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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unusual Police Rave Unit Supports Illegal Parties Across The UK

The Police Rave Unit is a specially adapted riot van, equipped with a full sound and light show. The Unit provides impromptu performances across a festival site, and complies fully with the 2012 Police Rave Act; it also  plays classic cuts across a spectrum of Dance music. All these crazy ideas only occur in United Kingdom, lol.

If only the police were like this... They'd be loved and respected, watch the video below.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marilyn Manson Gets Educated About Techno Music In New Comedy Film

Marilyn Manson has the lead role in a short comedy film called 'Wrong Cops', which premiered earlier this month as part of the festivities at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Manson recently stated that it was a fun experience playing a “street hustler” with braces on his teeth. In the film itself, Manson crosses paths with the weed-dealing police officer, played by Mark Burnham, at a very inopportune moment.

As the officer begins to interrogate him, the subject of music comes up and Manson’s character is essentially kidnapped by the rogue cop and forced to listen to something “cool". That something “cool” is a Techno style vinyl that the officer has back at his home, and luckily for Manson the cop’s mother provides enough of a distraction for him to flee, but it’s not known if he’s completely safe as the first Chapter One of 'Wrong Cops' ends with the disclaimer “To be continued…” The short was directed by Quentin Dupieux and music was produced by electronic artist Mr. Oizo.

Watch Chaper One (here), this is one of the coolest things you'll see this year, and we will be so happy if we get 'Wrong Cops' as a comedy TV show in the future.


The Berlin Techno Scene Strengthen Tourism In Germany

The first parties were held back in the 1990s in disused cellars and empty industrial buildings. Now there is nothing quite like the scene in Berlin anywhere else in the world. No other city has as many Techno clubs as Berlin. Techno tourists from all over Europe & America come to the River Spree every weekend to party from Friday evening until the early hours of Monday morning. Berlin is the clubbing capital of the world, and thanks to all these clubs,  Germany is now more attractive for tourism. Watch the video below, to learn more about the Berlin Techno scene, the perfect destination for party animals!  


Sunday, May 27, 2012

VCMG - Single Blip (Original Mix)

Vince Clarke & Martin L. Gore's new Techno project is called VCMG. These pioneer guys of Electronica are working together again, and in case you didn't know, they have just released a new track entitled "Single Blip" from their album 'SSSS'.

Song is good but I think it needs Dave Gahan or Andy Bell's vocals to sound completely perfect! They don't have to write too much lyrics imo, with one or two phrases is enough to make this Techno track a club hit!



How High Can You Hear? Test Your Hearing Now!

Typical human hearing is quoted as being from 20-20,000Hz but age and exposure to loud sound can significantly lower your ears' ability to hear high frequencies. So how good is your hearing? This frequency sweep from Online Tone Generator will help you find out. Leave in the comments the frequency at which your hearing cuts out!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Maetrik - The Reason (Original Mix)

Even after more than 30 years of living the lifestyle of electronic dance music, Techno is still sometimes looking for a matching form and sound language to transfer the special thrill of a live event to a club night adequately.

Eric Estornell a.k.a Maetrik has just released a mind blowing uptempo Techno monster, entitled "The Reason", a catchy tune, that will get stuck in your head for weeks!



Tom Connan Debuts Electro Single “Live My Life”

French singer-songwriter Tom Connan is penetrating the dance scene with his fabulous voice and new dance hit “Live My Life.” “Live My Life” is an electro-pop dance anthem that is receiving support in clubs and on dance radio around the U.S. and internationally by some of the hardest to impress DJs. Connan’s “Live My Life” is a rhythmic vocal tour de force showing incredible promise for this debut French artist with dashing good looks.

"My ultimate goal with my music is to encourage people to live their lives with a hedonist philosophy."  → Tom Connan.


Detroit Techno Producers Used A 2013 Ford Fusion To Make An Original Track

In an unusual blend of automotive and musical worlds, three Detroit-area Techno musicians used a 2013 Ford Fusion to make original tracks using the sounds produced by the car. They recorded everything from doors slamming to the soft back-and-forth of the windshield wipers.

The musicians took the sounds back to their studio along with a sound bank of Fusion chimes and tones and got to work. Using loop machines, synthesizers and their own creativity, each artist composed an original Techno song featuring Fusion as an instrument.

Hear the finished tracks from all three Techno producers ↓


Spektre Interview 2012

Spektre Interview 2012 (13:48 minutes)
Spektre is a project that doesn't need any introduction! Take a look at this exclusive interview with British proper Techno pioneers! In the video, these talented guys describe their live shows and many other interesting things we didn't know about them.


Prince Charles Learns How To DJ

Prince Charles has been given a DJ lesson in Toronto, Canada. The British royal was visiting a youth training centre in the city when he tried out spinning some decks and discovered how to use the digital music system. The prince smiled and laughed as he wore headphones, and was taught how to spin a record and showed off his dance moves. The heir to the throne is touring Canada in celebration of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, along with his wife Camilla. You can watch Prince Charles' debut as a DJ on the video below! LOL


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avicii - Silhouettes (Disco Fries Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Fresh off the release of their singles “Born To Fly” featuring Niles Mason and “Don’t Look Back”with Tommie Sunshine, the Disco Fries bring you their take on Avicii’sSilhouettes”. The new single from Avicii is already a Beatport chart smasher and, with its' melodically infectious vocals, it's a no brainer that the ‘Fries were fans of the tune. While keeping some of their favorite elements of the original and inserting their own club stomping drop, the Disco Fries remix of "Silhouettes" is surely a powerhouse track.

Be sure to catch the Disco Fries live in Vegas at the Palms this Sunday, May 27, closing out MDW with Roger Sanchez, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Questlove & DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet DJ / Producer Carlo Elia

These days, inside of the music industry, we are always looking for new artists with innovative compilations and artists who take on new ventures. Yet it’s within the Techno scene, where we can find Carlo Elia.

Carlo is a Portuguese DJ and Producer, residing in Toronto Canada, Carlo with his real name being Joao Carlos de Matos Elias is only 25 years old. He has been working hard to illustrate his work around the world! His work is influenced by artists which include Dubfire , Richie Hawtin, Alberto Pascual, Paul Ritch , Sasha Carassi , Jay Lumen and many others.

His hard works have been recognized around the globe by clubbers, DJs, Promoters, clubs etc. Carlo’s dedication for music is very intensive and he has devoted all his time to creating music. Producing new tracks, playing gigs, getting in contact with other musicians to share ideas and always trying to progress in his sounds and techniques is what defines Carlo Elia from the rest.

In addition Carlo Elia has founded his own label which was launched in 2012, using the last portion of his artist name, Elia as the basis for the label’s name. Elia Records is based in Toronto, Canada and with his new label he hopes to release tracks that reach new audiences far around the world.

Check out Carlo Elia's Soundcloud for more music!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Techno Viking Action Figure Created By Company

Remember Techno Viking? The Internet phenomenon based on a video from the 2000 Fuckparade in Berlin has been immortalised as an action figure.  A novelty toy company called Square Enix has created an action figure modeled on this authentic character of the rave culture. The Techno Viking action figure features over 16 points of articulation, and even comes with authentic mis-matched socks. Unfortunately, this toy is out of stock, and the company hasn't confirmed its re-entry into the market.  

In the viral video below, a blue-haired girl is seen dancing, when a drunk guy crashes into her. Then  Techno Viking remedies the situation with a fierce gaze, before having a drink of water and then dancing through the streets.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ben Sims - Air Rage (Original Mix)

Ben Sims is back  for another inspirational EP of his trademark grooves! The track "Air Rage" has Sims on serious underground form; laying down punishing party grooves of abrasive, rolling rhythms while making space for splashes of full-force funk and melodic moments.  

 Sims intuitively daring use of these contrasting energies is the source of this intoxicating funked-up Techno stomp of "Air Rage". Don't forget to support the artists by buying their music.



Friday, May 18, 2012

Bushwacka! & Just Be - West Side (Christian Smith & Wehbba Remix)

"West Side" became an instant Techno anthem last summer. Inspired by the hedonistic euphoria of Ibiza, the original track took the shape of a massive dancefloor weapon with its memorable chord progression and high-impact bass.

Now, just in time for this 2012 summer season, Record Label Tronic have licensed "West Side" for a special remix from Christian Smith & Wehbba. Enjoy, new Techno releases coming soon!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - American Dream Part II

Exclusive new music video, "American Dream Part II" is released June 11th on Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs debut album 'Trouble'. Original, unique and ambient are are the best words to describe Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' music. Confetti, confetti & ballons everywhere!


The Most Influential Woman In Electronic Music Has Passed Away ::: Donna Summer

I have always been a big fan of Donna Summer, and it's very sad that she has passed away today on  May 17th of 2012. Summer, real name LaDonna Adrian Gaines, was born in 1948 in Boston. She was raised on gospel music and became the soloist in her church choir by age 10. She also became  the first woman on Earth to sing an electronic song, entitled "I Feel Love" and produced by Giorgio Moroder in the late 70´s. "I Feel Love" was recorded with an entirely synthesized backing track, spawned imitators in the Disco genre, and was influential in the development of Techno music. There's no doubt she had a successful career and all of us will always feel love for this extraordinaire woman!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gus Calderone of The House Moguls Presents "After Dark" Vol. 3

Gus Calderone, the founder of The House Moguls and Co-owner of Chicago's leading Funktion Recordings, drops his monthly podcast entitled "After Dark." A collection of tracks that rocks dance floors all across the globe, from House, to Tech House, Deep House & Techno.

For more music, check out these links↓


Simian Mobile Disco - Pareidolia

New video for "Pareidolia", this was filmed in a warehouse space using laser and mirrors. Directed by Hans Lo & Kate Moross ISO. Taken from the latest album from Simian Mobile Disco, entitled "Unpatterns". It seems to me that this kind of visual art is very modern & sophisticated, enjoy! 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top 10 Rules On How To Become The Best DJ

To become the best DJ you got to know all the mixing styles. First of all you need to practice several hours a day and try to flow with the mix. Once you have mastered how to mix try making your own strategies or start creating your own beats. Your hard work will be the best!

1) Start doing parties with an experienced DJ Company.

2) Get an agent and tell him to set you for parties and try making him feel happy by making a deal with him. Get the lowest percentage you possibly can. And then the Agent will set you up to do weddings, parties and clubs every week.

3) When your original contract expires, if you have become famous, look around for a new agent, or renegotiate the percentage you have agreed to and get a lower one.

4) Burning CD's can get you in very expensive legal trouble. So be sure to obtain your music by legal means.

5) Don't always try to be like someone else, do your own thing, this is why they are famous.

6) Try not to think that you know it all, there is always something new to be learned. This is why there are seminars to go to.

7) Try not to ever say that you don't have a certain song. Try to be curtious and say that you will get it on as soon as you can, or play something else that was popular by that artist.

8) Make sure before you leave home that you have everything for your gig or event. It's a little hard to replace something when you are already at the place.

9) Never buy speakers from the trunk of the guy in the parking lot.

10) Don't forget an extra shirt. Spaghetti sauce has a strange way of showing up.


A-Divizion - Electric Plasma

PBR Recordings is proud to present the latest release from label co-owner A-Divizion, titled "Electric Plasma". A-Divizion has effortlessly created an arena rocking piece of electronic music. With a thunderous kick drum, ripping lead synths and melodic breakdown, “Electric Plasma” is sure to cause eruptions on your floor. The track is out May 21st.



Paris Hilton Is Going On Tour As A DJ

The heiress of the Hilton chain hotels has announced that she is making her official DJ debut and embarking on a full-fledged career in the field. After months of speculation, following the announcement of a House music album, Paris Hilton’s reps confirmed today that she is in fact getting behind the decks for a one-hour set at the Pop Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 23 and has more gigs on the way. While Hilton has spent her spare time spinning for years at private parties for friends or hanging around her boyfriend's DJ booth, this is her first foray into playing club and festival gigs.

Well, personally I believe she's free to do whatever she wants, but there's a BIG difference between Pop and House music. We as the experts know both music genres are totally the opposites, and people don't want to get confused about them.

Anyway, good luck Ms. Paris Hilton!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Fashion Guide For Men ► Hats & Caps

For a period between the 1970s-1990s, mens’ hats went out of fashion. Nobody was wearing them. Hats were old-fashioned, dated, boring. They didn’t fit the clothes that people were wearing. But then, in the early 21st century, hat-wearing for men is coming back into fashion! Check out below some great examples of hats & caps you can wear on this summer.

Hat by ASOS. Constructed from straw. Featuring an Aztec print that runs throughout, pinched crown, black band around the crown, slight brim and curved tip.

Straw hat by Jack & Jones. Featuring a woven paper straw finish with a dipped crown, curved brim and a contrasting grosgrain band trim.
BUY NOW http://tinyurl.com/brrkjex

Pork pie hat by Bailey Of Hollywood. Featuring a fine woven outer, with a flat crown with ridge to the edge, and a narrow brim with curved edge, and a logo tab to one side.

Five panel cap by ASOS. Featuring a five panelled cotton construction with a plain base colour and an Aztec pattern. Crafted with a domed crown, flat peak and an adjustable back strap.
BUY NOW http://tinyurl.com/c7erhfq  

Baseball cap by Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. Constructed from cotton. Featuring an all over print throughout, flat brim and buckle fastening to the reverse. If you're a fan of Acid House music, then this cap is for you!
BUY NOW http://tinyurl.com/6qtejqu


Tocadisco - The Clamp (Original Club Mix)

One of Germanys finest exports Tocadisco makes his much awaited return to Toolroom Records. "The Clamp" cranks up the tempo, with a ruthless top line melody that relentlessly evolves into a breakdown that will shudder the finest dance floors.

Heavily supported by Mark Knight this is a stunning Techno release that showcases Tocadisco's ability to produce club bombs with devastating effects for the masses! 



Zoo Brazil - Selected (Original Mix)

"Selected" kicks off with some loose, warped bass funk in the driver's seat,  a nagging, warped synth drone gets to the heart of the matter, building an incessant energy in delightfully twisted fashion as the track gets into full swing. Techno will never die!



Doctor Dru - The Voice of Dru

Music video filmed & edited by Chance Foreman. Sweet summer memories in California accompanied by the sound of Deep House music. "The Voice of Dru" by Doctor Dru is without doubt, one of the best chillout tunes of 2012. The ideal song for a warm sunny place.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flashmob - Need In Me (Original Mix)

Milan's hottest new production duo Flashmob have been garnering some well deserved attention of late. After their first cut "Brick House" landed them on Berlin Tech House institution Get Physical, the duo have been laying down sets across some of Ibiza's hottest nights, with their hard work and dedication to their music paying off. With support growing from the likes of Pete Tong and Maya Jane Coles, their latest release "Need In Me" more than lives up to the surrounding hype, with beautifully sounds.



Doctor Dru - The Voice of Dru (Original Mix)

Shir Khan & Exploited reveal the third chapter of their infamous Black Jukebox series dipping their toes into the world of disco edits. The first 2 Vinyl editions already became heavy collector items with prices going up to 99 at Discogs. The digital release features the highlight of the limited record "Doctor Dru - The Voice of Dru", which can be described as one of the best Deep House tunes of the year!  


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NTFO - Policrom (Audiojack Remix)

"Policrom", a deep bassline led groove with razor sharp percussion. On remix duties, Leeds based Audiojack take a break from releases on 2020:Vision and their own Gruuv imprint and ratchet up the energy of the original, their crisp production skills taking the track to new heights.


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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Upcoming Festival Will Pay Tribute To Detroit Techno Music

Kevin Saunderson, Techno artist, producer and founder of the legendary KMS record label, is pleased to present The Creators of Techno: KMS 25 - Tribute to Detroit, an epic party and celebration of the groundbreaking Detroit-based record company's 25 years of musical innovation and club-floor hits. KMS 25: Tribute to Detroit is the official after party of the city's annual Memorial Day weekend Movement Festival, capping off the annual gathering of Techno artists and fans with a “once in a lifetime” celebration at St. Andrews Hall.

Special guests include a full scale roll call of KMS contributors & collaborators from the last 25 years, featuring: Kenny Larkin, Stacey Pullen, Blake Baxter, Terrence Parker, M.K., Kyle Hall, D-Wynn, Allan Ester, Buzz Goree, DJ Minx, Mike Huckaby & Mike Clark. Plus exclusive live performances from Carl Craig and Kevin Saunderson’s own Inner City.

Location: St. Andrews Hall, 431 E. Congress St., Detroit, Michigan
Date: May 27, 2012 - 10pm to 4am
Tickets: http://www.clubtix.com/kms-25---tribute-to-detroit-tickets-111585


Disco Fries - Feelin' Good [FREE DOWNLOAD]

A few months ago The Disco Fries remixed Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" which has become a worldwide club  hit in the Dance scene. Recently, the American DJs decided to do a re-edit of the instrumental and give it away for free to all of us!

The Disco Fries are very thankful to all of the fans, blogs, and DJ's who have supported their careers. MASSIVE things are coming to your ears..stay tuned and prepare for LIFTOFF 2, coming very soon. Oh! and here are The Disco Fries upcoming tour dates, so when they hit your city make sure you come and get your face blown off.... For more updates & information about The Disco Fries, please check out their Facebook Fan Page.

May 19 - Metropolitan - New Orleans, LA
May 20 - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel Twp, NJ
May 27 - Ghostbar - Las Vegas, NV
May 31 - Bounce Boat - New York, NY
Jun 02 - Building 24 - Wyomissing, PA
Jun 08 - Static PGH - Pittsburgh, PA
Jun 09 - Lava at Turning Stone - Verona, NY
Jun 16 - The Pool @ Palms - Las Vegas, NV
Jun 16 - Moon @ the Palms - Las Vegas, NV
Jul 13 - Republic - Winnipeg, Canada
Jul 14 - Tequila - Saskatoon, Canada


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little Boots Performs at Londoner Club Venue XOYO

Little Boots performed her current single "Every Night I Say A Prayer" at Londoner club venue XOYO, and brought out her dancers as a special treat for the night! The crowd were dancing, claping and singing along with Victoria Hesketh a.k.a. Little Boots who was also celebrating her 28th birthday.   


Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Early Vision Of The Nightclub Of The Future

Five young designers from different disciplines come together to create their vision of the nightclub of the future.  Vice Magazine in collaboration with Heineken U.S.A. recently launched a great in-depth video series based on club spaces and design, entitled 'Discotecture'. On episodes #1 and #2, it's unveiled the result of a yearlong design exploration project, which shows a futuristic vision of a regular nightclub. Check out these videos below, both are very interesting & informative, as they show all the creative process. Welcome to the future!


Loud Ness Records Is Searching For New Talents

New record label coming out. . . Loudnessboy the DJ/Producer is establishing his new record label. Make sure you go ahead and check out the new tracks that are coming out at his label, with excellent tracks and remixes for your entertainment. And if you are a producer, he is currently accepting new talents so make sure you send him a message with your demos. Don't forget to like his Facebook and Soundcloud page.

More information↓


Friday, May 4, 2012

Hercules & Love Affair Interview 2012

Hercules & Love Affair Interview 2012 (5:10 minutes)
Exclusive interview with Hercules & Love Affair at the backstage of the 2012 Future Music Festival. The new singers speak out for the first time, while Andy Butler (producer & founder of the group) talks about how he met them, and also reveals his passion for vintage clothing.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Duke Dumont - Street Walker

Music video premiere for "Street Walker" by Duke Dumont. Turbo Recordings presents the first in a series of club-conquering EPs from Duke Dumont, designed to harness Dumont's versatile stylistic mastery and let it explode in the faces of party people everywhere. "Street Walker" takes the intensity of paying for sex and spills it all over the dancefloor with a distorted vocal hook and alien warehouse vibes.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Boots - Every Night I Say A Prayer

Little Boots has premiered an aesthetically pleasing music video. "Every Night I Say A Prayer" is a good example of a song that tries to emulate very well the original sound of Piano House music. This awesome tune was produced by Hercules & Love Affair's Andy Butler, and the lyrics are so fuckin' perfect! In the video, a group of modern dancers express their feelings with typical dance moves taken from the 90´s, something you won't see again in your favorite TV channel. Video directed by Zaiba Jabbar.


Electro WOW Is Five Years Old Today!

Five years ago I sat in front of my old my desktop computer and made this blog called Electro WOW. I haven't stopped blogging because writing and sharing my thoughts are my favorite hobbies. Today all I can say is that music has changed since May 1st, 2007, if you have been following me since the first days you must remember that I used to promote Dance Pop music and Commercial hits. Things are different now, my new passion is underground electronic music and of course the timeless DJing culture.

At this moment of my life I find myself obsessed with Old School sounds of Techno & House music, and to celebrate this day, I've made a new mixtape entitled 'Nu Old School Short Mix II', enjoy!

1) The Hacker- Shockwave (Original Mix)
2) The Shapeshifters - Chime (Original Mix)
3) Mumbai Science- Researchers (Original Mix)
4) Armando - 100% Of Dissin You (Original Mix)
5) Floorplan - Baby Baby (Original Mix)
6) Doctor Dru - The Voice of Dru (Original Mix)


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Crookers feat. Style of Eye & Carli - That Laughing Track

Italian duo Crookers unveil music video for their latest Acid House production "That Laughing Track". The videoclip looks like a psychedelic nightmare, however the song has a danceable rhythm and it's also fun. The new tune is a collaboration with Swedish producers Carli from Savage Skulls and Style of Eye. This is is a monster of a club tune that taunts the listener with a comedically aggressive vocal build and rapid fire snare rolls.

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