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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

American Prisoners Allowed To Carry MP3 Players

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons says it introduced a new program which allows federal prison inmates to carry MP3 players with personalized playlists that can be chosen from a prison library of about 1 million songs. "The MP3 program is intended to help inmates deal with issues such as idleness, stress and boredom associated with incarceration. Keeping inmates constructively occupied is essential to the safety," says bureau spokeswoman Traci Billingsley. Some tracks, however, will be excluded from the song list. Material deemed obscene or with racially-charged language will be prohibited.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 Heading to New York City

Electric Daisy Carnival, the dance music festival which drew over 250,000 attendees to its three-day Las Vegas event last year, will hit New York on 19 and 20 May, at a soon-to-be-announced location. Electric Daisy Carnival New York will be presented via a partnership between EDC organizer Insomniac Events, and Pacha New York, the only U.S. branch of the storied Ibizan nightlife brand. The event is part of EDC's expanding initiative to add a traveling component to its brand, supporting the marquis Las Vegas celebration. Venue and lineup details for the festuval will be announced soon. The main event, EDC Las Vegas, is scheduled for June 8-10. Check out the newly updated      electricdaisycarnival.com for more information.


DJ Dennis Ferrer Kicked Out of Club for Not Playing Commercial Music

A major injustice has been done to DJ star Dennis Ferrer. The famous producer of House music hits such as “Hey Hey” was wrongfully kicked off of the decks at Miami nightclub Mansion when he failed to play House music that the management deemed “commercial” enough. Ferrer has been a longtime Deep and Soulful House music purist; and naturally, he chose to stay true to his own personal style when he went on to play his set at Mansion because clubs book artists for their own unique styles, right? Apparently not at Mansion.

The House music advocate said in a tweet prior to his set that he planned to give the audience a lesson on the true essence of House music, a noble enough endeavor. After all, it seems like these days DJ sets seem to be overwhelmed with commercialized mainstream dance music hits such as Avicii’s “Levels”. Nothing against Avicii, of course, but as a longtime self-proclaimed EDM purist, I think it’s about time we get back to our roots and start practicing a little bit of originality. If artists keep sacrificing their own personal styles to feed the overeager and undereducated shallow EDM masses who are only interested in the trends, well, EDM will burn out just as quickly as it boomed into recent popularity in America.


People are Applauding the Benefits of Yoga

 In today’s fast world no one has time for each other. This is because people are presently very money minded and their whole life goes away thinking how to earn more money in a shorter time. Doing all this creates tensions and stress and you do not have time to find out the way to get them relieved from this. In such kind of situations workout is the best thing which will kill 80 % of your tension and also make you fit and fine. So for this the first thing one has to choose workout clothes.

  Mostly people who do not work out their stomach are affected. Once the stomach gets affected many problems arises and they either become fat or they start complain about gastric issues. It has been noticed that mostly in people women are most affected by this problem. So workout is very vital for women. As it have been notices that mostly girls are fond of apparels. So when it comes to yoga clothes for women are available. This makes the women enjoy these workout clothes and with this they do work out as well. In these kinds of clothes the comfort level is high. You can not only use these for yoga rather they can wear them in their homes when they are not going out somewhere.

 Taking about pregnant women, in early times they use to workout but as such they did not use to work out specially. At that time the women use to do all the cleaning work by themselves and that was considered very tough at that time so they were fit. But now days the pregnant women are so sensitive that they have to specially work out to give healthy birth to their new born child. To stay fit and healthy one should always get involved in any kind of physical exercises.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Moby Interview 2012

Moby Interview 2012 (1:06 minutes)
Moby talks to Hollyscoop at the 2012 Academy Awards about his music, upcoming album and Oscar nomination. I just hope he gets back to the studio to start producing 'Last Night' part II, the continuation of his 2008 album, which sold million copies worldwide.   


Forbes Magazine Names Brazil The New Country of Electronic Music

A recent article in Forbes magazine crunches some numbers on why Brazil has become one of the meccas of electronic music, with an earning capacity to rival the United States and Germany. According to a study conducted in Brazil, profits from dance music events shot up considerably from 2010 to 2011. Ticket vendors collected $515 million for electronic music events in 2011, up 56.64% from the previous year, while the electronic-focused Rio Music Conference brought in $626 million.

Forbes quotes that visiting guests can command up to $100,000 per gig, with the collective sum paid to DJs who performed in Brazil in 2011 being $57.2 million (79.9%) more than 2010. The magazine notes the rise of twenty and thirty-somethings with disposable incomes and the array of world-renowned clubs like Green Valley and Warung as fuel for the multi-million-dollar dance music economy.


Audio Jacker - So Disco (Original Mix)

Audio Jacker has taken the dance music scene by storm with his instantly recognisable club friendly productions. To date he has had tracks and remixes included on the likes of Universla, Warner, Hed Kandi, Tasty Recordings, Dirty Monkey Recordings, LU10 Records & Total House. His latest EP 'Filtered Funk' features two songs but my favorite one is the party banger "So Disco".


Q&A with Video Director Dimitri Basil: Flight Facilities "Foreign Language"

What inspired you on your idea for the video?
I think it was the track itself and re-watching Boogie Nights around the same time that sort of made me want to shoot a video like Foreign Language.

What was the budget?
We had around $4,500 AU, and later we added and extra $1,500 to get the helicopter and other extra shots.

What were the limitations you faced with the production?
The main challenge was the budget, $6,000 can sound like a lot of money but in film just to hire equipment for 3 days can cost you around $4,000. Foreign Language was the sort of project where everything should have gone wrong. We had a small budget, small crew, bad weather, multiple locations, a period piece (70's), extras and so many absurd ideas but then again we had extra luck… an epic cast and track.

Who were your key collaborators?
Our key crew/production team was made up of 4 people so the line between roles sort of disappeared. Laura Gorun managed to pull some amazing deals as a producer, she also stars on the film and worked in all areas (ideas, wardrobe, cast, cinematography, art direction). Dominque Bassil produced and worked on the art direction Toa Daguet was the producer and shot some of the second unit imagery. We had a great team of make up artists from Jane Cameron Make up Academy. Katy Clucas coordinated the make up and hair team .

What was the process you took to producing the video?
We made a couple of location test shoots around Tamarama Beach. For wardrobe we will all strolled through different vintage shops and looked for 70's clothes, by the end we could all tell the decade that something was made. We waited patiently for the right weather. We had to reschedule the shoot three times because we kept getting rainy days.

What was the turnaround?
We shot it all 3 days and then we had an extra day for pickups, however because we had to reschedule the shoot so many times due to the weather, the turnaround was almost 2 ½ months from concept until final cut .

What did you shoot on? What lenses did you use?
We shot on a Red One and got hold of some old Zeiss lenses that were very popular in the 70's.

Where did you shoot it? There are some great locations in the video, are they all in Sydney?
It's all Sydney, however because Sydney was having such a bad weather patch at the time, we had to drive overnight to Byron Bay to get some extra footage as the weather was better up there at the time.

Did you shoot the aerial footage also?
I did, and it was a lot of fun... we just left the helicopter side door open and I hand held the camera… I remember the pilot saying at the very beginning while taking off "make sure nothing drops out of the helicopter because the propellers might suck it in and it might give us problems". My inner paranoid schizophrenic started flashing images of all the possible scenarios of how the helicopter could go down.

Tell us a bit more about the helicopter shoot. Sounds like it was pretty 'loose'. Who did you use? Where they pretty helpful? How much flight time did you have?
We had schedule to shoot a few pickups and the helicopter sequences in Sydney, but then it rained… We had already hired the camera and lenses so we had to find a helicopter, good weather and a cool location. The closest place was Byron Bay, so we got in a car and drove all night. The helicopter sequences were shot in the morning, we had around 45 minutes, we took two lenses and the Red One camera and jumped in the helicopter. I wanted faster, lower shots but unfortunately the helicopter wasn't one that could do that sort of thing. At the end it was all real fun, we had a night road trip (from Sydney to Byron), we then jumped in a helicopter with no door and shot handheld, had breakfast, drove around Byron got some extra shots and then had a good swim. We packed the equipment drove back home to Sydney around 6:00 PM, Laura was sick, Dominique drove all the way non stop and Toa kept saying with his French accent "this experience was summthang (something) sooo special moon (man)".

That speedboat looked pretty special, where did you find it?
Laura approached Premier Marine with a proposal explaining the project, Lee Poulson at Premier Marine like the project and jumped onboard. Premier Marine provided the boats they were very helpful. They were great. Merivale was just as helpful they helped us out with the pool and other locations.

Did you have shooting permits for all your locations or was it all on the fly?
Mainly no permits for the public areas, I love shooting with no permits, I highly recommend it. It makes you think faster and to be spontaneous and work with what you've got. Then again it depends on the project, you don't want to blow a day of work because you didn't get a permit, but whenever possible do so, your days will finish way earlier and there isn't better feeling than jumping slow bureaucracies.

Did you cast this yourself? Its a great cast, who are they?
Yes!!!!! I agree… The cast is great! On the day some of the stuff the actors were improvising was very intriguing and funny. Lizzi Leighton-Clark at Priscillas Management helped us cast the girls and some other cast we approached directly on the streets. I love approaching people on the street it sort of makes people uncomfortable… and for some reason I love odd uncomfortable moments. Dick Von Lockley is a German actor and as far as what I've seen a very sinister filmmaker. Hilton Dennis is a very talented dancer. Annaliese Treharne is a model, and up and coming actress. Laura Gorun is a filmmaker & photographer, Nik forster is a theatre director /actor.

Do you feel that the client understands the production process? How involved were the band and label throughout the process?
Flight Facilities are the easiest band I've work with, they let us do whatever we thought was right for the clip and every now and then they will send their ideas and thoughts without imposing anything.

With all the bad weather delaying the shoot, did this delay the overall release of the single at all?
It didn't, Flight Facilities released the single a week or two before we met for the first time. I wish we would have had better weather so the clip could have come out around October as it was planned.

If you had a chance to approach it again, what would you do differently?
I would try to record some dialogue, or have a sound person on stand by.

Special thanks for this interview to:
Adam Cantley
Producer (Screen Media)
Check out his website Music Video Theory ↓


Friday, February 24, 2012

Wisdome - Off The Wall (Olav Basoski Remix)

"Off The Wall" is one of many hits of Michael Jackson. Released in 1979 in the homonymous album, the track was reworked in 2000 in a House/Dance key by Wisdome, an Italian team formed by Luca Moretti, Ricky Romanini and Andrea Monta. Many years after that success, Olav Basoski, who is one of the greatest Funky House producers of our times, worked again on the track to create a new remix. The result is that "Off The Wall" is again a big hit on the dancefloor!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ed Banger Records Celebrate Their 9th Birthday

The French electronic music label is celebrating today its 9th birthday. I consider this record label as one of the greatest in the world!  Amazing musicians & artists such as Daft Punk, Justice, Uffie, SebastiAn, Cassius, Breakbot, Kavinsky, and many others are part of the label, which was established in 2002 as a division of Headbangers Entertainment by its mentor Pedro Winter.

The label it's celebrating tonight with a big party,  DJs who'll be there playin' hot tracks are  Busy P, SebastiAn, Krazy Baldhead, Mickey Moonlight, Breakbot & Feadz.

Now you can stream the party directly, right (here).  


Sammy Bananas Warm Winter Mix (February 2012)

1) Earth People - Dance
2) Fifteenth - Get You Down
3) Treasure Fingers & Malente - Crusaders
4) Geisha Twins - Dolla Dolla
5) Bart B More & Harvard Bass - The Funky One
6) Sammy Bananas - Never Say Never (WIP)
7) Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim - Get Naked (Louis La Roche Mix)
8) Young Jeezy - I Do (Sammy Bananas Bootleg)
9) Harris Robotis - Hot For You
10) J. Cole - Workout (Sammy Bananas Work That 909 Remix)
11) Eli Escobar - Work It
12) Scuba - Adrenalin
13) Sammy Bananas - Feel House (WIP)
14) Willy Joy - Gimme Dat
15) Eats Everything - The Size
16) T.E.E.D - Household Goods (Justin Martin Remix)
17) The 2 Bears - Be Strong
18) Falty DL - Make It Difficult



How to Deal with Haters?

The best way to counter-attack a hater is to make it blatantly obvious that their attack has had no impact on you, and show them how much fun you’re having! The best revenge is letting haters continue to live with their own resentment and anger, which most of the time has nothing to do with you in particular.

"If a vessel contains acid and you pour some on an object, it’s still the vessel that sustains the most damage”. In conclusion,  don’t get angry, just focus on living well and that will eat at them more than anything you can do!
"My haters are my motivators, that's why I love them!"
and please don't forget that Karma's a bitch.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manufactured Superstars feat. Paris Hilton - Drunk Text

Attention! The video below has nothing to do with shitty Pop music, this is pure Tech House. That's right, the multimillionaire dollar mogul Paris Hilton, has collaborated with the talented duo Manufactured Superstars in a song entitled "Drunk Text". I really like this tune, because it's catchy, and you can feel the underground tech vibe on it. Video directed by Jonathan Lia.

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Calvin Harris Produces New Track for a Pepsi Music Campaign

Calvin Harris has written a new track for a Pepsi Max music campaign. The DJ has produced a brand new song to soundtrack the beverage's 2012 television advert, which is due to launch later this year. The campaign has also been backed by iconic footballers Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, Jack Wilshere and Sergio Agüero. The campaign fuses the speed, flair and tempo of football, together with the energy, rhythm and passion of music.

The most curious thing is that Pepsi marketers don't really care the fact that Harris already did a song for a Coca-Cola commercial in 2009, this song was called "Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La", check out the cool advert below, that's the only way I can refresh your memory!


Simian Mobile Disco To Release New Album 'Unpatterns'

Simian Mobile Disco have announced they will release their new album, 'Unpatterns,' on May 14. The electronic music duo, made up by James Ford and Jas Shaw, will release the first single from the album, titled "Seraphim" on April 9. 'Unpatterns' will be the pair's third album, following 2009's 'Temporary Pleasure' & their 2007 debut album, 'Attack Decay Sustain Release.' Simian Mobile Disco will be promoting the album with a series of dates, to be announced soon.

'I Waited For You'
'A Species Out of Control'
'Put Your Hands Together'
'The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife'
'Your Love Ain't Fair'
'Everyday' (bonus iTunes exclusive)


Man Named Michael Jackson Was Arrested

It's time for odd news! Unfortunately, the name of Michael Jackson is now part of the Harris County District Court system (Houston, Texas)  for all the wrong reasons. A man named Michael Jackson, who is on parole, is accused of stealing from a local drug store. Michael Raven Jackson, 44, was charged with felony theft based on an incident that took place Jan. 24. Police say Jackson stole a container of toothpaste, four bottles of body wash, one razor, and one detergent container from a CVS/pharmacy on Old Spanish Trail near Scott Street in southeast Houston. The total cost for all the items was $60.12.

Having the same name as a celebrity + doing criminal activities, it's not so common. This is unfair, Michael Jackson deserves a lot of respect! My favorite song from the 80's superstar is "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" A song that talks about the power of love.


Lauer & Canard feat. Greg Note - Discotech (Original Mix)

Lauer & Canard has first appeared in 2007. Both of their careers had started very early, however the real change in their life was brought by their collaboration. We can trace the origin of their music obviously brought from their roots in all their music productions. They were influenced by a whole range of music styles from the Soul/Funk to the underground House of New York which they continuously build in the present trends.

From this time several significant music publishers issued their music such as the Toolroom, the Peppermint Jam in association with Mousse T, the mellow Nervous, the Purple Music, Seamless, Kontor or the Stealth well known by the legendary Roger Sanchez. These guys are back with a brand new single featuring Greg Note, and entitled  "Discotech". I will not add more words to this... just listen...enjoy...and buy it on Traxsource!



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brass Knuckles - Lie To You (WhiteNoize Remix)

WhiteNoize has beefed up Brass Knuckles remix with a steroidal injection that is worth lying to the federal jury about. With groovy glitched up vocals that speak lies of better days and a darker faster bassline, this remix is one that will be played for years to come. If you are looking for a strong, yet fun and happy remix to give you that extra burst of energy, this is the remix you want!


Seamus Haji & Cevin Fisher - I Love The Music (Manuel De La Mare & Alex Kenji Remix)

Transatlantic superduo Haji and Fisher team up for the first time and the meeting of minds results in a new take on Latin-jazz-pop classic "Ai No Corrida". Both Haji's mainstream remix experience and Fisher's gritty club ethics are in full effect, but before we get to that there's this taster mix from Manuel De La Mare & Alex Kenji, who rustle up some very cool keys and horns for an energetic but classic and subtle workout.



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tommie Sunshine & The Disco Fries - Don´t Look Back

Video directed by Nick Cucci & shot in New York City, featuring sneaky cameos from Tommie Sunshine & The Disco Fries. "Don't Look Back" is one of the catchiest songs of the year, with a fantastic combination between funky beats, melody and vocals. All I can say is that I'm smelling a BIG hit!


A Capella Version of Daft Punk Song "One More Time"

A capella means no instruments, it's just singing without anything else. For the very first time a YouTube user known by the alias of AaronicStuff, has incredibly recreated the most popular song of the last decade "One More Time" by Daft Punk. In the video below, you'll see a guy who can easily alter his voice, and the way he imitates sounds is just unreal. Wow, this world is full of talented people!      


Scientists Claim Cure For Stress With Music

 Listening to one's favourite music can help activate internal energy and concentration. In fact, right kind of music can help anyone beat stress during difficult times. While loud music, such as Dubstep or Heavy Metal can be a source of noise or distraction for many of us. Health experts (psychiatrists) say music can also be used as a pill to de-stress.

 Music is known to have stress relieving effect, provided the wavelength of music played matches with the emotional wavelength of the listener, which could be a patient, a student or any other human being. It is, in fact, an individualised therapy that takes note of specific mood, taste and timing to show the desired effect. The appropriate music actually helps to control palpitation along with increasing the concentration level and activating internal energy. There is a general feeling of calmness of mind and music also brings soothing effect in the surroundings, acting as stress buster.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Silent Disco an Alternative & Innovative Way of Partying

The silent disco parties have swept countless European clubs and music festivals. For silent disco attendees, it's a slamming dance time; but those walking by don't hear a thing. Silent disco is an alternative and innovative way of partying that consists of using FM transmitter to deliver music to attendees' wireless headphones, instead of using loud music speakers to deliver music to the dance floor. This cutting edge sound delivery means that each individual is also free to tune into their own choice of music.

 Silent disco parties started in 2005 in The Netherlands with a music company by the name of 433fm. They started their journey performing in small music festivals around Germany and The Netherlands, but their popularity quickly traveled around the European continent and around the globe. Since then, silent discos has been picked up and used around United States as activities for music festivals, all the way from small local festivals to huge events.

This phenomenon not only benefits the musician by creating a more intense, personalized experience for the listeners, but it also diminishes the renowned problem of noise pollution that is familiar to many music venues. The utilization of headphones also allows for parties to be held in a more outdoor and open venues, and permits parties to be held later at night due to their quiet nature.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Disco Fries feat. Niles Mason - Born To Fly (Alex Kenji Remix)

"Born To Fly", a funky French-flavoured bassline number with stretched strings and filtered passes topped off by Mason's soul-rock vocals. Alex Kenji's remix tweaks the controls for the more clubby excursion. Enjoy!  



The Disco Fries Interview 2012

The Disco Fries Interview 2012 (5:24 minutes)
Last year was very special for The Disco Fries, with the successful release of their first official single "Killer" featuring E! News correspondent, Clinton Sparks, performances all over the world and countless chart topping remixes to their name. With many exciting releases on the horizon, 2012 looks to be a very big year for this talented duo, check out the interview above.


Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (Original Mix)

Since the early days of Disco, countless artists have groped for something that Terje utterly nails here: the elusive feeling of having a supremely, impossibly good time. It's this feeling that makes much of club music worthwhile, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better example of it than the moment about three and a half minutes into "Inspector Norse," when the whole thing gradually swells and then pops.



Kraftwerk to Perform 3D Concert Series at Museum of Modern Art

Electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk will perform each of their eight albums at a special retrospective exhibition at Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art in April. The series, Kraftwerk-Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, will be held over eight consecutive nights, with the group focusing on one record per night along with other original compositions intended to showcase their influence on contemporary culture. The concerts will include 3D projected images and other visual elements.

Kraftwerk's first show in the series, in which they will perform their debut release, Autobahn, will be held at the Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron Atrium at the museum on April 10th. Only one member of the band's classic Seventies lineup, Ralf Hütter, will be taking part in this series of performances.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harris Robotis - Hot For You

Harris’ ear for a fresh sound, combined with a unique sense of musical style meant this humble bionic man was always destined to write, perform and spin music. Whether its playing guitar, bass, keys, producing or DJ'ing you’ll find Harris constantly moulding his own unique techniques. As an electronic producer, song writer and DJ for the last 7 years, Harris is making a debut with his first music video for the single "Hot For You".


What Is Funky House Music?

Within the rich history of club music, Funky House has always played an important role. Some legendary producers of the style are Junior Jack, Armand Van Helden, Modjo, Daft Punk, etc. This colourful type of music have made countless clubs on all five continents break out a sweat on the dancefloor, and today new emerging  producers are still interested in doing groovy tunes.

Funky house is a loose definition for a commercially oriented, Disco-influenced subgenre of House music. Like most variants of House, the genre follows a traditional four to the floor beat, and makes heavy use of synthesizers, samples and soulful vocals, although unlike in more electronically bent Chicago and Deep House, presence of acoustic instrumentation is much more common. The defining characteristics of the sound are heavy reliance on filter and phaser effects both on and alongside samples of late 1970s and early 1980s American or European Disco tracks. Most tracks in this vein feature a tempo range of 110-130 beats per minute.

Funky House music is essentially a combination of three production styles. One is what the people still refer as "the French touch" and it is the style that greatly influenced by the Space Disco sound. The second is a continuation and update of Euro Disco and greatly influenced by the productions of Alec R. Costandinos. The third would be the deep American House style as evident in the similar treatment of samples and repetitive 'funky' hooks. Naturally further variations and mutations followed. This music genre is also known as French House or Disco House music.  


Monday, February 13, 2012

French President Nicolas Sarkozy's Son Is The Most Expensive DJ In The World

President Nicolas Sarkozy has come under fire for spending £150,000 a year of French taxpayers’ money protecting his son, branded as “The Most Expensive DJ In The World” as he jets around the world performing in nightclubs. The huge cost of armed police for Pierre Sarkozy a.k.a. DJ Mosey (26) has been revealed amid mounting claims during the election run-up of the French president’s abuse of public finances for himself and his family. The president was accused two weeks ago of lavishing £35,000 on a ministerial jet to fly Pierre home after he fell ill before a DJ gig at an Ukrainian nightclub.

Well, I don't really care about politics, but I believe he's so damn lucky for receiving all those privileges from his daddy!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scissor Sisters Interview 2012

Scissor Sisters Interview 2012 (3:31 minutes)
Jake Shears and Del Marquis from the Scissor Sisters talk all things about the Summadayze festival. Shears declares himself  a Dance music fanatic, and seems to be amazed by Australian fit men. The legendary Summadayze festival means sound, colour and sun!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Startraxx - Step Into My Life (Nu Disco Club Mix)

Startraxx have re-worked & covered the classic Bee Gees' track "Step Into My Life" & brought it right up to date for todays coolest dancefloors, enjoy!


Chuck DeMonte feat. Rock Steady - Move The Crowd (Original Mix)

Chuck DeMonte has seen a decent amount of success so far at an early stage of his producing career. Already having tracks released on Oscar P's Azucar and Tocame Record labels. His tracks have been supported by Theo, Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas and his remix of Will Alonso's Can U Hear Me cracked Beatport's top 100.

Here is a new single from Chuck DeMonte which is a little more on the pop side of house music featuring the vocals of Rock Steady entitled Move The Crowd. This is one of those tracks that the lyrics just get stuck in your head and is perfect for any DJ's set. It is very much what is going on in House today with a hard electro bass line but it also has a hip-hop element to it. If you want to hear more of his music check out his soundcloud.


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How To Do The Hustle?

Instructional video on how to do the Hustle starring Stacie, Dina, and Simone with an introduction by Joey Pescado, America's Favorite Disco DJ and his lovely assistant, Dawn. Van McCoys number 1 US hit "The Hustle", was released in 1975. It was and still is one of the biggest Disco epics ever released. The Hustle dance has some features in common with swing dance. Its basic steps are somewhat similar to the Discofox, which emerged at about the same time and is more familiar in various European countries.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daft Punk To Work With Chic's Frontman Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers has revealed that he may work with Daft Punk on their next studio album. The Chic frontman praised the French House duo and explained that he is due to meet up with them to begin talks about a possible collaboration. Rodgers announced last year that he had fully recovered from his battle against cancer. This is one of the greatest news I've ever heard in my life!

Nile Rodgers 
"Those guys are great, they're coming to my apartment on Monday and we're going to talk about making a new record together."


Monday, February 6, 2012

Louis La Roche - Gimme Gimme

I'm a bit late of discovering this amazing young producer called Louis La Roche. "Gimme Gimme" is his first single taken from the forthcoming debut album 'Hello You', which will be released in summer of 2012. Video directed by Hettie Griffiths & Rob Jarvis. Now let's all sing!

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme your lovin' x 3
I wanna love tonight, love you all night, till early light.


Supernova Interview 2012

Supernova Interview 2012 (2:46 minutes)
First video interview with Supernova at the EGG club in London. They talk about their forthcoming new single on Defected 'Cassandra EP' which will be out on February 15th, 2012.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

2 Guys In Venice - Cookies

Check out the just-released music video for 2 Guys In Venice's single "Cookies" off their 'Beard and Butter' EP. These talented DJs work for Spiller's music label Nano Rec. In the video below, you'll see a stunning acting performance by a sweet grandmother, who is cooking a very special recipe. Directed by Francesco Marotta.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bob Sinclar's New Old School Song "Magic Fly"

Good memories are hard to leave behind, and many of you will agree with me that "Magic Fly" is the best song from Mr. Sinclar's latest 2012 album 'Disco Crash'. All his fans were missing the traditional  old school sound that made him famous during the early 2000s. Now I just hope this song gets an official release and a couple of outstanding remixes too. Listen below "Magic Fly", and let me know what do you think about it!