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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tiesto Interview 2010

Tiesto Interview 2010 (3:06 minutes)


Monday, March 29, 2010

Kelis- Acapella

In this video Kelis plays the role of a goddess or female deity, who travels in time and space to enigmatic locations. The video is visually amazing and original, it was directed by John Wadell & Chris Cottam. "Acapella" was produced by David Guetta.


Electro House / History /

Electro house is a fusion genre of house music and electroclash, that came into prominence in the 2000 decade. Stylistically, it combines the minimal-processed four to the floor beats commonly found in house music with harmonically rich analogue or digital basslines, abrasive high-pitched leads and the occasional vocal tone, piano or string riff. The tempo of electro house ranges approximately from 120 to 135 bpm.

The premises of electro house are thought to have originated from the fusion of tech house and electroclash in the early 2000s. By 2004, a subgenre known as electrotech became popular in some parts of Europe (Italy, Germany and Austria), from where it has spread to France and the UK in 2005, before eventually reaching North America and the rest of the world in 2009. Electro house is often shortened to "electro" in informal speak. Electro House has many subgenres, my favourite one is Electro Disco.

Benny Benassi was the first DJ to have directly experimented with Electro House music in 2004, his succesful single "Satisfaction" is agood example of this music genre. Other famous DJs of the classic Electro House scene were Global Deejays, Royal Gigolos, Vinylshakerz, and Mylo. Princess Superstar & Luciana Caporaso were the first female singers to provide vocals to Electro House songs. In the present day, African American singers such as Akon, Will.i.am, Kid Cudi and Kelis are starting to work with Electro House producers, like David Guetta, who won a Grammy last year.


Dgtlmonkey- The Land Of Dirty Beats And Bananas [REVIEW]

Last week, the postman rang my bell and I got Dgtlmonkey`s debut album called "The Land Of Dirty Beats And Bananas". The disc has 10 tracks full of experimental Electro music. When I played it on my boombox, I thought I was listening the soundtrack of a science fiction film. Minutes later, I realized this is the type of music Mr. Oizo, Justice, Boys Noize actually produce. I´m sure there are people who like to listen a variety of mixed sounds integrated in one single track, although it may sound noisy. In my own personal opinion, I believe this is not ideal for clubs, however this type of music will sound great in small bars; I have to recognize that the future of music is going to sound someday like Dgtlmonkey. I have three favourite songs:

Where Are You Now
The song reminds me of a French DJ called Tom Snare. Yeah, it sounds a little bit like "Philosophy" and it could  be a great debut single.

Always Never It`s like a chillout song, which sounds a little bit like Daft Punk, just listen the rhythm and relax your muscles :-)

Funky Monkey Funny mokey sounds + funky danceable beats, I felt like if I was inside a jungle lol.