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Monday, March 31, 2014

NHB & Pascal Nuzzo - Shoreline

NHB can be considered one the of best recent revelation in the Techno scene, where they found a place thanks to along experience that lies in the late rave underground movement of the 90's. These guys have collaborated with Pascal Nuzzo, and together have created "Shoreline" a 130 BPM Techno monster!!! 


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Science Reveals The Sexiest Dance Moves!

Finally, science has found a worthwhile use for evolutionary biology. As everyone knows, dancing ability is one of the most important ways of attracting a mate – but which dance moves are the most likely to catch the eye of the female of the species? Does the Melbourne Shuffle lead to bedroom scuffles? Will fist-pumping get ladies’ hearts thumping? Fortunately, a team of scientists from the UK’s Northumbria University devised an experiment to identify the “the characteristics of attractive dance”.

The scientists had a group of 30 men dance to a drum beat and recorded their shape-throwing with sophisticated cameras. They then animated each dancer as a gender-neutral avatar and played the dancing avatars to women, who rated the dancers. 

This is what a bad dancer looks like, according to the study:

And here's an example of a sexy dancer:


Sluggers - Turbo Fade [Video]

Sluggers - the newest Techno project to emerge from USA, watch the latest videoclip "Turbo Fade", creepy visuals featuring freak cyborg creatures constructed of miscellaneous human and mechanical parts. It's all about machine gun vocal samples and hi hats. . . Directed by Niko Javan. This is pure gold! 

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Very Slow Music... By Purcell

Purcell could be the first musician on Earth to set a new trend. This unique artist creates very slow music "literally". 

He has dare to challenge the music industry with something very original and extremely passive.

If you want to chill out with a very slow tempo song entitled "Cease, O My Sad Soul" then this experimental tune is just perfect for you!  

During the music process, Purcell basically hold each chord until it feels like the right time to move on to the next one. The homophony texture was also essential on this track.

You'll love the way frequencies cause beats!  


So Says Paul Oakenfold - "Trance Music Is Having A Resurgence In America"

As one of the founding fathers of Trance, Paul Oakenfold has proven to be a dance innovator for over 20 years, influencing the masses' conception of electronic music and contributing to the popular acceptance of the DJ as a legitimate artist.

In a recent interview, at the Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week, the legendary producer gave an important statement.

"Trance is definitely having a resurgence in America. Miami is a great city to see it happening. The Winter Music Conference you have over here is great for this. It's been there for many, many years. It's an important event on the calendar. There's a lot of DJs who attend it. A lot of DJs who do their own parties, showcasing all their new music and the talent that's affiliated with it. It's going strong. I mean, it's probably the longest lasting music conference out there. I think now Americans are starting to dig a little deeper into the underground music. We're doing a modern-day twist on some classic trance's tracks at Space. When it comes to my set, I've been focusing on reintroducing some of the classic tracks to the current generation, those who are not familiar with trance. And instead of playing the old versions, I've reworked them into a 2014 production sound. "

Watch now a classic Trance video, "Hypnotised" featuring Tiff Lacey on vocals.

You came in from the darkness and held the door open wide
You stood there like a vision before my unbelieving eyes
I believe in what I see and also what I hear
But did the night play tricks on me or were you really there.

Am I being hypnotised

Am I being hypnotised
Am I being hypnotised
Am I being hypnotised
Feeling like I'm hypnotised

Fear has gripped my heart and I am whispering out your name
Can you hear the silence screaming

 I believe in what I see 

Am I being hypnotised

Am I being hypnotised
Am I being hypnotised
Am I being hypnotised
Feeling like I'm hypnotised

Fear has gripped my heart
Can you hear the silence

Fear has gripped my heart and I am whispering out your name
Can you hear the silence screaming 

I believe in what I see and also what I hear
But did the night play tricks on me or were you really there

Am I being hypnotised
Am I being hypnotised
Am I being hypnotised
Am I being hypnotised
Feeling like I'm hypnotised

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Beatport Offers 15% Discount For New Registrations

Techno / Trance fans have made Beatport the go-to destination for purchasing tracks from mainstream to the obscure or unknown. For a limited time, the service is offering a 15% discount for first time registrations. Upon registering, you will receive an email with a coupon code that allows you to receive a discount on your next purchase. Be it one of their Top 10s, or a classic record from your favorite artist or label, Beatport is your stop and the timing couldn’t be better.

                       How to get your music on Beatport?


Daryl Stay 'Octodrum' EP Review

Watchful eyes have been on Daryl Stay for a while, honing his chops at the mighty Carl Cox Intec stable, he has a well nurtured penchant for drum heavy cone splitters. Percussive and aggressive, his tracks lock down and settle into serious grooves within the first few bars.The 'Octodrum' EP is hot and sultry Techno, peeled down to the essence of dance floor ignition. I'm loving the two tracks "Octodrum" and "Inside Info" both will work pretty well on any summer party!  


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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Techno Legend Kevin Saunderson Goes Shopping!

Detroit Techno legend Kevin Saunderson owes a lot to London for his worldwide success. It was undoubtedly one of the first cities that welcomed the “New Sound of Detroit” back in the late ’80s, when Detroit itself hardly took any notice of the talent brewing within its city limits. Saunderson has returned many times over the years, and on this particular trip there, he stopped in to Lucky Seven to do a little crate digging with FACT TV. Check out the episode below.

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Ronski Speed & Shannon Hurley - Summer Always Ends [Video]

Brand new song and video, check it out! Ronski Speed collaborates with Trance vocalist Shannon Hurley on "Summer Always Ends". A catchy anthem with all the ingredients that define the word Trance, from lively basslines to a melodic peak time hook. Video shot by Matt Dinan with additional production assistance by Ben Eisen. Enjoy it!

Left with no direction
 While the birds are flying home
 Grays falling the sunlight
 It sense the sadness in my soul

 In this place without you
 Feels like winter in my bones
 I fill the space around you
 But it will never be like home

 Why did you tell me
 I’m not alone
 I’m not alone
 When you deserved me
 You’re letting go
 You’re letting go

 As the tears roll down my face
 I wonder why
 You standing here with me
 One last time 
Hold our breath and close our eyes
 Say goodbye
 Why does summer always end in silence

 As the tears roll down my face I wonder why
 You standing here with me
 One last time 
Hold our breath and close our eyes
 Say goodbye
 Why does summer always end in silence 

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Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli - Back To You [Video]

One of the most prolific Trance artists, Fabio XB returns on Digital Society Recordings having teamed up with fellow producer, Liuck and vocal sensation, Christina Novelli for the impeccable - "Back To You". The song provides perfect vocals with it's beautiful acoustic piano melody in the breakdown followed by dry synth stabs which crescendo into a euphoric drop. Outstanding work from this three way collab! Watch the video below.

Pull me up, pull me down
Tide comes in and tide goes out, again
Win or lost, and I lose control
This current keeps pulling me back to you 

Pull me up and knock me down
No escape, going round and round, again
I overcame and I can't say no
This current keeps pulling me back to you

So we dive in
Never coming up for air
We surviving
Never giving in to feel
I'll wait forever
Truly want to
Searching for ourselves
No matter what I do
This current pulls me back
This current pulls me back to you

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Prolific Thrives In A Wasteland Of Grit And Dirt

Turntablist/emcee/self-made businessman and producer Prolific proudly presents the brand new album  'Anthems Of A Desolate Wasteland'. An ambitious project and the result of two years of hard work and dedication. With a vision to merge underground Hip Hop flavors with Dubstep and Trap, Prolific makes a unique and powerful statement. All vocals were recorded in "Foul Play's" studio. Production, features, and remixes were done in collaboration with numerous talents from the Hip Hop and bass scenes. Each track was crafted to truly have its individual concept and feel. 

NOISEPORN gave the new Prolific album a very favorable review: “Mixing underground Hip-Hop, Trap and Dubstep, “Anthems of a Desolate Wasteland” is a myriad of sounds. With several different artists featured on the album, each song has its own unique style and vision. Whether you’re a fan of pure Dubstep, Hip-Hop or both, you’ll appreciate the diversity that is “Anthems of a Desolate Wasteland.”

Prolific: “As I made the album, I tried to add some legitimacy to the sound. When you think about it, more original and eccentric styles really died when the independents and hard copy industries took the hits they did and switched to digital-only, with the over saturation of artists on the market, being original is a hard commodity to find these days. In the anarchy of what remains, I try to bring anthems and concepts that contain the authenticity that used to come standard with any artist who was on a stage touring or making music that was sold and appreciated in the hard copy era. 

When we were piecing the project together, I chose some of the finest talent around the world to work with. Tim Ismag, one of Russia's top guys did a great job with 'HYPE THE ROOM'. The track was made a while back and we saved it for the right project, Tony Anthem of Future Prophecies and Axl Ender did a tremendous job with 'ROCKING IT' mixing up heavy dub with a trap feel. The 'PARTY ALL DAY' track by 6blocc aka RAW carries that West Coast bass at its finest. You know, he's a legend in LA and all over the world as far as I'm concerned. From Uk Killahurtz whom is involved with many successful projects and labels produced “Magic Carpet”. Mr. Ronins is an up and comer who killed it with 'DANGEROUS'. Of course Cojaxx, a6, Kice of Course, and Ricky Raw of Mighty High Coup did great with their vocal features. I want to give a particular shout out to A6 whom has been a great friend and artist who did a lot of work on production and vocals and has always motivated me to make good music. Other big talents on the album include Partyson and Dekadence from Russia, Kirkus from UK, Ampr from Finland, Rask:l from Denmark, and D-Star, Philly's finest.”

 BEATPORT (Digital)

As appreciation for the fans, Prolific often offers free downloads on his Soundcloud  page and he urges everyone to download and share.
To book Prolific, please contact Joe Ceravolo | Foulplayrecords@gmail.com
For press inquiries, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com


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The Driving Beats Of DMorse 'Bump That' System

After a wonderful and productive start to 2014, LA based DMORSE drops two new massive grooves on well respected SYSTEM RECORDINGS. 'BUMP THAT' and 'FUNKY HIDEAWAY' show off his peak-time house skills which he blends in a sophisticated way with more tech and underground elements.

DMorse: “I got started with music when I was 10 years old, I played a variety of instruments from saxophone, piano, to trumpet. I always had a musical interest. I feel music is very emotional it has helped me get through some tough times. I know if it has helped me then it can do the same for others. So I want to share it with everyone through each performance and take people on a journey. When making music there are certain sounds that sound right to me: any variety of sounds that will move me and tell the story more. I had to really work hard to establish myself to get me where I am today. And yes, of course there have been a lot of up and downs in this business. Ask any artist that has been successful: you have to continue to push yourself to get what you want even if people try to stop you. The tracks and music style on this EP are very personal to me because I feel a lot of the same sounds are made from the instruments I played when I was a child. Currently Bump That is getting support from artists like Above & Beyond, Erick Morillo and Graham Gold and I'm very grateful for the continuous support on other projects from artists like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz and Fedde Le Grand.”

2014 proves very fruitful for DMorse with releases on several different labels such as System Recordings, Drops, Sounds Of Juan, and Pukka Up Records, Ibiza. All these tracks got major support from Roger Sanchez, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Darin Epsilon, Flash Brothers and more. To top all that success, DMorse is invited to rock the GROOVE CRUISE 2014 which is known as one of the largest music festivals on the water among other high profile events in Europe and Ibiza.


Including bonus remixes by Monstergetdown & Beedeep


To book DMorse, please contact Josh Roybal |  josh@thedjfactoryla.com
For press inquiries, please contact Wilf Libgott of
 www.hammarica.com | wilf@hammarica.com

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O-Starz Is Everywhere 2014

Constantly booked and in overdrive, O-Starz is coming closer and closer to being in the driver seat of his dreams. His new song "I.D.O.N.S." (I don't owe nobody shit) Produced by Victorino (BMF) is being played all over the country. And the crazy thing is....it was leaked. It features excerpts of Mase "Same Niggas" and has been dubbed timeless. Consistently opening up for all of his idols it's evident Starz is up next to bat.

 www.youtube.com/therealostarz - www.twitter.com/therealostarz - www.instagram.com/therealostarz 

http://tindeck.com/users/OStarz song is O-Starz I.D.O.N.S. 

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“HiberNation: The MixTape” by Giant the Artist

“HiberNation: The MixTape,” by Giant the Artist (Formerly known as Joshua Giant) is a collaboration project between Giant and the legendary producer Sinima Beats. The 2014 release has been picking up steam, with a huge boost coming from attention gained through popular college radio stations in the United States and Canada. Giant continues his ability to blur the genre lines between Rock and Hip-Hop, being categorized as Alternative Hip-Hop. Recently the artist has been seen with company such as Action Bronson (“Steve Wynn” Music Video), Fabolous (Engine Room Studio Lobby / Instagram), Rik Cordero & Cam’ron (Various Music Video Sets). When asked about the Mixtape in an interview for WSHH, Giant responded: “It was a real theme driven concept. I wanted people to feel what I go through in my mind on a daily basis as an artist. Something about Sinima’s production just clicked with me, and I ran it all the way into the ground. But this is only the beginning of the story. I have so much more material coming out this year so keep an eye out for your brother…” There have been rumors lurking of Giant releasing an album consisting of nothing but acoustic instruments and vocals, entitled, “Acoustic Paradox,” by the summer of this year. For now, “HiberNation: The MixTape,” is a solid piece of introspective work from a bright young artist that should see continued success.

Official Site: http://www.gianttheartist.com/
MIX-TAPE D/L: http://hibernationthemixtape.com/ 
Twitter: https: twitter.com/RealJoshuaGiant 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5lIWoi-HTembHqhNyB01qw

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Friday, March 28, 2014

MusicologyOnline.Net Release A Brand New Techno Loop & Sample Pack

MusicologyOnline.Net release a brand new Techno Pack Produced by legendary techno producer & Madhatter Recordings head honcho Beatmode. The music production experts at MusicologyOnline.net believe these sounds “capture the heart and soul of Techno House” to enable song construction enthusiasts to create the next big hit. The pack is comprised of more than 200 fresh and original samples and loops ideal for Techno, Tech House, Minimal House, Progressive House and Deep House productions, delivering on all fronts from providing single hits to giving incomplete tracks the sound elements they’ve been missing all along. 


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Ken Ishii - Wobbly Sniper (Steve Rachmad Acid Mix)

Japans' most innovative and experimental composer and one of the most intelligent international DJs, Ken Ishii makes his debut EP on MB Elektronics with "Wobbly Sniper". The track is a pure dancefloor smasher that will not let you take a breath from start to end. On the remix duties nobody else than the one and only legend Steve Rachmad delivers an amazing acid mix version!


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Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati Played Together A Techno Set In Miami!

Two of Techno's most respected artists Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati go back to Miami ahead of their exclusive 8 date European tour. The pair have just announced a mini b2b tour across Europe for April playing Solar Easter in Sofia, Awakenings at Amsterdam’s Gashouder, ZigZag club in Paris and ending in the place where it all begun, Berghain. Each venue has been chosen to provide the perfect backdrop for the pair’s extended big room Techno sets. These guys are killing it! Watch their live set below.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Toddla T Sound - Acid [Video]

Electro WOW is happy to bring you the premiere of BCC Radio 1 DJ and UK producer Toddla T's latest Techno track, "Acid", from his riotous Toddla T Sound project. A banging acid-meet-dancehall jam, the 303 acid stabs bring the driving Jamaican vocal sample to life!

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Pedro Delgardo vs. Miquel - Bells (Andy Notalez Remix)

This remix is by Sweden's owner of Yellow Recordings Andy Notalez. His remix is a fantastic stripped down version going straight for the jugular. A tough and dark remix, excellent! This release also include remixes from Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink and Axel Karakasis.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet Chris Dancy, The 1st Human Robot!

Chris Dancy, 45, uses a range of sensors, devices, services and applications to gather real-time data about his body and the environment around him. These include a Pebble smartwatch, Google Glass, a BodyMedia armband and Blue heart rate monitor. He collects data about what he eats, when he sleeps, how he uses his email, his health, travel plans and photos and even his dogs' levels of activity.

Collecting data about his eating habits and fitness has enabled Mr Dancy to lose 100lbs (45kg) in weight. His home is also hooked up with gadgets, including a smart lighting system and a mattress cover that collects data in his sleep. He has been monitoring and collecting his personal data for five years, adding two or three systems every week. He's probably known as the human robot!
In the video above, Mr Dancy pronounced the Internet dead and said: 'The "Innernet" - the information of you - is the future'. He also believes that people will use more technology around the home before they adopt wearable gadgets. Now check out this interesting short interview...



Alex Di Stefano - Phoneutria

Another BANG-release! This time with the italian producer Alex Di Stefano, his original track "Phoneutria" is dark and full of energy with some melodic influences. Alex track is powerful as expected! This is the latest EP on the amazing underground Techno label, Yellow Recordings.


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Dandi & Ugo - Stab Me (MdS & Gymmy J Remix)

Italo Business is a label group formed in the late 2005 by Dandi & Ugo. Based in the Italian "East Coast", the "Italo Business Label Group" becoming a well knowly Techno music pusher thanks to the support and collaboration of many international talented producers. In March, MdS and Gymmy J released this fantastic remix on the latest single by Dandi & Ugo, "Stab Me", and honestly, I can't stop dancing!  


Funk'n Deep Records Dropping Fire!

This debut release for Jamie Fullick on Funk 'n Deep Records is a non-stop steamroller of a Techno EP. Five top quality Techno tracks including remixes from Matt Sassari and Diction who's recent releases on Funk 'n Deep have been storming the Techno charts.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Deadmau5 Interview 2014

Music Feeds managed to run into the man in the mouse helmet himself, Mr. Joel Zimmerman, best known to fans as notoriously outspoken producer Deadmau5

His recent Australian trip was the first time that fans got to see his new "cube" setup, which Joel tells us took a month of preparation in a Las Vegas warehouse to execute. He also spoke about his infamous social media presence, saying, "As someone with a lot of followers it's really funny to just light a match and see what happens, watch the freakout." 

When the topic of discourse shifted to his new album, Joel lamented the fact that he couldn't give it a surprise release a la Beyonce. "I gotta wait for the record label to catch on and do the two-month lead in time, like that shit still exists," he says. He also explained his move from Ultra Records to Astralwerks. "Ultra? Fuck that, I'm not even going to give them a mention. It was like a them-EMI sort of thing, just set sail for fail. It fuckin' sucked, the deal fuckin' sucked, everything about it sucked. So I'm like, can we go with someone who doesn't suck?"

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Pig&Dan - Slash

If you know Pig&Dan's work, then you know that they are well known for producing and playing music that is far from linear.They're always looking to push the envelope in cross genre music and are devoted to creating something that gets under your skin and elevates the spirit of those who are exposed to it! We have a very special 2014 release here: the latest original mix by Pig&Dan, entitled "Slash". 



GTMK (Gregor Tresher & Monika Kruse) - Retox

What started out as a fun project between Gregor Tresher and Monika Kruse now became a regular tradition for the two close friends. Since their last GTMK EP was released on Gregor's Break New Soil label it's now time for a release on Monika's Terminal M Records. And again you can feel and hear the extraordinary chemistry between the two DJs, who share the same love for driving grooves and nasty little melodies. 



Broombeck - Focus You (Lex Gorrie Remix)

Broombeck - Focus You (Lex Gorrie Remix)
Broombeck makes his Sleaze Records debut in style! "Focus You" is a peak time Techno groover, with rolling percussion, chord stabs and a catchy vocal sample, creating a great impact on the dancefloor. Lex Gorrie made a wonderful remix! A unique piece of Techno to keep those crowds on their feet until the very small hours.   


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Drunk People Are Funnier Than Sober Ones!

A small study has revealed the somewhat unsurprising truth that although having a drink (or five) may make you feel more humorous, your sober friends probably don't agree.
Psychology Professor Peter McGraw and Journalist Joel Warner - who have teamed up to write a book entitled The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny - conducted an experiment to investigate the relationship between alcohol and humor.
Twelve jokesters were selected for the study. The results speak for themselves. The drunker the participants of the study got, the funnier they considered their own gags to be and, in turn, the less funny they were actually judged to be by a sober panel as the night went on.
The participants were invited out for a night of drinking at New York's Hurricane Club and each were asked to come up with a joke, deliver it, and then have another drink. After each repeating round, they were required to rate their drunkenness on a scale ranging from 'sober' to 'sh*t-faced'.
They were also asked to rate their own jokes, on a scale from 'slightly amusing' to 'hilarious'. All the jokes were later judged independently by a sober online panel.
As expected, almost without exception, the drunker the ad-men became, the funnier they judged their own jokes to be.
In actual fact, the jokes were judged to be at their funniest two or three drinks in, when enough 'liquid courage' had been consumed to loosen them up, but before too much of their judgement had been compromised.
The jokes submitted after the participants fourth or fifth stiff drink were judged by the sober panel to be much less amusing and often actually offensive.
'Drinking reduces inhibition,' Mr McGraw explains. 'But it opens the door to failure, with failure likely to be on the side of going too far.' 'As people became more intoxicated, they thought they were funnier, but a sober audience didn’t see it that way,' concludes Mr Warner.



Sunday, March 23, 2014

Are You An Unsigned Trance Producer?

Today we talk to Dave Verney from ToneTrance Record Label, a new label set up to promote unknown and talented Trance producers.
1) What's the name of your Record Label?
2) How did the name come about?
I had quite a few ideas to begin with. I tried TranceTone and Googled it. I thought that was quite a good name, but it was taken and so I changed the name around a bit and called it ToneTrance. Everyone I mentioned the name to agreed that it was a good name for a trance music label.
3) Do you run the label by yourself?
Largely, although my wife helps with answering the phone etc. The vast majority of my work is in promoting the producers who I'm working with and I do this in various ways and through different contacts. My sales target for each album is 50,000 copies and these figures are quite achieveable with the work we put in and the quality of the music.
  In the industry today, more and more people are switching to digital downloads and we work with more than 200 digital music stores. Although it is sad to see the downfall of the brick and mortar retail shops that we grew up with, there is a lot of opportunity to sell as much music as we like and meet any demands without paying for printing and copying of CD's. It is a fantastic time to be a part of the industry and it is likely to keep getting better.
4) What made you want to create a record label dedicated to Trance Music?
I listen to Trance and other EDM genres all the time and a lot of the music I hear is from unknown and unpaid producers who really do have a lot of talent and who should be paid for having such talent. I also have a lot of business experience and I have the ability and contacts to market and promote producers work with excellent results.
The idea in starting a label was to help these people in gaining exposure, getting paid for their music, building a following for their music and I can release tracks into any music charts in the world. Being able to make people's dreams come true is really my reason for getting involved in the music industry and it will be very rewarding.
Another reason for setting up a label is to promote my own music through it. My music is not as good as the people, I'm working with, but hopefully in time I will be releasing my own music. My pseudonym for the music is Richard Bean and that is the name on my SoundCloud, Bandcamp, MySpace and my business yahoo email. It is taken from my middle name (Richard) and my mother's maiden name (Bean).
5) Is Trance music more popular today or is it now an underground genre?
I first got into trance in the trance boom at the turn of the century. I used to shut myself away and blast the likes of Darude, Energy 52, William Orbit and others from any CD player I could find. It really did define the turn of the century for me and my friends. Everyone was getting into it – and it didn't matter about age, gender, background, race, sexuality, occupation. There was even a Catholic friar here in England who would (and no doubt still is) play this music all the time he could. This friar told people that trance was a gift from God, and indeed it really is.
Trance music today is still growing. There are still people in the world who have not heard trance music and there are still people being converted in their musical tastes. Asia, in particular, is one part of the world that is increasing in trance fans all the time. People just love this music, and when we hear it, it is easy to know why.
6) Are you looking for new talent? How can they send you demos?
I am always looking for new talent. If you want me to listen to and consider your music for my work, please send me a link to your SoundCloud or any other website where you may have music and I will make time to listen in. You can email me at tonetrancerecordlabel@yahoo.co.uk. I am still looking for great tracks that we can add to the first album, so if you have something special, please email me.
7) Are you planning to release a new song or EP soon?
The first album we will release, should be released by the end of next month. It is going to be a compilation of different artists whose work has not yet been released into the commercial music industry. The album will be entitled, First Impressions and it is really to test the market popularity for each of the artists.
8) What is next for the label? Do you have in mind future projects?
We will hopefully be releasing solo albums with all of the ones that show popularity. As I said before, I'm hoping for sales of 50,000+ copies within the first year and I think that is very achieveable.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Juno Award Producer Beat Merchant Collaborates on Rippa’s New Single “Everybody Get Up”

Pro Logic (Drake, P. Reign, Waka Flaka) T-Minus (Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj) and Beat Merchant (Ginuwine, Belly, Max B) will come together to produce the highly anticipated album for RIPPA entitled (Move Ya Feet).

With over 126,000 YouTube views, his first single “Drinks Up” (produced by South West Ent. Australia), has gained a growing international following.

His highly anticipated second release “Everybody Get Up” produced by Juno award winning Beat Merchant, will leave a lasting impression with its infectious rhythm and flow as Rippa shows his diversity on this musical masterpiece.

The recent social media frenzy over his v-log released this past February 2014, has confirmed that people cannot get enough of Rippa, watching his every move on his journey as an artist. From MTV UK to international DJ’s his v-log has been re-tweeted and talked about throughout the world.

Available On ITunes & Spotify !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get the latest news of RIPPA on Twitter!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Cflame New Rapper With A New Single

Come check out Cflame on cdbaby.com and buy his copy of his hot new single "Hip Hop Liars & Cheaters". He is a new up & coming rapper from Massachusetts and he would really appreciate the support here is the link below:

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The iPad Is Becoming A Temptation For Music Producers

When the iPad was launched, back in 2010, many critics dismissed it as “just a big iPhone” (or “just a big iPod touch”, to be more precise). They speculated that no one would be able to come up with a compelling reason to buy one – a touchscreen device is fine for your pocket, it was argued, but if you want to do any serious creative work, you need a laptop or desktop computer.
Jump forward four years and the doubters have been silenced. Sure, an iPad is still a luxury for many people (albeit one that you quickly wonder how you ever did without), but if you’re a music maker, it’s fast becoming a temptation that’s impossible to resist.
Unlike pretty much every other tablet on the market, the iPad is a tool that you can use to create rather than simply consume music, and with far greater ease than you can on Apple’s smaller touchscreen devices.
This is largely thanks to Apple’s iOS operating system, which has several unique features built into it that put it streets ahead of its competitors when it comes to music production.
If you have an iPad and the right software, recording and editing multiple tracks of high-quality audio is easy, while the App Store is also full of synths and other software instruments that rival their desktop counterparts in terms of quality and ease of use.
What’s more, while it was previously only possible to use these apps in isolation, new technologies are enabling you to bring them together in the same project!



Have a Listen to Andy Ascencio's New Deep Tech House Tune "Miami 2 Punta Cana"

"Miami 2 Punta Cana" is one of Andy Ascencio's fine Deep House & Tech House tracks influenced by his beloved hometown Dominican Republic and as well as Miami where he is currently located. Inspired by the Miami's beautiful beaches/parties and the traditional rhythms/instruments from home such as Perico Ripiao and Merengue. Esto es #House con swing y sazón #Dominicano !!!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

KANT - Never You Mind [Video]

This a huge release from a new upcoming DJ/Producer, KANT from Denmark! KANT's still riding high in the Beatport Top 100 and now he has released a Deep House tune, entitled "Never You Mind". Phat Bass, drums, vocals, pads & keys lead the way making a truly strong song. Watch the video below!


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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FIRST LOOK - New Pioneer DJ Turntable

Well, folks—it turns out the rumors were true: Pioneer does in fact have a secret new turntable in the works. And, not terribly surprisingly, it looks a lot like the classic, now-discontinued Technics 1200. DJ TechTools got a closer peek at the unit, which was unveiled at Musikmesse today, and they report that it’s got “a USB connection, ethernet connection for X-Link connection with other Pioneer gear, and analog RCA out.



Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Thriving Underground House Of An Adult Movie Star

NICK WOLANSKI, successful adult movie star and highly talented music producer supported by the Progressive House music elite, is proud to present his new release '"MOVE YOUR BODY" which was made in collaboration with KATHY BROWN and STEVE MURRELL. Kathy stands as one of the most successful and well known old school Diva's in underground house music. And Steve Murrell is counted among the world's leading underground music producers. Since Nick comes from the sex industry, the idea was to create something different in regards to Kathy's Voice. Edgy! The track is about a man and woman making love. "Move Your Body" is representative of a seductive girl asking her partner to pleasure her. The record was made from the perspective of the younger generation: relaxed and more open minded towards sexuality. This is one frisky record and one of the backing records to a forthcoming xxx movie.
Wildly artistic, technically proficient and fiercely determined to excel in all areas he pursues, NICK WOLANSKI'S story is a constantly evolving tale that few can compare to. Star of multiple X-rated movies, producer of an arsenal of globally received dance music anthems and the only DJ endorsed by one Sir Richard Branson - Nick isn't your traditional bedroom to main room success story. Modern breakthrough DJs and producers often seem to follow similar paths to success - not Nick, he's taken routes unknown to artists in the EDM world. Wolanki's sound is very varied in terms of the "genre" that he plays, but whether it is marked as electro, house, progressive or techno you can rest assured that it will be Aggressive, Dirty, Sleazy, Upfront; Sexy and altogether Pumping.

Nick is a classic example of a smart entrepreneur. In the new year he will start a new music school in New York City, a record Label called Testosterone Records and a booking agency. The main artists associated with the projects include Steve Murrell, Chris Galbraith, Peter Seal De Green, A.C.K, Marcus and Field, Martin Bunsden, Milky JO and Takeydo. Moreover, Nick will embark on a USA/Canada tour in 2014 which will take him to the world renowned Pacha nightclub among others. Last but not least, he will go into full video production for his adult xxx music videos where he adds high quality electronic dance music to some slamming erotica.
Wolanski's DJ career took off as he got inspired by the depraved underground circuits of Los Angeles's Hollywood after hours scene, Beginning at 10 pm on a Thursday and not sleeping or seeing his bed until Monday evenings. Avalon Los Angeles for spider after dark was the staple choice where Steve Castro and friends would be annihilating the dance floor until 8am. For Nick, the DJ skills come most naturally, being on stage mixing beats in front of thousands of people is where he belongs. His first DJ gig was in Heaven and he had never even had experience in a bar or small room club. He played to over 2000 people on his 7th week at the venue on a temporary position and it was the best experience of his life; and the best club he has ever played at to date. He has some serious skills as a producer but needs a bit of help with crafting the sound to get it to the high standard that must be achieved to get to the top. Wolanski has a team of very loyal and experienced engineers all working in different ways with him to get out the Nick Wolanski sound. Wolanski looks forward to his journey as both a DJ and a sound engineer and will never forget the people that have elevated his sound to where it is and will continue to support his team in any way he can.
For more information about this release, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.hammarica.com  | wilf@hammarica.com


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