is a really simple android app that makes downloading and organizing music hassle free. It uses free public search engines to find music for you which you can then stream and download from your Android phone.
With built-in music player, it is easy to play the downloaded songs. The app boasts features such as library, play lists and a very powerful search. No matter what sort of song or music is searched, the app tries its best before coming up with a no. It is really stubborn at trying to find the music you want to listen.
Developers of the app claim that the classy neon-green looks of the app is there for music lovers who walk with the beat. Users are not limited to the default display theme. They can easily download new themes or customize the default with their own choice of colors.
The app also shows music charts and billboards which allows single-click downloading of the latest and highest rated songs.
All in all this app does a good job of providing the user a painless experience in downloading their favorite music and organizing it on their cell phone.
Here is a link to the Ultimate Music Downloader Android App.



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bassrock Drops Debut EP On Brand New Hammarica Label

HAMMARICA proudly started its new record label with the release of the BEACHHEAD EP by BASSROCK. Bassrock is a highly talented EDM artist from Hammarica's home base of Seattle, WA USA. As a multi talent he produces a wide variety of styles, but he feels most at home with BIG ROOM productions, of which the BEACHHEAD EP is a prime example. Four stunning tracks which are supported by industry leaders such as Joachim Garraud (David Guetta co-producer), Morgan Page, Lee Dagger and DJ Antoine among many others.
BASSROCK: "Riptide and Undertow are the reason for the name of the EP. I have no idea why, I'd been researching those two words and thought they'd be cool Ideas for tracks. The break of Riptide feels very aquatic to me, especially with the backing piano, very atmospheric. The track has gotten massive local support so far, can't wait to hear what the world thinks! Undertow is Big Room House with a bit of progressive, the bassline was very resonant and electric, the kind of stuff Firebeatz does (think "Don't Blame the Party"), It's one of my favorite tracks to drop. I don't think anyone knows, but Rose and Xenophobe are actually tracks I wrote for girls I was in love with. Rose was for a girl who I'd bought a rose for, the first girl I actually ever bought flowers for. Xenophobe was for a girl I'm hoping to start seeing soon here, I chose the name because she's different from other girls, in a good way, which actually makes that name ironic (Xenophobia is fear of outsiders, or people who are different). Both Rose and Xenophobe are Progressive, and very melodic."
Earlier this year BASSROCK already had big success with his remix of TROY D's THE NIGHT. This track became a favorite on House.net which reviewed it as follows.
House.net: "This track is undoubtedly as big as they come, and this has everything that big DJs around the world crave. Everything about this mix is so spot on, from the drop to the vocals to the incredible chords in the breakdown. There’s nothing to hate about this one, and this is going to make a lot of people dance very hard. When it comes to free tracks, this right here is the holy grail. So well done."

Since House.net gave Bassrock a lot of support, it was decided to give out another free track by the name of ROCK TO THE RHYTHM to accompany the release of the EP.

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'The Origins' New EP Deep/Tech House ANTONIO MARCIANO - Infinity Label

Out now on Beatport!
Included two remixes by Danilo Vigorito and Francesco Mentissi.

ANTONIO MARCIANO Italian DJ/Producer was born in Torino (Italy) class 1970 old school . He discovered his passion for music attending the worst underground club of naples in the 90's when in Naples is born the Techno movement that today has pioneers of electronic music in the world.

He began playing with vinyl in many events in Italy and abroad. In console with many international artists, played in London, Ibiza, Barcelona (off Sonar). Now he's a DJ/Producer affirmed of the scene Minimal House - Deep - Tech House.

Marciano loves music in all its layers, from Minimal to Techno his sound is always exciting.

Owner of a project started a year ago with live musicians that aims to making electronic music in several ways "Beatground Project". his latest production produced by Infinity label 'The Origins' is supplemented by a remix of Danilo Vigorito out on Beatport 4th november, 2013.

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